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To be feeling a bit narked because....

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sprinkles77 Sat 28-May-11 09:30:32

1. It's a bank holiday weekend and DH is working today and Monday.
2. That PIL's are here (not staying with us) and their own kids are too lazy to entertain them so that falls to DS and me.
3. That we went to see them last night. I texted SIL to see if she was going too. She texted "yes, wanna go together". I have to drive cos I have DS in car seat, which she knows. So she's angling for a lift. But hasn't the manners to ask, but instead to make it look like she's doing me a favour.
4. We're all having dinner last night and DH asks me to pass something from the shelf behind me. I have to get up to get it as I have a sore back and neck and didn't want to twist. Which he knows. Once I have stood up its no extra effort for him, as he would have had to get up anyway. He spots this and apologises. His stupid fucking lazy cunting sister then asks me to do the same thing. I say no, I'll have to get up cos I don't want to twist my neck, could she do it herself (she's no further from the shelf than I am, she's next to me). She asks "Really, are you serious?".
5. Then we are told we have to have lunch with PIL on sunday, DH and my only day together this weekend.
6. Then SIL asks if she can see DS this weekend. Having already said that I'm sad that DH and I have not got much time to spend together. I said yes, DS is at PIL all day today, well at least till lunch time, arrange it with them. She says she does not intend getting up till after lunch time. I said well, I have things I want to do with my son.
7. Then SIL asks if she can come to watch some stupid football game at ours tonight. DH says we might have guests over, in which case no. She gets pissy about this.

On another matter
8. my brother and his wife had a baby on Thursday night. She had a very swift labour with no pain relief, then needed a major repair immediately as an emergency. Last year I had an EMCS. Not entirely the same, but similar maybe in terms of post op pain and immobility. Maybe, I might well be wrong. Anyway, DS was born at 12.30 in the afternoon, and I had all immediate family, in small groups, for a very short visit (about 10 minutes each) so everyone could meet the baby. All grand parents and aunts and uncles had seen DS by 6pm. I've not been invited to see my nephew. OK, I realise I'm being a bit U. I'm certainly not going to make a thing of it. They will have good reasons. I know I'll see new baby soon. Just would have liked it to be sooner! Selfish I know!

Oh and 9. DH and I are a bit rocky at the moment, we had a long chat about making things better, and we agreed I was going to be more affectionate and less shouty, and he was going to be more helpful and listen more. So very pissed off to be cleaning his poo off the toilet, having succumbed to shagging him this morning before he went to work ( would have preferred to have had a lie in as DS at PIL).

Just venting really. I'm probably a bit unreasonable about the stuff with DB and his wife and new baby, but not about the rest. Go on, sympathise a bit!

sprinkles77 Sat 28-May-11 09:30:53

Fuck that was a long post. who can even be arsed to read it?!

beesimo Sat 28-May-11 09:36:32

Two parecetomol OP then half a hours lie down in a darken room with a damp cold flannel on thy forehead.

If I was there I'd give you a cuddle and say would you like a nice drinky and a jaffa cake pet!

sprinkles77 Sat 28-May-11 09:44:22

might get some jaffa cakes from corner shop when it opens.

SarahStratton Sat 28-May-11 09:45:43

I second the nice stinky and a Jaffa cake. With the exception of 8. YABU there, I didn't want to see anyone for days after. And I hated with a passion the constant trooping in and out of my house. Definitely a case of 'fuck off and leave me alone, I hurt, my nipples hurt, I can't sit down unless frozen peas are involved, and you think I'm going to be pleased to see you Mrs Neighbour That I've Only Met Twice. Just Fuck Off and come back next year. At the earliest.'

Yup YABU re 8.

<passes the jaffas>

SarahStratton Sat 28-May-11 09:46:25

Nice drinky. Effing iPhone.

Imnotaslimjim Sat 28-May-11 09:50:44

sounds like you're feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed with the family visiting. and that they're trying to take over the few hours you do have with DH

You need to be a little more assertive I think, and if they get pissy, thats their problem not yours

Yes, yab a little u about the new baby, she is likely feeling very tender and not in the mood for visitors, or it could be that its all a little overwhelming and they haven't thought to invite people. Maybe send a text and say you have a gift for mum and baby (I'm assuming you have) and when would be a good time to drop it in

And the sex thing - you succumbed? So you didn't really want to but thought it was for the good of the marriage - and then had to clean his shit off the loo. I'd be unimpressed too. I think you need to train him to clean up after himself!

BumWiper Sat 28-May-11 09:51:00

stinky? Lmao.
YABU on number 8.I wouldn't have had any visitors post op.

MorticiaAddams Sat 28-May-11 09:56:14

Mostly you are not being unreasonable but I think you are on point 8 about your brother's baby. Do you have to wait for an invite to go and see them?

When I had my kids the immediate family spoke amongst themselves and worked out timings to come in on the first day and then friends phoned or e-mailed to ask when they could come for a visit. I didn't invite anyone and don't recall ever being invited to see somebody baby's, I just contact parents and ask when is convenient.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sat 28-May-11 10:14:25

Agree with everyone else, would have suggested a shag but that's clearly not worked wink so I night out on the piss is in order.

sprinkles77 Sat 28-May-11 11:53:14

Yeah, knew IABU on number 8. Actually they just txted me to say come this afternoon, so I think I did the right thing and just whinged about it here rather than harassing them. They're private people and definitely would expect people to wait for an invite. Actually, I'm proud of them for doing it on their terms and not feeling pressured to have everyone in immediately. Maybe I'm a bit jealous that they've done what suited them. In hindsight I might have done the same!

Lovingbeingabletonamechange... hmm a night out on the piss sounds inviting. Hangover when it's my turn to get up with DS, not so great. Might just be a little drinkie instead! Shag was quite nice, just would have preferred a lie in!

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