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to be shocked that I was told "I didn't think cleft lip and palate happened in the UK".

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Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:36:23

By someone in the job of parenting & pregnancy journalism. shock

sharbie Wed 11-May-11 20:39:26

why would they think that ?

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:41:11

Because apparently you only see adverts for charities (eg Smiletrain) asking for donations to help children in countries like India.

Panzee Wed 11-May-11 20:41:18

Maybe they keep seeing that ad for surgery in Africa that only costs a fiver, and thinks it just happens there.

FamilyCircus Wed 11-May-11 20:41:36

Why wouldn't it happen in the UK? What a strange thing to say!

Panzee Wed 11-May-11 20:41:52

X - post. There you go!

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:42:10

Surely it's not a logical conclusion though?? That it doesn't happen in the UK??

K999 Wed 11-May-11 20:42:15

What rubbish....

FamilyCircus Wed 11-May-11 20:42:26


FurKnickersAndNoCoat Wed 11-May-11 20:43:01

just ignorance maybe rather than an intentionally unpleasant comment?

FamilyCircus Wed 11-May-11 20:44:02

No not logical, because you see loads of people with cleft lip and palate (inc. my dad).

It's a really strange conclusion to draw IMO

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:45:23

Oh yes, I don't think it was meant unpleasantly at all. But I as just gobsmacked by the fact that someone in the market of advising parents and parents to be, wouldn't even know the basics behind the anomaly scan, or that this occurs in this country. I mean, why WOULDN'T it happen in the UK? I was just stunned by the ignorance.

K999 Wed 11-May-11 20:45:50

Actually,are you "said" journalist and you want us to do the research for you?? grin

UndiscoveredApprentice Wed 11-May-11 20:46:02

Stupid, ill thought out but judged on an advert. I suppose there are lots of conditions which don't get advertised, so for some reason they thought this was third world specific.

Hey ho, can't say it worries me, other than the professional journalist not engaging brain bit lol.

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:47:12

Heehee K999, no I'm not. But I have name changed, hence the first post under this name.

I was just stunned, and then wondered whether this was a common opinion - but couldn't imagine it possibly could be.

Paschaelina Wed 11-May-11 20:47:21

Don't think anyone told my nephews, both of whom have repaired clefts.

Panzee Wed 11-May-11 20:48:09

I've only ever seen two people with repaired clefts. It's possible that people have never seen anyone in the UK.

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:48:46

paschaelina may I ask - are your two nephews brothers, or cousins?

Sleeker Wed 11-May-11 20:49:17

panzee or that the repairs are darned good nowadays, thank the Lord!

UndiscoveredApprentice Wed 11-May-11 20:50:31

Panzee, maybe it's just there are brilliant repairs, like my two kids.

Panzee Wed 11-May-11 20:50:36

Oh yes I should have said that sleeker.

FamilyCircus Wed 11-May-11 20:51:29

I suppose it's possible Panzee. It's hard for me to believe, but probably because I know exactly what to look for because of my dad. His has been corrected but you can still see it.

doley Wed 11-May-11 20:51:32

When I was in London , I worked with someone who was also in the job of pregnancy and parenting journalism .

The entire eight hours I was in the studio with her, she chain-smoked all over me . I was 8 months pregnant at the time .

I was also surprised that she thought this alright ,after all ,one would expect her to have heard (at some point ) that that was not all that cool grin

So...UANBU ,given her line of work .

earlyriser Wed 11-May-11 20:52:04

In one of the adverts it does state that these conditions are much less common in the uk etc because it can be caused by a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in pregnancy, the advice that pregnant woman and those planning on becomming pregnant take folic acid and other supplements has dramatically reduced the incidences of cleft palate etc in this country.

FamilyCircus Wed 11-May-11 20:53:16

Shit, I feel like I'm putting my foot firmly in it on this thread. My dad's was corrected 60+ years ago. I probably wouldn't notice one now.

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