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I know this is probably a trival thing to be worried about..

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moonriver Fri 27-May-11 11:50:47

But am I being unreasonable?

I have just discovered that my cleaner brings along a friend to help when she does my weekly cleaning. So it takes her two hours to do the cleaning instead of the four I am paying her for.

I only found out as I am home today, she looked rather shocked to see me here when she walked in. I asked her why her friend was there (who I have met before) and she looked at the floor and mumbled that she always came along to help.

Just to get it into prospective, she cleans two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and one conservatory. She also does a little ironing, mainly my DP`s work shirts. Do you think I am asking too much for four hours?

I am just a little put out that 1) I never would have found out that she bought her friend along had I not been here today and 2) I am paying her for four hours, when she has only been here for two, at least today.

Am I right to be annoyed?

Many thanks.

Aworryingtrend Fri 27-May-11 11:53:11

YANBU to be annoyed at all. The fact that she has repeatredly brought someone else into your without your knowledge would make me angry and also would be wondering what she had to hide, ie, why she kept it a secret. To say the least of being paid 4 hours work- but presumably this is being shared with the friend?

How long has she been your cleaner and previously to this have you been happy with her?

manicbmc Fri 27-May-11 11:53:36

It could work out well. What if she was ill? You'd then have a back up cleaner.

So long as the work is all done and to a reasonable standard I can't see what the problem is.

ashamedandconfused Fri 27-May-11 11:54:41

well on the one hand, if the friend is helping her, and you have previously not had cause to complain about jobs not being done, then you must be getting 4 hours work. And I dont think the jobs listed are too much for 4 hours. I presume your friend is paying her mate some/half the money?

i would not be happy though that she has invited someone unknown to you to have the run of your home.

Moulesfrites Fri 27-May-11 11:54:42

But you are still paying for 4 man hours?

worraliberty Fri 27-May-11 11:54:53

I wouldn't worry about the hours because she's obviously splitting her wages.

I'd be more worried about insurance, if something got broken/went missing..who would pay up?

squeakytoy Fri 27-May-11 11:55:59

Providing you have no issue with the friend being there. You are still paying for, and getting, four hours of work. (2 hours per person).

Maybe they split the money between them because they both need the cash.

GiddyPickle Fri 27-May-11 11:56:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wolfhound Fri 27-May-11 11:56:33

I think you are right to be annoyed about her bringing someone else into your house whom you don't know about. She should certainly have cleared that with you. You are wrong to think you should pay less though. It's still four man-hours (woman-hours) of work, whether it's one person working for four hours or two working for two. My cleaners come as a pair, and I pay them the same whether it's two of them working for half the time each, or one (which sometimes it is) working for double the time IYSWIM.

honeybee007 Fri 27-May-11 11:56:36

Maybe her friend is short of money so she is helping her out by sharing the work and wages?she should have run it by you first and i think i would be annoyed but there may be something going on you're not aware of.the work is being done to a good enough standard i assume.i think you should talk to her and find out why she's been doing it this way.

wolfhound Fri 27-May-11 11:57:02

ha x-post with all the people saying the same about man-hours!

diddl Fri 27-May-11 12:00:05

If you are getting 4hrs of work then I wouldn´t be too bothered.

Although I would be annoyed that she hadn´t asked tbh.

Would it bring up any employment/insurance issues?

moonriver Fri 27-May-11 12:02:30

She has been my cleaner for about 8 months now, cleaning standard normally very good.

I actually asked her friend when my cleaner was out of earshot if she got a share of the money. Her reply was that she "sometimes got given a fiver, maybe a tenner" out of the money. So, not an equal share.

I`ve just phoned my cleaner to ask her about it all, and she couldn`t really give me a reason as to why the friend was came along, then proceeded to tell me that this friend didn`t always help, that sometimes she just `chilled out with the paper and tv`.

Birdsgottafly Fri 27-May-11 12:02:44

You could also be 'aiding and abetting' a crime or fraud. Do you know that the friend is permitted to work in the UK and is not on benefits? You need to agree at least a verbal contract of 'rights and responsibilities' with the friend now that you know she is entering your house.

moonriver Fri 27-May-11 12:04:24

Birds- I hadn`t thought of that. Thanks for bringing it up.

Birdsgottafly Fri 27-May-11 12:04:56

Perhaps the friend lives in a hostel or has other circumstances? I would want some answers tbh.

brickwallspringstomind Fri 27-May-11 12:06:09

It's your house, she should have told you someone else was going to be in their. That would really annoy me.

squeakytoy Fri 27-May-11 12:06:12

Maybe as she feels you wouldnt approve, she is just saying that to cover up for the fact she is splitting the money with her mate.

As someone else pointed out, it could be beneficial to you, as if your regular cleaner is ill, or on holiday, you have a replacement who you know and can come in and do the work without any training/supervision needed.

brickwallspringstomind Fri 27-May-11 12:06:35


Birdsgottafly Fri 27-May-11 12:08:44

I am not saying stop the agrangement, i know of a gardener who used to let a family member with learning dificulties help him out, his relative wasn't on mean tested benefits, but if there is an accident, you need to know that you are not liable.

Punkatheart Fri 27-May-11 12:15:37

'Friend' does also sound if she is being exploited. So not an ideal situation.

ScroobiousPip Fri 27-May-11 12:17:38

I don't think you can complain about what you are paying if you are still getting 4 hours work. But, what would bother me is the lack of communication and respect - she could and should have asked you upfront if it was OK to bring someone else into your home. I'm guessing you got references for your cleaner. You'd presumably want to do the same for anyone helping her out.

I'd be tempted to call her and say that if she wants to bring someone with her in future, she needs to ask your permission. It would also be sensible to ask for that person's full details and a reference before you say yes.

apprenticemum Fri 27-May-11 12:18:58

Yes, I think it is a trust thing. Your cleaner has broken your trust. Provided that you are happy with the standard of work, I think that you should point out to the cleaner that had she asked and given you the opportunity to give her mate the once over, you would have been fine about it. As others have said, you have built in holiday and sickness cover. However ask her what she would have done if something had been stolen or broken. You need her assurance that nobody will enter your home without your say so and that if it happens again.....She is history. (good cleaners are hard to come by)

RevoltingPeasant Fri 27-May-11 12:19:02

OP does your cleaner have keys to your house, then?

I'd find this a little worrying. Er, not to be paranoid, but have you definitely checked that nothing is missing?

Sorry if that sounds funny, but IMO it is a big trust thing to let someone into your house. And it's a betrayal not to tell someone when you're letting a stranger into their house.

idratherbeboarding Fri 27-May-11 12:20:36

Our cleaner often has a helper, doesn't concern me in the slightest.

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