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to hate the term 'on the blob'?

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Champersonice Wed 04-May-11 11:28:41

After reading about jam sponges on the mooncup thread, I googled and took a look. Under FAQs, they have used the term 'blob'. Yuk! I just hate that expression. Who agrees and what other terms do you dislike?? First one to say, 'got the painters in' gets a jam sponge wink

dementedma Wed 04-May-11 11:30:11

Time of the month
I'm "on"
got my period

all very boring!!!

Champersonice Wed 04-May-11 11:37:26

I think (if there isn't already) we should make up a pleasant term for the menstrual cycle

MissVerinder Wed 04-May-11 11:41:47

I use OTB blush I'll stop now...

trixie123 Wed 04-May-11 11:43:28

yes hideous horrible term. Also "jam rags"..

Just plain period.

Dp is a painter......

Dropdeadfred Wed 04-May-11 11:51:27

what is a jam sponge?????!?!?!?

deemented Wed 04-May-11 12:01:36

Jam Sponge

Terms i dislike are 'Sharkbait' and 'Riding the crimson tide'

When speaking about them i tend to say, with appropriate dramatic noises 'The Evil Red Tide Of Doom'

DameShirleyKnot Wed 04-May-11 12:02:39


I liked Marmalde's "Surrendered to the Red Army" hahah

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 04-May-11 12:03:49

I haven't heard on the blob since I was at school. DH uses the term 'on the rags' I just say I am menstruating. Actually I don't, I haven't been on the blob for about a year now.

Melly19MummyToBe Wed 04-May-11 12:05:06

'On the rag' my DP refers to my tampons as 'fannyrags' hmm which really annoys me. He may almost be 22 and about to be a father but he's still just an adolescent teenager really grin

ElectricSoftParade Wed 04-May-11 12:08:13

YANBU "on the blob" takes me back about 25 years to my school days. Also reminds me of when we had Sex Ed and were given towels and tampons to take home "to be prepared".

Most of the boys in my class seemed to end up with tampons up their noses and in their ears. They found it hilarious hmm

BelfastBloke Wed 04-May-11 12:11:30

Jo Brand: "Lots of people use euphemisms for periods, because it's embarrassing, like 'I've got the painters and decorators in' or 'Arsenal are playing at home'. I prefer 'I've got a vast amount of blood squirting out of my c***, Vicar."

noddyholder Wed 04-May-11 12:13:00

I love jo brand grin

ElectricSoftParade Wed 04-May-11 12:14:06

I prefer 'I've got a vast amount of blood squirting out of my c***, Vicar."

grin grin grin

Champersonice Wed 04-May-11 12:15:11

Love it too grin

freeandhappy Wed 04-May-11 12:16:57

on the blob is gross. i had a boyfriend who called tampons vampires teabags, equally gross. i also hate 'have you got your aunty?'

BluddyMoFo Wed 04-May-11 12:17:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AttillaTheMum Wed 04-May-11 12:17:58

I HATE 'on the blob' and 'got the painters in'

'time of the month' and 'lady problems' are just twee.

Why not just good old period?

BigHairyLeggedSpider Wed 04-May-11 12:19:04

How can you tell whether the barmaid doesn't like you?

There's a string in your bloody mary.


IntergalacticHussy Wed 04-May-11 12:20:58

urgh, it's all just so urgh. how the heck am ever going to discuss this with the dds? i can't think of a single way to approach it which doesn't make me cringe

BigHairyLeggedSpider Wed 04-May-11 12:22:13

I'm refreshing my womb?

BigHairyLeggedSpider Wed 04-May-11 12:22:54

I'm internally sloughing.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 04-May-11 12:26:36

intergalctichussy are you a woman? Depending on the age of your DDs, you may have to get your skates on.
Makes you cringe hmm

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 04-May-11 12:26:39

My mother (who cannot bring herself to discuss anything that isn't "naice" without dressing it up) says "Have you got your friends?"

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