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To ask if this is ok, and for help from fellow MNers.....

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NulliusInVerba Sun 08-May-11 23:23:18

Im doing a degree course and my next assignment is a health promotion. Basically I have to promote a health related topic / raise awareness, and many people are doing the suggested leflets / posters / stand outside docs and tell people not to smoke ect.
I wanted to do something more original, and then it dawned on me to ask MN. Its a forum, where I can reach a high number of people, a wide variety of people, and gain anonymous feedback (part of the brief is that I get feedback from the group I promote to).
So, would I be BU in thinking this is a good original idea, and in actually doing this?
(I should point out that I would'nt be asking for peoples health stories ect, I am not life-story collecting! all it would be is my promotion e.g. my post, and then what people thought of it, was it informative and helpful ect in the replies)
Thanks for your help smile

BertieBotts Sun 08-May-11 23:26:50

I think you might have to pay to post in the non-member section. But I'd check with MNHQ - just report your post here, or ask in Site Stuff, they're more likely to see it there.

Vallhala Sun 08-May-11 23:28:14

Great idea! What are you thinking of promoting?

From time to time I've done something similar, albeit for different reasons. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my 30s although I wasn't in any of the risk categories. I found my lump by chance - I never checked myself, being of the "I'm too young, it won't happen to me" persuasion and so now I'm anxious to warn other women of the dangers of being cavalier about their health and to encourage them to check their breasts. If I help just one woman by pushing that opinion, here or elsewhere, then it's worth it.

Good luc with your assignment.

Jenstar21 Sun 08-May-11 23:32:52

What is your field of HP? Sounds interesting. Post away. Happy to help and good luck!

NulliusInVerba Sun 08-May-11 23:35:52

Thanks BertieBotts and Vallhala, yes I dont mind if HQ require me to post it somewhere specific ect, I just wanted to know what people thought of the idea, and would people respond or am I breaking some MN etiquette!

And Valhala thats great, raising awareness day to day is a good thing and you never know who you might help.

NulliusInVerba Sun 08-May-11 23:39:48

Jenstar I havent decided for definite the subject yet, have a few ideas but welcome any more! I was leaning to something mental health related, especially as an awareness topic. Many in my group are doing smoking or contraception but I feel they have been done to death really.

Jenstar21 Sun 08-May-11 23:46:21

Hey Nullus. Not sure where you are based, but if you're looking into mental health promotion, the Scottish Government has done a lot on this over the last few years, which might be worth looking into?? I can take a look and post the links .... Mental health promotion would be a slightly different tack, and, I think, important, as there's much less done in that field. (I work in a medical school, so see a lot of what is published in health promotion.) There was also a campaign around self-respect aimed at young people, especially young women, a couple of years ago. Now you've got me racking my brains!! smile

NulliusInVerba Sun 08-May-11 23:56:57

Oh that would be great, thankyou Jenstar. No Im not in scotland but shall get googling and see what I find.
Yes I also think mental health awareness is a valid topic, and wanted to touch on the stigma surrounding MH issues. The self respect thing hadnt occurred to me, would that be along the lines of sexual health / domestic violence ect? May also look into that. I wanted to make my promotion a useful and meaningful one, telling smokers to stop or teenagers to use condoms is something they've heard before a thousand times.

SnuffleTurtle153 Mon 09-May-11 08:38:45

Sounds like a much better idea than standing outside doctor's surgeries telling people not to smoke. You'd get a pretty shitty reaction from all of the smokers I know, and it's hardly likely to be helpful! (Incidentally, I wonder why it's considered OK for perfect strangers to carp on at smokers but no one ever suggests it's fine to stand outside McDonald's telling fat people not to eat another burger?)

NulliusInVerba Mon 09-May-11 08:54:10

I did say that to some of my group!! I think the "feedback" they will get from that wont be positive! I suppose it's a bit like going into a pub telling people not to drink.

heliumballoons Mon 09-May-11 08:57:41

I would support you too. Think it's a great idea. Good luck with it.

I guess if your reaching a specific audience (which athough all walks here very prodominantly 'mums') then something related to them would be great.

PND? / mental health
Chicken pox - always debates here on the actual seriousness.
healthy eating - child obesity is another that crops up.

What about one of the childhood long term illnesses? epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, allergies inc analyphalaxis. These are all things that people know exist but the information about them is limited to those involved often. I know having an analphylatic child that I wish others understood it better - less fear may mean they are less likely to avoid inviting him to parties/ social events etc?

