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to think people shouldn't touch a young baby without asking?

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PSeaGull Sat 28-May-11 19:49:03

First posting but I've been reading avidly since my (now 9 week old) DS was born - mostly while BF at odd times of the day and night.

So, this happened today but similar has happened twice before... I'm standing in a checkout queue with DS on my shoulder - we just nipped in for a couple of things so not worth getting seat etc out of the car - and I notice some movement behind me. The woman behind me has taken DS's hand and is stroking and shoogling it around. At that moment we moved forwards in the queue. Im sure she was just being friendly. But it got me thinking. I wouldn't ever presume to touch a baby I didnt know and even then I wouldn't unless invited to by his / her parents. Seems to me like an invasion of privacy - mine and his. And how does she know he wasn't ill... And was she?!

Apologies for typos - iPhone typing without glasses!

usualsuspect Sat 28-May-11 19:50:20


Groovymoves Sat 28-May-11 19:51:13

YABU and precious.

EvilTwins Sat 28-May-11 19:51:23

Get used to it.

bubblecoral Sat 28-May-11 19:52:23

I never liked it when people did this to my PFB, it used to end in me raging to then dp at how rude people could be.

10 years down the line I realise that people are just being friendly, it's no big deal, and people that like babies will assume that the baby likes them too.

said Sat 28-May-11 19:52:47

I think you sound a little uptight. People love touching babies and mean no harm

AgentZigzag Sat 28-May-11 19:55:04

I would ask, and I can understand being ultra protective of your DS, but some people just get overwhelmed by the scrumptiousness of little babies and can't help themselves smile

Just try to swallow your alarm, definately stop thinking about it in terms of privacy because that's ridiculous, and be glad people appreciate your baby enough to make contact with you both.

IWantToBeAFairyWhenIGrowUp Sat 28-May-11 19:56:14

This used to get on my nerves too, but people are facinated by how small hands and feet of newborns are, they mean no harm - if it really annoys you just tell them but tbh it doesn't happen for too long.

Beamur Sat 28-May-11 19:56:35

YAB a teensy bit U.
Babies are hard to resist having a little squeeze or touch of, although I do personally not touch other peoples babies.
I've noticed that old ladies in particular love to have a poke or a touch and as it is usually kindly and affectionately done, I've never minded with DD.

gkys Sat 28-May-11 19:57:20

Well, I agree to a certain extent, hand washing issues coughs and colds etc, but its like the touching the bump thing, its meant to be a friendly gesture,

NoobyNoob Sat 28-May-11 19:57:39

I think you're being a bit precious TBH.

She's being friendly, I'd take it as a complement that someone is so interested in your baby and wants to interact with him.

anonacfr Sat 28-May-11 19:57:56

Well I've just had my 3rd and I wouldn't like it.

If they asked, fine, but just stroking a random baby in a checkout queue is rather weird IMO. I love babies but I wouldn't presume to do it myself- why is it alright for others do it?

NomadInNowhere Sat 28-May-11 19:58:08

What has become of our society that another woman can't 'shoo shoo/coo coo /whatever' at a baby any more? I find that really sad. Have no problems with people doing that with my DD and won't with the next one. If it puts a smile on an old ladies face or makes another lonely person smile, good on the baby!

usualsuspect Sat 28-May-11 19:59:18

Didn't we have this thread last night?

NoobyNoob Sat 28-May-11 19:59:38

How would you ask?

'Excuse me, may I touch/play/interact with your baby. I don't have a cold and I'm not a weirdo?'

NomadInNowhere Sat 28-May-11 20:00:14

lol @nooby smile

MrsGravy Sat 28-May-11 20:00:39

I have never understood your point of view to be honest - I've seen it expressed here before. I don't get it. It's just people going a bit gaga over your baby, it's sweet and it's harmless. I'd find it incredibly strange if someone asked me if they could hold my baby's hand - much, much wierder than them just reaching out and stroking it!!

What is it exactly that bothers you? Is it the germs thing? There are loads of airborne germs you know, if germs worry you that much you should probably never leave the house...

TattyDevine Sat 28-May-11 20:01:09

You sound a bit bonkers - "asking" - asking the baby? Or asking you? You dont really OWN the baby you realise.

Did the baby mind?

thefirstMrsDeVere Sat 28-May-11 20:01:35

The only reason I dont do it is because I have read a few of these threads.

I love babies. Its all I can do to stop myself kissing them. I wouldnt kiss them obviously but I would have stroked their little fat hands and touched their dear little toes and perhaps gently ran a finger over a teeny cheek.....

I am too scared now incase the mum starts a thread about some loon in Sainsburys grin

notnowbernard Sat 28-May-11 20:03:06

I think YABU

YesterdaysPants Sat 28-May-11 20:03:15

YANBU in my opinion actually. I think if the person is in front of you where you can see them, and they're interacting with both of you iyswim it's ok, but to start touching your child without at least smiling and making eye contact with you is not on IMO.

<dreading when my pfb is born and has to enter outer world>

LordOfTheFlies Sat 28-May-11 20:03:20

I totally get you. You know reaaaallly you are being a bit unreasonable but I used to hate it when people presumed to touch my tiny baby son.
How dare they.I used to wash my hands to change his nappy!! I don't know where these people have been.
But you know your DS is edible and other people think so too.

Sirzy Sat 28-May-11 20:03:30

I dont see a problem with it unless the baby is asleep - THEN it annoyed me.

MrsGravy Sat 28-May-11 20:03:36

Well thefirstMrsDeVere, I'd think you were being really sweet if you did that to my little one!

YesterdaysPants Sat 28-May-11 20:04:59

It's sort of like (and sort of not at all like) touching someone else's dog. At least smile and make eye contact with the adult human attached to it.

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