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Is 5 yrs too old to still be wearing daytime nappies?

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silentcatastrophe Wed 27-Apr-11 14:15:15

I know of this happening. I know bedwetting is pretty common, but I thought that 5 was quite old to still be wearing a daytime nappy?

zisforzebra Wed 27-Apr-11 14:16:35

There might be a health issue that you're not aware of.

cestlavielife Wed 27-Apr-11 14:16:39

depends - the child may have a disability or other medical reason.

valiumredhead Wed 27-Apr-11 14:17:25

More info needed before any judgement from me! grin

whatsallthehullaballoo Wed 27-Apr-11 14:17:48

Need more information before making a judgement. It wouldn't be too old for a child with special needs, phobias etc.

Nancy66 Wed 27-Apr-11 14:18:21

for a child with no health issues - yes, too old

Bloodymary Wed 27-Apr-11 14:21:30

Way too old (unless health issues obv.)

AnnieLobeseder Wed 27-Apr-11 14:23:53

If there is no medical reason, yes. Not that unusual for night nappies at that ago, but yes for day nappies. I would have thought it quite tricky to get hold of ones big enough.

silentcatastrophe Wed 27-Apr-11 14:24:21

No disability or medical reason given. I am not making a judgement. I am just wondering how common this is. Could it be psychological?

coppertop Wed 27-Apr-11 14:24:34

There could be any number of reasons for it.

I'd be more surprised that they could find nappies to fit a typical 5yr-old. IME the ones for toddlers tend to be too small and prone to leaking.

If they're the ones designed for older children then presumably the child needs them, as they're not easy to get.

coppertop Wed 27-Apr-11 14:26:13

They might not want to tell you about medical issues. I certainly didn't discuss my children's health issues with others - except on MN of course. wink

hanaka88 Wed 27-Apr-11 14:29:50

They are easy to get, they are just expensive, you can buy them in tesco. My DS is almost 5 ASD regressive behaviours and loads of complex needs, he wears nappies in the day if we are somewhere that people woul be appauled with wee going all over the floor but IMO i feel guilty for putting him in them as he is too old.

cory Wed 27-Apr-11 14:31:02

Medical issues may not have been diagnosed. Dd had all sorts of problems in that area, later put down to connective tissue disorder.

silentcatastrophe Wed 27-Apr-11 14:33:01

I think they are called Tena Pants, smallconfused There are other issues, but this is not an appropriate forum.

GooseyLoosey Wed 27-Apr-11 14:33:07

Generally, in a healthy child, yes as I would imagine it will cause all sorts of problems at school.

coppertop Wed 27-Apr-11 14:34:31

Good to know that they're easier to get now. smile

No need to feel guilty, Hanaka. To me it's more about being developmentally ready rather than the age of the child.

CadleCrap Wed 27-Apr-11 14:35:08

To all the posters who are saying that large nappies are hard to get hold of -

huggies do a size 6 which goes up to 30kg which is the weight of an average 9 year old boy. My local tesco sells them.

silentcatastrophe Wed 27-Apr-11 14:50:00

I imagine it does cause all sorts of problems at school, poor little girl.

Nixea Wed 27-Apr-11 15:40:32

Why do I sense we're not really getting all the information here....

Is this someone you know well? If not then maybe they might not feel comfortable discussing their child's medical conditions with you. As others have said, there could be any number of issues (mental and physical) that could account for still being in nappies.

Sorry, I'm a little defensive as my 4 year old is still in nappies full-time due to various issues arising from infections she had as a newborn. Nothing visible and fine in every other aspect but I've lost count of the number of judgy comments we've had over the last few years.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 27-Apr-11 15:47:47

There could be all sorts of reasons. Its not uncommon at this age to have poo problems (constipation, withholding -> leakage) .... there were times in reception when I wondered if DD (healthy, no developmental issues) would be better with a pullup than getting disgusting stinky pants which sometimes leaked through to her skirt.

speakercorner Wed 27-Apr-11 15:51:40

A girl at my dd's school had nappies - she had SN and had the emotional age of a 2 year old when she was 5.

LaWeasel Wed 27-Apr-11 16:06:14

I can't imagine a 5yo old in nappies (ie not knowing when they need the toilet on a very regular basis to the extent that nappies are needed) with no health problems, even if they are currently undiagnosed.

LIZS Wed 27-Apr-11 16:09:57

I sense an underlying issue.

silentcatastrophe Wed 27-Apr-11 17:32:13

I am getting the feeling that unless there are particular circumstances that it is quite unusual. The poor child has rotten teeth from being bottle fed for too long. I think the mother may be using nappies because they're 'easy'.. As I mentioned, I'm on the wrong thread.

YoureaKITTY Wed 27-Apr-11 17:35:15

There's nothing 'easy' about nappies... They're expensive and much more hassle than putting on a pair of knickers in the morning. Support, don't judge.

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