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To find Dr Peter Thraft hilarious?

(4 Posts)
Butterpiecrimearea Tue 10-May-11 21:36:19

Please don't let him be made up! On the other hand, please let him be made up!

Is anyone else following him on twitter?

i particulary enjoy it when he signs his tweets. I dunno why, it just tickles me smile

Not in a sexy tickling kinda way (enjoy any time of the day or night...)

Remember, treat the vagina like a magnificent vase...

AmazingDisgrace Thu 12-May-11 14:40:26

I love him too! He makes me howl laughing, is he real/odd/earnest or a very good troll?

HugeGrant Tue 14-Jun-11 15:20:54

You weren't the only ones wondering...

Did you see this ?

BitOfFun Tue 14-Jun-11 15:22:22

Nah, he's a bonkers troll. Slightly overdoes it, IMO.

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