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To expect the swimming pool to be closed off for inspection

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Paschaelina Sun 29-May-11 13:08:32

This morning, following the sudden snapping of one of the huge tension cables stabilising the flume, causing the cable to flail directly above the centre of the pool full of people?

They didn't even close the flume while they had a look from the gantry.

I presume this means they thought it was safe to carry on with one cable less but surely if this one rotted and snapped, then more could be close to it?

nannynick Sun 29-May-11 13:15:38

I would expect the flume to be closed and water stopped from going down it so that it reduced the weight the remaining cables are holding.
Would not expect the whole pool to close unless it was felt the flume would drop - I would imagine that it is over engineered and thus has more cables than is required to hold the flume up.
If having closed the flume, another cable then went, then I would expect the pool to be closed, as the less cables are holding it the more the risk of it falling.

Paschaelina Sun 29-May-11 13:30:25

They didn't do anything. People kept on going down, no attempt was made to check it was safe. The guards were as surprised as anyone but no one in authority came to advise them, so they carried on as if it hadnt happened. One of the lifeguards went upstairs to take a look but there were no maintenance people in evidence.

Happymm Sun 29-May-11 13:44:51

I was really offended last week, when swimming. Alarms sounded so everyone got out. The lifeguards than got a fishing rod and netted a huge poo out of the deep end-<boak>-then signalled for everyone to get back in! Not fucking likely shock

flyingspaghettimonster Sun 29-May-11 15:46:46

my god Happy, that is revolting... shock

LadyThumb Sun 29-May-11 17:33:40

What do you expect them to do - close the pool for hours every time a child (or adult!) has a wee or poo in the pool? It would never be open!!!!

allhailtheaubergine Sun 29-May-11 17:43:31

I stood in a poo in a swimming pool once.

The life guard didn't speak English so I had to mime poo, and then mime standing in it. He went off to get a net.

pointydog Sun 29-May-11 17:53:42

HAppy, exactly the same thing happened when dh and teh dc were at the pool. Only difference is, they did get back in grin

MadamDeathstare Sun 29-May-11 17:56:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trixymalixy Sun 29-May-11 18:00:43

Erm, that's what they have done at the pools I take my kids to swimming lessons at. They close the whole pool immediately and do whatever it is they do to clean it. I always thought they had to fully drain it as the pool wasn't relieved until the following day.

I'm shocked about the flume thing. Someone in authority should have been informed as lifeguards are quite often just teenagers.

trixymalixy Sun 29-May-11 18:01:32

Reopened, not relieved! Stupid phone.

itsnicetobenice Sun 29-May-11 18:04:49

a kid puked in our baby pool mid lesson having swallowed some water - they had to shiut the pool for an hr and a half or some thing. surely turds warrant the same?

plebshire Sun 29-May-11 18:08:17

really? someone vommed in our local pool and they just scooped the bits out with a net <shudder> people didn't even get out <lower standards in birmingham>

MadamDeathstare Sun 29-May-11 18:12:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BanalChelping Sun 29-May-11 18:49:30

It's lucky the cable didn't flail across the pool taking off heads and body parts as in the Lost Voyage movie.


the flume should definitely be shut and thoroughly inspected.

Last week DS1's swimming lesson was cancelled follwing a "sick incident". I assume they meant that someone threw up in the pool <grin>

Paschaelina Sun 29-May-11 20:24:18

Vom? envy boakface

I have a 9 month old son, poo is a regular enough feature in our lives that I would probably not bat an eyelid if it floated past. grin

There was a huge boom and the tension cable whipped up to the ceiling and back down again. The other end was only a meter or so long luckily as it would have caused serious injuries if it were longer.

I understand these things are built so that one cable wouldn't have it down but my thinking is if one has rotted or whatever and snapped, what's to stop the rest from going the same way? Same age, same environment...

nijinsky Sun 29-May-11 20:47:08

Thats disgusting about the poos. It happened when I went to my local pool recently and was told it was closed because "somebody had had an accident". "Oh thats a shame" I said, "I hope it wasn't too serious". "No, an accident" I was told. Duh. The pool was closed, drained and refilled.

280169 Sun 29-May-11 20:51:01

if poo is solid there is no need to close the pool if it is loose or vomit it needs to be closed for 4 cycles of the pool, if poo is solid it does not pose risk,seriously the chemicals in the pool deal with it, regarding the flkume it should definately have been closed until a full inspection could be carried ou

280169 Sun 29-May-11 20:51:37

sorry darn netbook keyboard I keep making typos

MoaningLisa Sun 29-May-11 23:44:22

Eurgh the thought of swimming past a floater makes me want to boak

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