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Regarding XP

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Gimmeecoffee Sun 29-May-11 23:58:05

Me and XP split up last week and are still living in the same house untill we can sort something out, Today his brother phoned and asked if he could come and stay for a few days as he needs a break, so we said yes thats fine.
He brung a mate with him all the way from manchester to south yorkshire to take him back again at 6pm to which XP told me dont go to the shop and get anything for Tea I'll get us a mc'Ds on the way back. So i put DD to bed at 7 to then get a phonecall saying the car has "broke". XP Brother knew car probobly wouldn't make the journey.
They just rung half an hour ago to say they had got the car working and where on their way back, que phonecall 5 mins ago saying they are brokendown in the middle of no-where with no money oh and his brothers GF is stoping too (i dont mind she's an ok person but to be asked would be nice!).
I probobly am being unreasonable as I'm only bothered because he has my phone, i want food and I'm probobly going to have to pay a £50 taxi home for them :@ .. AIBU to think Use you fucking brains you knew the car was on its last legs why even risk coming over in the 1st place!!

humanoctopus Mon 30-May-11 00:00:57

Make yerself a sandwich, and go to bed with earplugs in before the troupe arrive.

Gimmeecoffee Mon 30-May-11 00:08:25

Good idea Ive had a manky pot noodle (YUK) Tbh i wish i could do that but i know i would get woken up anyway and that would really piss me off. I cannot believe they have no money between them and Im paying a £50 taxi home for them, Do you know what i bet i dont get a thankyou of his brother!!

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