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To love my She-wee

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spiderslegs Sun 24-Apr-11 01:54:04

Just got one for my birthday & can't stop pissing all over the garden - bloke style.....

BitOfFunnyBunny Sun 24-Apr-11 01:57:20

It sounds fab- are you really I.P.Freely though?

spiderslegs Sun 24-Apr-11 01:58:25

Yes - felt strange at first, but now, I just fertilise those pear trees....

BitOfFunnyBunny Sun 24-Apr-11 02:02:19

Aren't you supposed to pee into a receptacle? Does it not feel a bit medical?

stream Sun 24-Apr-11 02:02:42

How about the compost bin - I imagine the height of it might be a problem? hmm wink

Bluebell123 Sun 24-Apr-11 09:33:31

That's interesting - the guy at the garden centre told me that only male urine works on compost heaps ....

nolita Sun 24-Apr-11 09:47:02

i got one to take on holiday with me and was very disappointed that the toilets there were better than the ones at home. I still haven't had a chance to use it. i feel the neighbours would object to me using it in the communal car park.

TragicallyHip Sun 24-Apr-11 09:48:44

I tried that at Glasto but unfortunately got stage freight! hmm

deemented Sun 24-Apr-11 09:49:28

You are my MIL and i claim my £5.

TrinityRhino Sun 24-Apr-11 09:51:25

are you really peeing in your garden?

I would love to try one

you could stand to wee in your bathroom

BendyBob Sun 24-Apr-11 09:52:25

You got a She-wee for your birthday??confused

Happy peeing birthday thengrin

JaxTellersOldLady Sun 24-Apr-11 09:54:38

lol @ stage freight haha

I was thinking about getting one of these to keep in the car for emergencies...

SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets Sun 24-Apr-11 09:54:52

A she Pee! Aren't they meant for football matches etc? When you cant gt to a loo? My DH pee's in the garden too...I hate it!

I do have a friend (female) who can pee standing up....who knows why! She just stands there......kind of holding her pubic region!

TragicallyHip Sun 24-Apr-11 09:56:35

I was travelling at the time blush grin

ZacharyQuack Sun 24-Apr-11 12:09:22

Just wait till it snows in winter and you can write your name on the lawn grin

NorbertDentressangle Sun 24-Apr-11 12:15:10

It would be really odd though if anyone happened to wander past and saw you, a woman, standing up weeing.

They'd stand and stare in a confused manner more than if they caught you squatting and weeing surely.

They'd think it was a "chick with a dick" grin

MollieO Sun 24-Apr-11 12:16:38

Do you just use it when you need to go or do you wear it all the time? confused

Honeybee79 Sun 24-Apr-11 12:43:01


I have one in the car for emergencies and have also used it at festivals back in the heady days of my yoof.

cunexttuesonline Sun 24-Apr-11 12:47:20

I want one. i'd be worried that it sort of dribbled out of the shewee thing a bit and then wet my trousers, is this possible?

goodegg Sun 24-Apr-11 12:52:10

Omg I need one. I'm pg and need to pee constantly, it would be so useful.

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Sun 24-Apr-11 13:19:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets Sun 24-Apr-11 15:12:21

She Wee's will be the new Mooncup!

deemented Sun 24-Apr-11 15:33:47

I bought one if these for the MIL for Christmas as she'd mentioned she'dlike one.

I thought i was being sarcastic.

She bloody loves the thing. Raves to anyone who'll listen about it.

Marlinspike Sun 24-Apr-11 15:42:50

OK, I need more info.

Does a she-wee turn your lady bits into boy bits( ie projectile weeing; able to aim with reasonable accuracy) or does it store the wee until you are able to dispose of it? Do you just pop it in your knicks and away you go, or does it require more declothing to ensure a secure attachment?

I am a scout leader and the frequency of night time waking to wee (esp in the colder months!) is a real problem, and I have thought fleetingly about a she-wee, but been put off with the thought of spraying it around my tent if it all went horribly wrong!

deemented Sun 24-Apr-11 15:51:43

looksee here

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