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to be the grouch monster from hell

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ditavonteesed Sat 28-May-11 10:06:23

grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I have a stinky cold and am feeling crappy, was all sweaty and horrid last night, got up this morning and the boiler is not working, so no shower yet. kids are being complete gremlins, dd1 has already drawn all over her party frock, which she wants to wear to my friends wedding tonight.
so waiting in for boiler man, stuck in house with the stroppiest kids and dh has gone to help them tidy up their rooms which are disgusting dispite the fact that I cleaned them both yesterday. they are having paddy's about everything and I really dont want to take them to friends wedding where there will be very few kids and have everyone look at us with pity.
And we had bacon and I cant get the grill clean with no hot water, and mostly I just want a shower.

madhousewife Sat 28-May-11 10:08:27

is it too early for a glass of wine?

KittySpencer Sat 28-May-11 10:14:27


We have hot water, but no properly flushing toilet (DS1 broke the ballcock thing last night. I have no idea how! angry). My mood is currently similar to yours, if not worse as I will have to try and fix stupid toilet myself.

ditavonteesed Sat 28-May-11 10:19:17

I feel that pain, ours broke recently and there is nothing like having to flush with a bucket to put you in a bad mood.
cant have wine as driving to wedding tonight.
think I will have to drive to mum and dads for a shower.

ditavonteesed Sat 28-May-11 10:22:21

crap heads, mum and dad not answering phone, neither is neighbour. I need a shower, am all claggy from being covered in vicks.

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