To kiss my children on the lips?

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ilikeyoursleeves Mon 11-Apr-11 20:18:12

I was reading a thread yesterday where a lot of people were talking about how inappropriate it is to kiss children on the lips, I have always done this & kiss my ds's many times every day. They are only 1 & 3 years & I imagine I won't kiss them as much when they are older, but I am now wondering if I'm weird in thinking there is nothing wrong with this? From a parent anyway, I wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone kissing them but their grandparents kiss them on the lips too & i think that's ok. Apologies if this is a thread about a thread, but I'm genuinely interested in what others think.

Crawling Mon 11-Apr-11 20:18:55


mumblechum1 Mon 11-Apr-11 20:19:40

I've never done that, but not really thought about why not before - maybe because kissing on the lips is what lovers do?

droopypoppies Mon 11-Apr-11 20:20:58

I'd never really thought about it until I saw my sisters MIL kissing her fully grown adult sons on the lips. They are all 24+ years old and it made me feel abit yuk tbh.

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 11-Apr-11 20:21:22

Of course yanbu. Can't imagine not kissing my dc on the lips, always have done (barring illness grin) and will do for as long as I can get away with.

Mumwithadragontattoo Mon 11-Apr-11 20:21:26

YANBU - 'tis perfectly normal if you ask me. I actually think you'd have to be pretty unaffectionate to object to this.

WishIWasRimaHorton Mon 11-Apr-11 20:22:07

as far as my DS (4) is concerned, a kiss is not a kiss if it's not on the lips!

dontcallmepeanut Mon 11-Apr-11 20:22:10

YANBU. DS only kisses close family on the lips. I always kissed my parents on the lips when I was young. (Not sure what age I stopped) Some people take political correctness too far.

tazmosis Mon 11-Apr-11 20:22:52

YANBU -why wouldn't you kiss your little ones on the lips? I wouldn't kiss anybody elses children on the lips - defo cheeks then but my own - yup big smackers on the lips! They're 5 and 6 btw.

So no YANBU.

52Girls Mon 11-Apr-11 20:23:20

Very normal.

SilveryMoon Mon 11-Apr-11 20:23:39

I always kiss my boys on the lips! Is lovely, apart from when they are covered in slobber wink

tazmosis Mon 11-Apr-11 20:24:01

And prob won't kiss them on the lips when they're grown up - I always kiss my mum on the cheeks now, but used to kiss her on the lips and my dad when I was little.

octopusinabox Mon 11-Apr-11 20:24:03

I generally kiss my children on the cheek but quite often my 2 year old will grab hold of my face and give me a big slobbery smacker on the mouth. It's quite funny. Pre children I think I would have found it odd and would never have kissed anyone else's children like that - and wouldn't do now. Also noone else kisses mine like that either - it might be the snotty noses and slobbery kisses that puts them off though grin

AgentZigzag Mon 11-Apr-11 20:24:06

I kiss my 10 YO on the lips but not my 17 month old, for me it comes down to them doing it by choice, DD2's puckered up for the first time and gave us all a smacker on the mouth a week or so ago and we were all right chuffed grin

It's up to you what you do with your own DC.

With grandparents, isn't it a running joke that DC hate giving them a kiss?

AgentZigzag Mon 11-Apr-11 20:25:28

'maybe because kissing on the lips is what lovers do?'

The OP's not talking about a full on snog, just a brief touching of lips.

PureBloodMuggle Mon 11-Apr-11 20:28:30

I think it's perfectly fine.

DS is coming up to 8 and objects to any style of kiss now!!!

Now with adult children I'm not so sure as they awareness of both parties that lip kissing can be sexual is a known thing.

washnomore Mon 11-Apr-11 20:29:01

I avoid kissing DS on the lips for two reasons. Frequent tonsillitis means he often has breath like something's died in there, and he doesn't hold back in yelling "Mum, you haven't brushed your teeth!" if I haven't, er, brushed my teeth blush

DD however is only a totty baby and still mostly has vanillaey milky breath (unless she's been having fajitas or something grin) and sometimes I do sneak a wee smacker from her. Although this comes at a price cos she usually tries to latch on!

ResurrectionByChocolate Mon 11-Apr-11 20:29:16

My family all kiss each other on the lips, but aren't otherwise affectionate or even supportive (more likely to needle each other).

Niecie Mon 11-Apr-11 20:29:27

I never did it with DS1 - he was always smothered in kisses just not on the lips.

DS2 wants to kiss on the lips and it did feel a bit weird, having avoided it with DS1, but I haven't stopped him. It is just a quick pucker up. I can understand why people don't like it but I also don't think there is anything wrong with it from a parent or grandparent. I would rather just give in to his demand for a quick peck than for him to wonder why I won't which makes it into an issue when it really isn't.

BestNameEver Mon 11-Apr-11 20:29:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeautifulBlondePineapple Mon 11-Apr-11 20:29:40

I always kiss my DCs (5 & 2) on the lips. They always seem to have expected it! They kiss all our family (grandparents, uncles, aunties etc) on the lips. I'd kiss any other kiddy on the cheek or the forehead though.

Had to tell my Dad off a few years ago for his habit of aiming for the lips. It was fine when I was younger, but a bit bleugh now I'm 35. Cheeks only now thank you very much!

Loolah Mon 11-Apr-11 20:30:03

my dd2 always wants a kiss when either myself or dh are going out of the house without her, before bed and sometimes just because she can! she always puckers up for a slobbery kiss on the lips and when feeling very generous offers to kiss dd1 too

AgentZigzag Mon 11-Apr-11 20:31:47

Especially if the DC has two snot runners BestName eeeeewwwww grin

FabbyChic Mon 11-Apr-11 20:36:17

Kissing on the lips is for lovers.

I have two kids, and have always smothered them with kisses but not on their lips.

gizzy1973 Mon 11-Apr-11 20:37:29

DS kisses us on the lips whether you like it or not but as he is only 15 months it is very sweet when he comes over and kisses you

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