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Venting here - not sure it's the right place

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Jint Mon 30-May-11 21:40:51

I just need to share this as I feel such a fool. I've been on ebay for about 5 years, mostly buying, I very rarely sell. In January I came across my virtually unused tens machine (used it for about half an hour on first labour and found it worse than useless), and thought I should ebay it. Sold it for more money than I expected (about £29 I think) and was quite pleased, then got this email:
My wife ordered this yesterday but had still born last night is there any way you would consider cancelling the sale if not we will pay and I'll have to hid it and resell it!! Sorry she is not in a good way at present!
I was really, really upset. I actually cried when I read the email and sent a really sympathetic one back saying of course I'd cancel the sale and I was so sorry for their loss. It really shook me up as I think most mums find the loss of a baby really upsetting. My husband said at the time, they're probably lying, and I was really annoyed with him.
Anyway, fast forward to May when I listed a table and chairs on ebay. The winning bidder emailed after the auction to say they'd discovered her inlaws had bought her a table and chairs as a surprise and would I cancel the sale. I was a bit annoyed about it but did it (didn't even get a thank you) and while going thru my ebay messages came across the one about the tens machine. Out of curiousity I looked at her ebay feedback only to discover she bought another tens machine 5 days after telling me the baby was stillborn, and a host of baby stuff since then (baby girl, lots of pink stuff).
I was so angry with my husband when he saidy they were probably lying, I thought, no one would ever say they'd lost a baby if it wasn't true, but it looks like he's right and there are some awful people out there.
All for £29.00!! I was genuinely upset for them and cannot believe it was all a lie!

tallulahxhunny Mon 30-May-11 21:43:22

aw i feel for you really but feel more sorry for them, what a horrible thing to use as an excuse for not going through with sale, dont worry about it x

Pandygirl Mon 30-May-11 21:43:26

You just have to feel sorry for people that are so desperate that they will lie about a thing like a stillbirth to get what they want.

Karma will get them.......

DontCallMePeanut Mon 30-May-11 21:44:05

YANBU! I'm genuinely shocked/sickened/ fucked off that someone may even consider lying about that. That really is sickening...

NulliusInVerba Mon 30-May-11 21:44:38

Goodness. May still not have been a lie, but agree it looks that way.

You would have to be one sick fucker to lie about the death of your own child. If my OH had done that I would be furious.

Of course it was upsetting for you to read that sad

Unfortunatly, there are some twisted wierdo's out there and by selling on the internet you are bound to come across a few.

BooyHoo Mon 30-May-11 21:46:37

i would hate to be in their heads if thats the attitude they have to such a heartbreaking thing!! honestly, you could have been selling it for exactly the same reason and you were clearly upset by their 'loss' all for £29!!

WhoAteMySnickers Mon 30-May-11 21:49:55

Sick bastards. What a horrible thing to lie about, I'd be too terrified I'd be tempting fate by doing something like that. Something similar happened to me selling a "Birth and Beyond" book, i got an email telling me the buyer had had a miscarriage... you've got me wondering now hmm

Jint Mon 30-May-11 22:08:52

Thanks everyone, good to know I'm not being hysterical. NulliusInVerba, my DH actually said the same, maybe they lost one of twins for example but having had m/c myself I find it hard to believe that 5 days later you'd be recovered enough to buy another tens machine on ebay, and various other baby things. I just wish they'd said they'd been given a gift of one, or any other excuse rather than say they'd lost a baby.

TidyDancer Mon 30-May-11 22:11:13

OMG. That truly is a vile thing to do. I'm sorry they did that to you. sad

microserf Mon 30-May-11 22:46:56

They are beyond vile to lie about it. I agree with WhoAteMySnickers - they are sick bastards.

I would never in a million years imagine lying about such a thing. Especially since a close friend experienced such a loss. sad

Put to one side - you did the decent and human thing. I think I would have done exactly what you did. You can be proud of your part in the story.

Hope your lying ex-buyers are on MN and see this though...

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