Sorry if the above is not what you meant.

Best of luck with your assignment.

NulliusInVerba Mon 09-May-11 09:42:11

heliumballons no they are great ideas, I am considering the PND suggestion within a mental health topic, as obviously alot of parents using this site. Childhood obesity I know is being done by another group, but the others especially the allergies I hadnt even thought of!

Thats a really good idea and must admit im one of those who doesnt know an awful lot past the basics, so i'll have to do alot of reading and research around it first before I decide. Last thing I want is to come and present and someone say "well, actually, thats not true" blush

Jenstar21 Tue 10-May-11 21:56:41

Hi Nullius. Sorry - I've been away with work... Here's some links to some of the stuff I was referring to. Hope it helps! ... and good luck with your project!

NeverSayPie Tue 10-May-11 21:59:43

I wouldn't have thought that you would be allowed to do anything at all on mental health, as an undergrad you wouldn't have the training or ability to handle the sensitivity required and wouldn't get ethics approval.

NulliusInVerba Tue 10-May-11 22:18:24

Thankyou very much Jenstar! I will come back and update when it is all up and running.

NeverSayPie Really? We have already had one project on mental health and we are given the British Psychological Society guidelines to follow, we have to run everything past the tutor regarding ethics. We wouldnt be actually treating or advising mental health patients so I think its ok?

NeverSayPie Tue 10-May-11 22:37:36

Maybe mine was stricter then, we needed ethics board approval for all research and would never be given it for a mental health topic. If you don't know anything about it, how can you avoid any distress to your participants/contributors?

QuintessentialPains Tue 10-May-11 22:39:56

I am sure health promotion through social media, like twitter, forums, starting facebook groups and ask people to join, would be a very good way of solving the assignment. Much better than standing outside Boots asking people to stop smoking, or eating fish oil.

GoodDaysBadDays Tue 10-May-11 22:43:26

Promoting here sounds like a great idea and I imagine you would get a good response with some varied points raised and some fabulous posts to quote and reference from!

I'd certainly be interested in giving some feedback.

Good luck with this assignment (and your degree!)

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 10-May-11 22:47:22

In our town only the pretty and disenfranchised youth stand, well slouch outside Boots. If there's another way, take it.

Please ignore me if I'm offensive or a patronising prig, I won't mind but sometimes think maybe somebody just doesn't know but the abbreviation of etcetera is etc NOT ect. Hope you don't mind and like I said ignore me/swear about me at will. grin Ordinarily I wouldn't say a word, but it's just if you're approaching people to garner support/opinion it's a proof reading thing and helps with your message.

NulliusInVerba Tue 10-May-11 22:57:11

Really Turtles ?? Well you learn something new every day!!

And pedants corner is thataway >>>>>>> grin Only kidding.
Am now frantically trying to remember if ect or etc has ever come up in spell check in my emails? Dont think it has.

Thanks for the support Quintessential and GoodDaysBadDays, I think I would have to post it in general health but will try and let people know when its up there! I'm worried it wont get spotted

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 10-May-11 23:03:37

I'll certainly keep an eye out for your posts. I think what you're doing sounds interesting.

Thanks for not throwing rotten fish. It's such a common mistake, honestly and I just thought, what the heck I'll mention it. Every day's a school day.

FIL very patiently explained time zones to me today. I logically and scientifically understand without question but I don't get it. How is BIL having breakfast when I'm off to bed? It's not right.

NulliusInVerba Tue 10-May-11 23:15:05

Is BIL in Australia? confused

I genuinely didnt know, I dont think I see people using etc either so it must be common like you said. But when you spell the actual word etcetera it makes sense!

AgentZigzag Tue 10-May-11 23:16:53

Promoting sounds great, standing outside the doctors telling people not to do something is not IMO.

NulliusInVerba Tue 10-May-11 23:23:48

Yes ZigZag thats what I thought. Infact in some cases it could be downright offensive. Some have suggested they might do obesity shock Can you imagine if they go round stopping people about their weight??! How would you know that person didnt have a health condition.

To be fair the tutor has told them not to do this (for their own safety aswell as from an ethical perspective). But apart from that its not very original. Students have done those things year after year.

TurtlesAreRetroRight Wed 11-May-11 09:25:25

I have one BIL in Australia and one in Canada so while we're going to bed, one of them is having breakfast and one is having lunch. When they both phone on skype at the same time, my head spins.

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