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Going out of my mind-So scared of flying that going to miss booked holiday on Tuesday

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kangers Sun 17-Apr-11 21:48:51

Don't think I can even go to airport. Three DC and DH will be devastated. I am so mad with myself. Have tried diazepam and sedatives, but not cutting it. Not sure about source of fear but I just can't face it- whole thing- check in, boarding, taking off, being up there and trapped in that little seat. Kids will take piss which makes me worse. Youngest will be saying 'what is keeping us up' as he has not flown recently. Just in turmoil. Going with friends too so making me even worse. Any PLEASE???

Einsteinnolonger Sun 17-Apr-11 21:52:08

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

jojowest Sun 17-Apr-11 21:54:04

where you going

kangers Sun 17-Apr-11 21:54:32

So Einstein, what do I do? To go or not to go? Not aware of Gadaffis threat. Going to Spain though. And Ryanair.

FabbyChic Sun 17-Apr-11 21:54:54

YOu knew you had this fear when you booked and have had plenty of time to get some counselling and should have done so, to ruin a holiday for two families, including your children is just plain selfish.

trixymalixy Sun 17-Apr-11 21:55:20

Not very helpful Einstein!

Probably a bit late for this holiday, but have you tried a fear of flying course?

You know of course that it is the safest form of public transport?

Alambil Sun 17-Apr-11 21:56:19

lack of security?! have you BEEN through an airport recently?

Einsteinnolonger Sun 17-Apr-11 21:57:06


If its Southern Spain, you are but a stones throw from Tripoli.

winnybella Sun 17-Apr-11 21:57:31

Einstein is a troll on a wind up. Don't pay any attention to him.

Look, flying is safe- take it from someone who can fly a plane (albeit a small one). You need to stop trying to control the whole thing- leave it to pilots-people who do it for living.

kangers Sun 17-Apr-11 21:57:37

Fabby, I know- I have had diazepam- no effect, tried sedatives- knocked me out too much- like unable to talk normally when at airport. Have another doctors appt tomorrow morning- no idea what they will prescribe this time.

YellowDinosaur Sun 17-Apr-11 21:57:44

What Fabbychic said isn't exactly showing a lot of empathy but in principle (although with a big hug and a bit of understanding that fears are not rational) I do agree with her.

There is no way you cannot go.

Is there any way you could travel separately by boat / train / other? Obviously not if you are going to New Zealand but is this an option?

Einsteinnolonger Sun 17-Apr-11 21:58:08

LewisFan Sun 17-Apr-11 21:56:19
lack of security?! have you BEEN through an airport recently?

Yes, I flew back from Mauritania, two weeks ago, Appalling. Do you not buy the Sun?

Sidge Sun 17-Apr-11 21:58:33

Ignore Einstein. YABU.

Flying is inherently safe and one of the most regulated industries in the world.

To not fly would be daft but I appreciate the fear can be crippling. You need to do whatever it takes to get on that plane - diazepam included. A flight to Spain is short and you'll be there before you know it, and it will be worth it to be away on holiday.

YellowDinosaur Sun 17-Apr-11 21:59:54

Sorry cross posted see you are going to Spain.

Boat / trainwould be an option but would take you a couple of days to get there and cost a lot.

I'dbe inclined to get early to airport, go through security etc and then take sedative for flight. Get a doc to give you a letter saying why you are taking the sedatives so that they don't refuse to let you board thinking you are drunk.

peeriebear Sun 17-Apr-11 21:59:55

My DD1 has just been to spain and back on her own she is 9 dooo iiit

Einsteinnolonger Sun 17-Apr-11 22:00:21

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Suchffun Sun 17-Apr-11 22:00:22

I shouldn't think a Ryanair flight to Spain is top of Gadaffi, or any mad terrorist's must-do list.

Kangers, it will be completely and utterly fine, it really will. I don't really know what to suggest other than going to see your GP tomorrow, and making sure your DH knows how serious a problem this is for you and putting him in charge of being VERY strict with DC.

You could sit apart from the others on the flight if that makes it easier?

You will do it and you will have a great holiday <channels positive thoughts>

ballstoit Sun 17-Apr-11 22:01:01

Einstein, stop being a knob jockey.

kangers, what are you actually afraid of?

Suchffun Sun 17-Apr-11 22:01:52

x -posted see you are already booked in with GP - great stuff. You can do it!

kangers Sun 17-Apr-11 22:02:07

Einstein- thanks so much- I am being irrational and selfish, but I feel sick with fear and am being a total bitch. Have serious contol issues but feel I am going out of my mind. Alicante not quite a stone's throw from Tripoli thankfully. Just wondered if anyone had felt same- how did they deal with it- who else is flying this Easter?

ENormaSnob Sun 17-Apr-11 22:02:08

Take your sedative when you start to queue at the boarding gate.

It tends to take effect just before take off then.

gastonscave Sun 17-Apr-11 22:02:16

Fuck off Einstein you obviously have no idea what it's like to be terrified of flying. I've been in the same position numerous times and have actually nearly done a runner at the departure gate. Sorry Kangers I can't give you any practical advice but I whole heartedly empathise.

52Girls Sun 17-Apr-11 22:03:06

I used to be cabin crew. Try to adopt a cabin crew mentality, it may help. By that, I mean it's just a place of work, getting on a plane. The flight is the least of their worries; Paperwork, looking after passengers' needs and safety, what they'll do downroute. It's not something 'special' to them, it's just a job.

I discussed this with a friend when she was scared to fly - she said it really helped to think this way.

Portoeufino Sun 17-Apr-11 22:03:12

Feck off Einstein. Honestly, I dom't like flying either especially but you will be fine! Think of the pilots and air hostesses. They do this daily. Do you think they get in a major panic every morning? Of course not. It is a perfectly safe method of travel.

Hundreds of thousands of flights take off every day. I live near Brussels airport. Flights take off and land every few minutes. It is really no different from getting on a train. Car travel is more dangerous.

highhopes2010 Sun 17-Apr-11 22:03:58

OMG kangers-I am exactly the same.people i know get really excited coming up to the last few days before going but 3 weeks before i am sweating and crying!i hate all of it too so know how youre feeling.have a double brandy at your house before leaving for airport,then have 2-3 more at the airport and then have one more drink on the plane.thats what i do,i space them out and dont down them quick and it settles my nerves.i also tell the flight attendants on the plane-as i once had a panic attack on the plane and i felt like a right idiot.they are really helpfull-in my experience-all the times i have told them. but alcohol does help.

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