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To be really annoyed and not go back?

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veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 13:35:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MumblingRagDoll Sun 29-May-11 13:41:22

Give them another could have been a one off case of bad organisation or communication.

Next time the train won't be delayed and you can walk....take something to eat for the train....aslo call the place up and tell them what happened....thy might give you a discount.

Sorry it was a nightmare...try again. smile

TheMonster Sun 29-May-11 13:45:51

I would speak to them before you decide. Maybe something major happened last minute that couldn't be rectified.
You never might get a free session from them.

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 13:53:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMonster Sun 29-May-11 13:53:56

Have you asked for the second session free?
How apologetic were they?

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 13:58:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippingIn Sun 29-May-11 14:04:00

Verity sad Poor DD ... and you!

If this was an NT child with an activity that could be done elsewhere I wouldn't go back, but given the difficulties you have had finding something you think will be fun/suitable/appropriate for DD I'd give it another go.

Would you be able to ring before you leave next week or would you leave too early for them to be there anyway?

(How is the new place working out?)

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 14:14:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lljkk Sun 29-May-11 14:16:15

Yeah I'd be annoyed, but only you can decide if it's worth the effort to try again -- sounds like a lot of faff to do weekly, anyway.

ChippingIn Sun 29-May-11 14:18:03

Well that's good - at least you can ring each next time and make sure they're there before you leave home!

OH buggering bugger!! Mind you, he might not be able to sell it if you make it difficult/tell prospective buyers about the parties next door holds/their fights/loud music in this climate.

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 14:20:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 14:22:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippingIn Sun 29-May-11 14:33:38

Uh oh - you might have a meltdown on your hands in August then - if you told me that and we didn't I'd cry!! grin

ChippingIn Sun 29-May-11 14:35:00

I loved the climate there so much - I'm not entirely sure why I'm living here tbh?

veritythebrave Sun 29-May-11 14:40:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippingIn Sun 29-May-11 21:57:34

God yes - I'd be off in a shot if that was the case.... not that it would take much to get me back there!

Punkatheart Sun 29-May-11 22:00:48

Oh your poor DD - how disappointing for her.

Give it another chance - it sounds a good confidence booster for her.

elphabadefiesgravity Sun 29-May-11 22:02:24

I would be very annoyed. I run theatre classes a bit like you describe (3 hours and 3 teachers plus me). I have had the situation where someone has been sick. I never cancel. What I do is to either combine two of the classes or phone around and try to get another dep teacher in.

I have only ever cancelled once in 8 years and that was due to snow. Everyone booked in was called, texted or emailed (both if possible)

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