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to send my daughter into school with slightly Republican fairy cakes?

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DD's school is having a Royal Wedding party tomorrow for the last day of term and her year has been asked to bring in fairy cakes.

I've resisted the urge to decorate the aforementioned cakes with 'Off With Their Heads' and have gone instead for the educational 'Let Them Eat Cake'.

What price a daughter's embarrassment compared to standing up for principles, eh?

squeakytoy Thu 14-Apr-11 19:40:07

I suppose it is great if there is a french twist to it. wink

annh Thu 14-Apr-11 19:44:15

How did you manage to fit that whole phrase onto a fairy cake?! Mine are usually only big enough for a cherry and a few chocolate sprinkles!

squeaky toy...French and History...double whammy

annh- very craply, if truth be told.

unfitmother Thu 14-Apr-11 19:47:26

What does your DD think?

hobnobsaremyfave Thu 14-Apr-11 19:49:01

Am sooooo happy that DC's are in a welsh medium school , they really don't seem to be into the royal family at all so absolutely NO MENTION of the royal wedding. I am grin

unfitmother-DD is a little uncomfortable but I did check the appropriateness with the school and they thought it was a wonderful idea. She'll get over it, I have embarrassed her in the past and will do so again

hobnobs...yay for Welsh schools

Sassybeast Thu 14-Apr-11 19:57:39

'DD is a little uncomfortable'

Poor kid.

she will be fine tomorrow....grin

she doesn't need your sympathy

she was worried she would 'get into trouble'. I checked with the school, they were fine with it. I communicated this to her. Good Lord, I've hardly shown up at the school gates waving a guillotine.

sharbie Thu 14-Apr-11 20:08:27

character building op grin

jeee Thu 14-Apr-11 20:09:10

From the title of this thread, I thought the fairy cakes would have the head of George W Bush on them

ReshapeWhileDamp Thu 14-Apr-11 20:10:26


roisin Thu 14-Apr-11 20:15:29

great! grin
Though my boys would WANT cakes with a guillotine on.

exactly, character building grin

Hassled Thu 14-Apr-11 20:21:58

I read the thread title and thought the cakes would have the Irish tricolour on them.

I'm sorry to disappoint....

Irish tricolour would have been great, esp as I'm half Irish, oh well, next time.

I too was expecting Martin McGuinness on them.... grin

Rhinestone Thu 14-Apr-11 21:38:50

Ha ha, that's very funny! Am an ardent Royalist but love a bit of rebellious free speech, especially if it's on a cake!


GotArt Thu 14-Apr-11 22:19:35

I thought it was a George W. Bush thing too. lol

The real translation of that quote is bread, not cake. Its just distorted now.

I kinda liked the Queen of Hearts 'Off with their heads!' At least its Louis Carrol... it very English.

I never knew that, GotArt, about the original being bread not cake.

Shallishanti Thu 14-Apr-11 23:14:00

it was brioche, I always thought

celticlassie Fri 15-Apr-11 01:06:16

I love it!

GotArt Fri 15-Apr-11 04:07:41

It refers to the poor having bread to eat. Its in one of DH's History of Food books.

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