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To think it would be almost impossible to do a family shop in Waitrose for £50

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MarioandLuigi Mon 11-Apr-11 16:31:41

Mum in the playground (who is a bit boastful) was proudly telling us all today that she does the weekly shop for all her family (2 adults and 4 children) at Waitrose and only spends £50. One of the other Mums asked her if that was everything and she said yes.

AIBU to be a bit hmm

FabbyChic Mon 11-Apr-11 16:32:50

Its doable, they might only eat beans on toast every night, but hey what the feck she shops in Waitrose.

squeakytoy Mon 11-Apr-11 16:34:01

Do-able, if you buy lots of veg and cook from scratch.

Actually, went in there this afternoon, and Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are on special offer at £1 a box at the moment.. bargain!!

Firawla Mon 11-Apr-11 16:34:26

I would find it hard to do a full weeks shop there for £50 with only 2 kids but if she manages it then good for her, I don't see the point in her bragging about it in the playground though.
Fruit/veg is pretty expensive in waitrose compared to elsewhere imo, so it adds up very quick..

BleachedWhale Mon 11-Apr-11 16:35:57

They do have some v good deals, though. You could do it if you shopped v carefully and didn't buy any wine.

squeakytoy Mon 11-Apr-11 16:36:44

Our nearest Waitrose is pretty good for marking down the stuff that is due to go out of date, so you can pick up a lot of bargains if you look for them. Their own brand stuff is comparable to the cheaper supermarkets too. Meat is a fair bit more expensive though for sure.

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 11-Apr-11 16:36:44

It's not as expensive as you think - often get very good bargains on essentials meats for instance.

MarioandLuigi Mon 11-Apr-11 16:37:07

Maybe I should ask her for tips. I struggle to get mine below £80 in ASDA (For 2 adults and 3 DC's).

needafootmassage Mon 11-Apr-11 16:37:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

colditz Mon 11-Apr-11 16:38:27

Hmmm. Have just checked it out, and if she sticks to the essentials range, and meal plans, then she probably can

MarioandLuigi Mon 11-Apr-11 16:38:40

I think £50 is a stretch at any supermarket nowadays

pigletmania Mon 11-Apr-11 16:39:32

Yanbu impossible, only a few things sets you back about 30

Insomnia11 Mon 11-Apr-11 16:40:37

I buy loads of veg and cook from scratch, plan all dinners for the week and spend £120 average on Ocado. But we buy a lot of non-food items like toiletries, pull-ups, etc as well, so it depends if she means just food. Also she might do a weekly shop of £50 then pop out for top up shops and not count that.

I think I do quite well considering that DH went to Sainsbury's with a list I'd written and spent nearly £200 - he did buy a few extras especially booze hmm but it made my usual weekly shop spend look quite good!

squeakytoy Mon 11-Apr-11 16:42:25

I also like Waitrose packaging too. Especially the mince that is in just a plastic pack, no tray etc. Much easier to store in the freezer, and a lot less waste of materials.

The ready meal stuff is certainly more expensive, but if you avoid buying that, and buy the reduced price meat, you would spend the same as anywhere else.

mollymole Mon 11-Apr-11 16:45:05

when people say their weekly shop on here do they mean everything - washing powder, toiletries, cleaning materials etc - and do they Never use anything out of their store cupboards such as flour, seasonings, oils etc

IslandMooCow Mon 11-Apr-11 16:51:37

I hope she's telling the truth, I'll be trying on Friday to do just that - but only 2 DC, so should be a doddle, right?

Waitrose has just taken over the supermarket nearest to us, and I can't afford to travel miles to the next. However, I've been in for a look and was pleasantly supplied. We are veggie though and that will be a help.

onadifferentplanettoday Mon 11-Apr-11 17:09:27

I do my shopping online from Waitrose weekly,at an average of £55 you have to spend £50 to get free delivery. This includes washing powder toiletries.etc. Their essential range is really good and I use it for things like pasta flour etc. The only thing I don't buy is milk as I use the local milkman. I expect if I went in branch I would spend more as the temptation would be there. There are only 3 of us, me and two teenage ds but they never stop eating. I do make most things from scratch and my own cakes and biscuits.I am also lucky that the boys will eat anything so what we get meatwise depends on what is on offer.

LilQueenie Mon 11-Apr-11 17:11:55

possible. Sainsburys have a meal planner section that is supposodly able to do 5 meals for £20. I found it in a magazine last night. Check their website you might be surprised.

LilQueenie Mon 11-Apr-11 17:12:43

oh and dont forget if she still gets the vouchers for fruit and veg for the kids that knocks it down a bit too.

alistron1 Mon 11-Apr-11 17:15:18

I think she's stretching the truth a bit. I have 4 kids and do use waitrose every now and then. There is no way that fifty quid would feed us all for a week -even cooking from scratch (which I do) and buying the essentials stuff (which I also do). And if you add in washing powder, toiletries etc than it's even more difficult.

Ask her for a meal plan, if she is actually doing that I would love to learn from her!!

TattyDevine Mon 11-Apr-11 17:22:32

If she can, good on her. I wouldn't like to say she's lying

I can't keep our shopping to £50 a week (2 adults 2 kids) no matter where. I just can't. Well, I just dont. Not if I include cleaning stuff, including dishwasher tablets, baby wipes, and toiletries (which are minimal).

I've come to the conclusion we are greedy. Well, not me so much, as I have to watch my weight, but DH if I make a shepherd's pie for instance, will stand there spooning it into his gob (the leftovers) and there are never any bloody leftovers.

I'd like to get ours down a bit. Alcohol just doubles it, literally!

Ah well. It has gone down a lot since I stopped "baby" stuff like those pouches of fruit and all that malarky.

porcupine11 Mon 11-Apr-11 17:23:46

I seem to spend £50 every time I go into Waitrose, even if it's just to buy a 'quick lunch'! I'm going to sort it out by doing internet orders for wipes, nappies, cleaning stuff etc and just hitting Waitrose for food. Probably.

TattyDevine Mon 11-Apr-11 17:29:11

One day.



spongefingerssavedmylife Mon 11-Apr-11 17:30:55

I'm just waiting for my first online waitrose delivery. 'Essentials' range and branded things were in line with tesco and delivery was free (unlike tesco). My bill came to about £60 (did buy a new ecloth at £5). But that didn't include meat (which we get from butcher) or any alcohol.

SanctiMoanyArse Mon 11-Apr-11 17:35:34

I get my meat and veg / fruit from specialist places and find that waitrose / ocado aren;t any different budget wise to the other delivery palces but we buy a lot of specialist deitary foods which may well be where the difference is- eg ds1 will happily eat Benjoy strawberries for £2.49 in Ocado which work out cheaper than his GF DF snacks from ASda that stock less range IYSWIM

I spend far more than £50 but there's 6 of us, and the special deits and well- it all balances somehow.

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