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to not want to change departments?

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stoppinchingthedummy Mon 30-May-11 20:52:36

Hi there

Ok i feel like im being silly here is a bit of the story then you can all say if i am being unreasonable or not ....

I have to move departments in september due to my dd moving up to the room i work in (nursery worker) I have been given a promotion in another room which means i am the manager in there as well as another room in the nursery (the other room is only part time hours and not the one i work in most of the day ) its only 14p more an hour than im on now and i was initially ok and quite excited about the change and challenge but as time is going on i dont want to move rooms!! I LOVE the room im in ...always have and always aimed to be back there but now i HAVE to move and i dont think there is any way i can change it sad

Am i just being stupid thinking of all ways i can stay being the manager of the room i am now where i work a little of the time ....i have thought of college to do an access course that will allow me to still work my room until my dd passes the room she is moving to that will help me get into uni when both my dc are in full time school ...and also just saying no i wont move but i dont think i will have a leg to stand on!!

Aibu and ridiculous??

AbigailS Mon 30-May-11 21:01:08

YANBU to be concerned about change. You love your job as it is now. What is it that worries you about the change?
If you are looking at other qualifications you are clearly considering change in the future. Is it tied up with your child coming into the room?
Another thought - is it in your DD's best interest to be in your room? Can you remain professional and objective and view her as just one of many equal charges in your care? How will other parents feel, will they worry you will show favouritism to your child over their's? Maybe the nursery has policy of staff not working with their own child.
There are many reasons for the change and if you want to avoid it you will have to prepare a very strong case for your boss.

stoppinchingthedummy Mon 30-May-11 21:16:36

Thank you abigail ...I just love the room im in now ,i work to my absolute best potential in this room and their is a team member in the other room who i clash with ..also i will have to let go of my other room which i manage a bit as i can not leave my new room each day .

The nursery does have a policy in which i can not work with my dd this is why i have to move ,i do work with my ds some of the time as he is in the room with me and this is never an issue but he is a couple of years older ,my dd would probably find it hard to understand me being in there......

I will speak to my boss this week but i dont hold out much hope as i dont think she will allow it sad

stoppinchingthedummy Tue 31-May-11 18:38:37

My boss isnt in all week which makes me feel a bit agitated about the whole thing as i dont want her to think im being a pain in the arse when she has sorted it in her head but i need to be honest rather than miserable in the wrong room ...oh and im impaitient!! lol

risingstar Tue 31-May-11 19:13:19

hey- how long will your dd be in the room? it sounds as though you cant go back afterwards. why not say to your boss that you understand of course that you and dd cant be in the same room but the thought of this being a one way trip is really upsetting you. can you agree to do a swap for the duration and swap back once she has moved up?

stoppinchingthedummy Tue 31-May-11 19:19:36

Thank you risingstar this is what i will say ....My dd is going to be there for around 9 months so i could go back but its if there is enough work in any other room for this short time so i could then go back ...Im just so aprehensive about my boss's reaction i dont want her to feel like im pissing around!!

stoppinchingthedummy Sun 05-Jun-11 21:13:27

I approached my boss ,initially she seemed pleased i had been honest about it then later in the day she announced she may not have enough work for me -yet i know there will be enough in another room while my daughter moves up ,she said there is absolutly no way i can work with her -i understand that - but i have felt awful all weekend ,worrying about having to find another job and also angry with her for making me feel very surplus to requirement sad

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