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to take a sickie, to let my children take a sickie and spend tomorrow under the duvet eating junk , watching cartoons and laughing?

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Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:02:13

We are all knackered. DD1 cried on the way home from ballet she is so knackered (she's 15!). DD2 is tetchy and knackered, I am unbelievably, utterly, exhausted.

I am sorely tempted to just not get up tomorrow.

Except DD1 would miss revision stuff (GCSEs), DD2 shouldn't be encouraged to skive and if I don't go to work they will be short staffed, my colleagues would have to work harder and the poor public would be neglected.

But I want to have a duvet day so very badly.

Added to the above, Tomorrow is the last day before half term and I have 10 days off too.

but I am very very tired.

FabbyChic Thu 26-May-11 21:03:31

Well you know it is unreasonable to have tomorrow off!

Just one more day and you have all that time to have duvet days.

SouthStar Thu 26-May-11 21:03:45

Fight the urge smile

ilovesooty Thu 26-May-11 21:04:42

If you have 10 days off coming up surely you can fulfil your obligations and get yourself to work. After all you're not ill and you shouldn't encourage your kids to bunk off school.

PrincessScrumpy Thu 26-May-11 21:05:03

I would go in tomorrow and then have a proper lazy day on Saturday. Maybe even get eveyone to put PJs on Friday afternoon after school and have a lazy evening. It's so close to the holidays, I don't think I could justify a duvet day, personally.

Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:05:04

but i'm tired

bluebobbin Thu 26-May-11 21:05:12

Your DD1's revision stuff is really important so don't even think about all taking a sickie!

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 26-May-11 21:05:25

Yes YABU. I thought you were going to say your DD was 5, not 15!

I know 15 yr olds get knackered too, but at 15 she shoudl be able to understand that it's just ONE MORE DAY and then SHE HAS A WHOLE WEEK off.

Make sure you are all in bed early tonight so tomorrow morning won't feel so bad.

Mollyfloss Thu 26-May-11 21:05:31

You and your DD's should go to bed now so you have more energy tomorrow and then you can enjoy your 10 days off guilt free.

bluebobbin Thu 26-May-11 21:05:49

get yourselves to bed right now!!

ThatllDoPig Thu 26-May-11 21:06:03

One more day! you can (all) do it!
Imagine how good you will feel at the end of the day tomorrow when you are guilt free on all the points you make above, and can thoroughly enjoy your half term break.
Have a 'team talk' about how you can tackle the demands of one more day together, and plan how you can celebrate in the evening to kick start the break. Good luck!
And have as much of an early night as you can.

ilovesooty Thu 26-May-11 21:06:15

Tired isn't a good enough excuse for skiving. What would you do if it were unpaid, or your job were at risk?

LostMyIdentityAlongTheWay Thu 26-May-11 21:06:30

Ooooh, I'm a 2ndary school teacher and I have to toe the party line... get that child into revision lessons!
Just think how much more ace-o-matic your weekend is going to be - order pizza, watch cack DVDs and start early tomorrow night on the sofa... You know it makes sense.

Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:07:24

they haven't suggested it. it's me that needs it blush i am a bad bad parent.

i am so tired it hurts

Guitargirl Thu 26-May-11 21:09:40

Your weekend and half term will feel all the sweeter for going in tomorrow - all of you. And your colleagues will be a bit hmm if you take a day off sick the day before a 10-day holiday.

Sqee Thu 26-May-11 21:10:18

Awk! You are most certainly not a bad parent! You sound like a very loving one to me smile

Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:10:40


all i want to do is stay asleep until i am ready to wake up. i can't remember the last time i did that.

onepieceofcremeegg Thu 26-May-11 21:12:00

If you go to bed now then you will get a good few hours' sleep in.
If you are genuinely ill in the morning, then ring in sick. Otherwise get a grip. Do not encourage your dcs to skive either.
Don't stay on mnet any longer.

MissingMySleep Thu 26-May-11 21:12:47

go for it

otherwise you will all end up run down and poorly over the holidays with low immune systems

is that good enough reason? grin

in all things, your gut instinct is usually right - apparently the millions of years honing our instinct means we make better decisions by using our gut instinct than by dwelling on things, so go with your gut, it makes better decisions, and switch that alarm clock off now

have fun grin

Disasterpiece Thu 26-May-11 21:12:48

Fight the urge, get evryone in bed for an early night now, including yourself, power through tomorrow then hill out all weekend and do nothing.

If you want some Dominos voucher codes let me know, we just got £40 worth of pizzas, chicken kickers, chicken wings, garlic bread, wedges and puds for £20.

chicletteeth Thu 26-May-11 21:13:51

You need to go to bed now.
Even if you get up at six, that's still a bloody long sleep!

Disasterpiece Thu 26-May-11 21:15:33

Just to add when I was younger, my mum used to whisk me off to three day horse shows and tell school I was sick.

Bet that would be very frowned upon these days.

Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:16:01

that is very nice disaster. nearest dominos is about 20 miles away though sad

having a small wine then to bed

i won't skive really. i'd like to but far far too conscientious.

Guitargirl Thu 26-May-11 21:16:42

'all i want to do is stay asleep until i am ready to wake up. i can't remember the last time i did that.'

Neither can I.

You have 10 days off after tomorrow.

Get off the PC and go to bed if you're that tired.

Crevix Thu 26-May-11 21:19:29

am muliti-tasking. have other stuff to do before bed.

and wine

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