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not to burn a full set of 1983 Encyclopaedia Britannica

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babybarrister Sun 08-May-11 22:03:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZimboMum Sun 08-May-11 22:08:00

They would make a pretty good bonfire!

Charity shop? Church/Village fete?

Use the pages as newspaper substitute?

<scratches head>

<goes off to think of more>

DingDongMerrilyOutOfSeason Sun 08-May-11 22:08:49

Ooooh! I want them! But then I think I would be in the same position as you. I hope you find a good home for them though, please don't burn them!

TyIsAnob Sun 08-May-11 22:09:56

Did you try selling them on ebay?

babybarrister Sun 08-May-11 22:19:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Sun 08-May-11 22:20:46

I'd burn em. They are no use.

Vallhala Sun 08-May-11 22:23:21

Wish you were near me, I'd buy them from you! My Grandad had a set circa 1940s, I recall spending hours as a child poring over them.

<<geek emoticon>>

Try Freecycle? I'm sure that you'd find other saddos like me takers there.

Vallhala Sun 08-May-11 22:25:05

Whoops... sorry, I see you've tried Freecycle. All I can suggest is that if you are near-ish to another Freecycle area you try there too. I'm pretty sure you'd get lots of applications from my area.

<<realises she lives in a saddo area>>

FreudianSlipOnACrown Sun 08-May-11 22:28:15

Ooh. If I didn't already have a set of EB I'd take them. (well they live at my parents' house as our place is tiny) Such fond memories of my dad helping me look up stuff. That thud as we plonked the relevant volume down on the table. Just lovely smile

But mine are older than yours <raspberry> grin

fruitshootsandheaves Sun 08-May-11 22:29:52

Would you like mine Valhalla?
I have some too, a bit earlier than that though and they are Children's Britannica but I have no use for them and nowhere to store them
<hopeful emoticon>

ThisIsANiceCage Sun 08-May-11 22:30:36

What total weight are we talking here?

I have loads of contacts in southern Africa, most of them off-line most of the time so paper EB might be useful. But shipping will still cost a fortune and I'd want to get the address right first time, don't want poor sods without cars trying to cart that lot around...

pointydog Sun 08-May-11 22:33:28

Why would anyone want them? Apart from nostalgia?

HRHShoesytwoesy Sun 08-May-11 22:35:07

my dd would love them, she loves those kinds of books

CaptainKirksNipples Sun 08-May-11 22:38:14

Lol! My parents bought these late 80's when we were kids, I'm 28 now, so by the time I was able to actually read and understand the words computers were all the rage and weren't needed. Think I maybe used them for one topic in p7 on honeybees. Waste of money. I'd recycle them at least.....

Driftwood999 Sun 08-May-11 22:39:21

I know you can have EB on a stick now, but we still refer to ours now and again. Try to keep them, it's knowledge after all. When the lights go out you can use a candle!

CaptainKirksNipples Sun 08-May-11 22:39:33

Can I ask why you bought them? They were expensive at the time weren't they?

senua Sun 08-May-11 22:39:44

I still have my 1930s encyclopedia. I don't use it but can't bear to bin them.

OP: make some jewellery like this?

pointydog Sun 08-May-11 22:41:34

I wouldn't want to read all that out of date information. Can you imagine some of the conversations you'd end up in, spouting rubbish.

thisisyesterday Sun 08-May-11 22:46:35

my mum and dad just got rid of theirs. was really sad, but they're so out of date that no-one was interested in them :-(

we used them LOADS growing up, for homework etc it was a real shame to see them just dumped, but they take up sooooo much space

Driftwood999 Mon 09-May-11 00:36:10

Sorry, they do not go out of date, it's just they are not updated. Think about it.

Angree Mon 09-May-11 05:38:51

Try Here

or here

lljkk Mon 09-May-11 05:44:17

I think they are all so cool. You must keep. They are a brilliant historical snapshot & will be worth good money one day.

JustCallMeGrouchy Mon 09-May-11 05:48:29

I to have a set from when we was kids and my kids love looking at them and realsing just how much the world has changed

babybarrister Mon 09-May-11 07:35:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheVeryAngryMumapillar Mon 09-May-11 07:39:32

I'd recycle them....stick them in the paper bin at the supermaret.

[hard emoticon]

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