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to deliberately annoy my sister's neighbour?

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dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 00:22:10

When I visit my sister I park on her street, often outside the house of the woman who lives directly across the road (when the woman's own car is not there of course!) Every time the woman returns home and sees my car there, she parks right up my backside as close as possible so she doesn't have to walk too far to her house.

Everytime I leave my sister's house the woman is watching me through her front window and as I pull out of 'her parking spot', she comes out of her house to move her car the couple of metres back into her spot.

When I visited my sister today, I parked in the same spot as it was free. After I had finished my visit, I got into my car and started to indicate to pull out. I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw that woman's car approaching about to pull in to the side of the road behind me. I could see that she was effing and blinding cos I was in her spot again (but just about to leave!) Her 2 DCs were in the back of the car.

At this point I switched off the engine, got DS out of car and went back into my sister's for an extended brew and chinwag and a good laugh. AIBU?

hester Sun 10-Apr-11 00:29:07

I think you are, actually. Why are you choosing to engage in this silly stuff? Where will it get either of you? Don't you have better things to do?

GypsyMoth Sun 10-Apr-11 00:29:09

ybu....your poor sister thought she had got rid of you!!! then you went back in

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 00:34:26

So IBU for overstaying at my sister's but not for annoying her neighbour?

AgentZigzag Sun 10-Apr-11 00:39:00

People do get a bit possessive of the parking spot outside their house even though they've no right to.

If there's somewhere else to park I think just out of politeness you should park there.

Unless she's really got to you and your sister isn't fussed what she thinks? Then she really shouldn't be getting worked up about where you park, what is it to her?

AgentZigzag Sun 10-Apr-11 00:40:35


It's up to your sisters neighbour whether it pisses her off or not, you're only legally parking your car.

ContraryMartha Sun 10-Apr-11 00:40:56


LDNmummy Sun 10-Apr-11 00:42:22

Is there nowhere else you could park nearby? You know it is infront of her house and how she feels about it and you seem to visit often. Maybe it would be nicer all round to do that instead of causing all this fuss.

MadamDeathstare Sun 10-Apr-11 00:43:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 00:53:29

I go to my sister's a couple of times a month and stay for about an hour. I have slowly come to realise that parking spot is a huge deal to her neighbour. If I were to park somewhere else that is free I would still be outside someone's house!

When I saw how mad she was today it peed me off a wee bit tbh that she was getting into such a state over something so trivial. When I got home someone was parked outside my house. I parked somewhere else.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 10-Apr-11 00:58:06

I am probably the woman across the street, though I don't bother with the curtain twitching bit. I have opposite neighbours who have visitors who always park outside my house, never on the same side as the neighbour in case it pisses off their next door neighbours or makes it difficult for the husband to park when he gets home. There's nothing I can do as it's on-street parking so the visitors are obviously legal (apart from the fact that they have to park on the pavement on my side of the road, but that's something we all have to do as the street is very narrow). It's not worth making an actual fuss about, but it's annoying.

I have 3 children and I usually have lots of school bags, shopping or whatever to lug into my house when I pull up. So I do get annoyed when I see that the visitor across the street has deliberately pulled up outside my house when the whole of the rest of the street is available to her/them.

The daughter of the girl next door has a boyfriend who also likes to park outside my house when he visits, but he stays for a week and never moves his car.

I tend to park right up their front end so they have to back up to get out. Or right up their boot so they can't open it without pulling forwards. Petty I know, but so is inconsiderate parking.

thumbwitch Sun 10-Apr-11 01:04:08

well I have to say I think that up until today's behaviour you were being quite reasonable - but what you did today was pretty childish.

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 01:06:20

Yes thumbwitch I agree! It was a one-off for me!

LDNmummy Sun 10-Apr-11 01:14:17

I say take the high Rd OP and park somewhere else. Let her have her precious parking and you and your sis can laugh at her little idiosyncrasies over tea and biscuits. It could turn nasty and no one wants that aggravation. Besides, I would prob be a little possesive over the parking space in front of my house if I drove, so maybe I sympathise with her a little grin

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 07:24:06

Advice taken MNers. I can see I was being very childish. It was definitely a one off.

I didn't really have anything better to do apart from drive through the football traffic to get home in time to have DH's tea on the table when he arrived home after the match.

My DS was happy that he got extended playtime with his little cousin in sister's lovely garden. All because of a miserable old bag having a hissy as she arrived home to find me about to leave her spot.

DH wasn't impressed. But he got his tea eventually. smile

TandB Sun 10-Apr-11 08:22:11

I can't believe you actually went to the trouble of getting out of your car and returning to a house you had left just to annoy someone who wanted to park outside their own house.

If that is how you deal with a minor irritation that doesn't actually affect you in any way, what do you do in the event of a major confrontation?

savoycabbage Sun 10-Apr-11 08:29:29

YABU. You could be starting something you can't finish and it's not even where you live! She might be a bit doo lally, like my former neighbour who spat on my baby, threatned to burn my house down whilst holding a petrol can, and eventually forced us into moving. Of course it took us a while to sell our house, 18 months, as he did everything he could to stop us. I had to give up my job as a teacher as I could only leave my own home when there was a police officer there.

Mollymax Sun 10-Apr-11 08:29:59

So, this lady had her two children in the car, possibly with a weeks worth of groceries too. Very childish of you.
I am sure there is somewhere else you can park, neighbours who are at work all day and would not even notice you had been and gone.
I hope I nener upset you.

ineedagoodsolicitor Sun 10-Apr-11 08:34:16


You don't sound like a very nice person.

Karma, that's all I'm saying.

exoticfruits Sun 10-Apr-11 08:36:07

Of course she wants to park near her house. You must have a very uninteresting life if you can get so upset and childish over something that doesn't matter.

vicki2010 Sun 10-Apr-11 08:44:30

I actually think this is quite funny!! very childish i know but sod em,i have NEVER had a pleasent neighbour,we always keep ourselves to ourselves wherever we have lived but for some reason we have been a target for other people's hangups! whether it be their precious parking spot,where we put our bins out in the right place,whether our kids make a little squeek walking upto the house, its endless, im so fed up with other people who have nothing better to do then MOAN about petty little things, well done buzzbuzz i would prob have done the same to the miserable old bag,it wasnt allocated or disabled so bloody well park where you like!!

Notalone Sun 10-Apr-11 11:30:47

YABU - mainly because your sister has to live there and any hassle this causes will impact her more than you. Of course she doesn't own the spot outside her house but would it honestly hurt you to park your car somewhere else once in a while?

atswimtwolengths Sun 10-Apr-11 12:26:54

I think you're incredibly selfish. Why don't you park in a nearby street, where you're not taking up someone's place and just walk to your sister's house?

You are bitching that she doesn't like to walk too far to her house, but you obviously don't like walking too far to your sister's house either!

A lot of people prefer to have their cars parked outside their house to keep an eye on it, not just because they're lazy.

JaneS Sun 10-Apr-11 12:29:52

You are being incredibly childish but I would be angry too - I hate people who watch when I park, it's incredibly rude. But would it have been so hard instead to have a friendly chat with the woman? Maybe if you'd bothered to smile and say hi the first time, she'd have been shamed into behaving better and you wouldn't have got into such a petty little turf war?

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Sun 10-Apr-11 17:43:12

@ ineedagoodsolicitor

Karma is a BITCH! When I got home someone was parked in MY spot! I had to park somewhere else! That showed me didn't it?

You sound lovely. Are you my sister's neighbour?

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