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To think all the posters who said Tom Daley's Dad 'needed to take a step back' should feel utterly ashamed of themselves?

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Astley Sat 28-May-11 13:46:02

I've just heard the news that Tom Daley's Dad, Rob, has died of his brain cancer sad

There was a horrible thread on here a few months ago with people saying he was 'overbearing', 'embarassing' and 'needed to take a step back'.

Most posters mentioned how the poor man had cancer and might just be trying to make the most of the limited time he had left with his child and show him how much he loved and supported him. For some posters, though, he was stil a terrible Father for daring to ask his son for a hug during a press conference sad

I wonder if any of these posters have thought today that their comments were so bloody nasty and the poor man really did only have a few months left with his family.

So rest in peace Rob, your son will always have the knowledge that you adored him and always wanted the best for him. In a few years he will not look back and think 'oh God my Dad was so embarassing asking me for a hug in front of all those people', he will probably be thinking how glad he is he went over there and gave his Father, who loved him so much, the hug he asked for.

worraliberty Sat 28-May-11 13:51:53

I didn't see the thread but I don't see why anyone should feel 'utterly ashamed' for voicing their opinion on it confused

I would like to think his son knew his Dad adored him and wanted the best for him without a hug at a press conference.

discobeaver Sat 28-May-11 13:56:37

Why shouldn't he think his dad was embarrassing? Sad he's died, but dads are embarrassing sometimes. Good to see Mr Daley didn't let the side down. R.I.P

Perpetuallypregnant Sat 28-May-11 13:56:38

Absolutely agree with OP. I watched the documentary last year and thought he was just a lovely lovely person and doting father. If more young lads had fathers like this maybe we wouldnt have as much youth crime.

So sad to hear this. RIP x

PaisleyLeaf Sat 28-May-11 13:58:32

Well I don't know about the thread re the press conference - that was summer 2009, so was the thread then too?
But I don't like this thread very much. Have you been saving this up or something?

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:01:20

worral because it would actually kill people to have a little sympathy with a man who doesn't have long to live, had 3 young children, and might have just wanted to hug his children whenever he could.

People made out that he was this horrendous, pushy parent, who needed to let Tom do everything on his own. They neglected to mention that Tom was a child, still is, and he couldn't travel alone. His Dad was clearly doing it all from love not a desire to fill his own house with Tom's medals.

K999 Sat 28-May-11 14:01:23

Jeez. Enough already. The poor man has died. Why does questioning what other posters said in the past help anyone?

My father is hugely embarrassing. I still adore him.

worraliberty Sat 28-May-11 14:04:33

Blimey Astley all you need to say now is "I told you all so" for your thread to be complete hmm

The man is dead, I don't see what you stand to gain from this thread other than some form of misguided smugness.

I don't see why anyone's opinions should be considered 'wrong' just because they don't match yours.

It's pretty ghoulish really sad

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:04:41

Paisley the thread was in Oct 2010. No I have not been waiting for the poor man to die hmm I heard today he had passed away and it got me thinking that he seemed like a really great Father and I remembered the horrible thread and thought how sad it is that people can turn something as wonderful as a parent supporting their child into something so negative sad

IslaValargeone Sat 28-May-11 14:06:35

And now we have this horrible thread attempting to make people feel shit about it?

K999 Sat 28-May-11 14:06:37

Astley....still don't see the reason for starting a thread about it. confused

Are you hoping the posters you referred to will come back and say sorry and beg for some kind of forgiveness?

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:08:25

k999 I just hoped that it might just make people think a little, that yes all parents embarass their children, but most of them do it becuase they love them so much and we don't know what's around the corner so maybe rather than slag someone off we could think how much better society would be if everyone had parents that gave their children 100% of their support and weren't afraid to show them how much they cared.

Morloth Sat 28-May-11 14:09:25

Who is Tom Daley?

K999 Sat 28-May-11 14:10:04

Oh, I see. You want posters to be less judgemental. On MN??

Good luck with that. grin

BelovedCunt Sat 28-May-11 14:10:19

how lovely to bring it all back up now, you are obviously filled with empathy adn gods love

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:12:58

I'm filled with empathy and love for parents who really care for their children and die before they see them become adults, yes.

K999 Sat 28-May-11 14:13:45

Astley. I don't think you have the monopoly on that one tbh. confused

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:15:31

I'm not saying I do! It was just a reply to BC

AuntieMonica Sat 28-May-11 14:16:35

if the OP had said something more along the lines of 'enjoy your life as you never know just what's around the corner' instead of 'i hope people are feeling guilty as this man has died' then i would agree........

but it's not.

get off your high horse OP, it's not reading very kindly at all

LostMyIdentityAlongTheWay Sat 28-May-11 14:18:20

Sorry, OP, I tend to be with majority of posters. I'm sure none of those whom you think should be ashamed of themselves will have wished him ill - don't know, as didn't read the original thread - but I don't really see the point of this thread, unless it was a 'what can I really stir up with' sort of point?

Not very nice. That's a euphemism, by the way. <inserts shitstirring emoticon>

worraliberty Sat 28-May-11 14:19:55

Oh FFS I was going to avoid saying this but bollocks, due to the sanctimonious shit you're talking...I might as well.

OP you know nothing whatsoever of this Man, his relationship with his son or anything else...only what you've seen in the media. Therefore this thread is a load of crap angry

thefirstMrsDeVere Sat 28-May-11 14:20:41

This is a weird thread.

I heard today he had died. I didnt know he had cancer. I dont know much about any sport but I do remember a guy who clearly adored his son and was so proud he couldnt contain himself.

Of course that is going to embarrass a kid but thats not a crime. Nor is people pointing out that he could be embarrassing his son.

Tom seems to be incredibly confident.

I dont get the point of this thread at all though. Why should people feel bad because they commented on a public figure? If they were not sorry when he was alive why should they suddenly feel sorry now the poor man has died?

I am sure they are sorry he has died but why should they change their mind about how they felt when he was alive? confused

I wish his family well. Its awful he wont get to see his son at 2012

AnyFucker Sat 28-May-11 14:21:45

I am very sorry Mr Daley died

I don't give a shit about the rest

Astley Sat 28-May-11 14:22:41

It's not an effort to stir. Only a effort to say that maybe people could look for the good in other peoples actions, not always the bad. That to be so nasty about someone for wanting to hug his own child really isn't necessary.

I only started it after watching it on the news and DH saying how he bets TD is glad he went over there now, not have to look back and wish he had just put up with his Dad embarassing him and hugged him anyway.

hairfullofsnakes Sat 28-May-11 14:25:22

I didn't see that thread but it sounds horrid. He seems like an utterly devoted father and he obviously helped his son go far. Rest in Peace and my thoughts are with his son and family.

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