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To request that DS (9months) has his MMR early? WWYD?

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whymumwhymum Fri 27-May-11 21:18:21

Am planning on gooing to france in early July, am really worried about the current measles epidemic over ther (and in other parts of Europe). Also worried that we are now seemingly at the beginning of a UK epidemic.

Am thinking of asking the Gp to allow DS to have his first MMR jab early, I think they can in theory give it from 6 months although he may not develop such a strong immunity if given it before age one (not too worried as any immunity better than surely and he can have a booster at 15 months.

WWYD? Has anyone else had an under one vaccinated for MMR?


YellowDinosaur Fri 27-May-11 21:47:03

No idea but there is nothing to be lost by talking to your GP is there? They can only say no (and might have good reasons). I know people who have given single vaccines because they had concerns about MMR so if you are concerned about measles specifically and there is a reson they are not happy to give MMR early ask about the single measles vaccine too. No idea if that is anymore possible but thought one post saying you're not mad to ask is better than no response smile

QueenCee Fri 27-May-11 21:49:43

We are going to France and Italy. Dd is 7 months. Doctors gave her MMR last week and advised they still have to have it at a year but if going to Europe it is necessary now. Anytime from 6 months is fine.

whymumwhymum Fri 27-May-11 21:53:18

Queencee thanks so much that is helpful and reassuring to know.x

LucyOnAHighWithValium Fri 27-May-11 22:05:06

Yellowdinosaur, don't you just love it when you type our a carefully considered post only to be ignored!?

whymumwhymum Fri 27-May-11 22:11:49

Lucy? Excuse me??

SockShitter Fri 27-May-11 22:16:46

Ask the doctor if the vaccine will actually take effect and work at protecting against measles in July if your dc has it now

LucyOnAHighWithValium Fri 27-May-11 22:25:31

Oops, I think you mean 'sorry YellowDinosaur'

backwardpossom Fri 27-May-11 22:27:07

grin Lucy

whymumwhymum Sat 28-May-11 07:09:09

lucy do you actually have anything helpful to add this thread which incidentally I started as I am concerned about my Ds, or are you just 'policing' the boards.
The last time I checked ther was no mN rule that you had to reply to any/every post, which doesn't mean I haven't read and appreciated the reply.
This is an internet forum and its a bit odd that you feel the need to monitor threads that are of no interest to you.

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