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to think that Eno, the weathergirl's outfits on BBC NW are terrible.

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Housewife2010 Thu 07-Apr-11 22:33:40

Tonight's black ensemble is particularly ill-fitting.

Garcia10 Thu 07-Apr-11 23:50:40

I didn't see her outfit tonight but I have to agree - her clothes are just dreadful. My DH and I watch NW news just to see what she is wearing! Always quite disappointed if (rarely) she is wearing something normal.

Skinit Fri 08-Apr-11 00:17:29

I just googled her and there's a funny dscussion here about the mistakes she lways makes.

said Fri 08-Apr-11 00:26:15

No, no, I love Eno!

poppy283 Fri 08-Apr-11 07:19:26

Dp and I always laugh at Caddy from BBC SouthEast news' outfits, maybe it's a weathergirl thing?

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 21:28:18

I'm disappointed when Diane is on. I miss my Eno "What the hell is she wearing?" bitch to my DH! What's with the blue shimmery eyeshadow too?

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 21:33:10

Thanks for the link. Very funny. I'm going to listen to what Eno says tonight rather than just watch her for her fashion tips!

Mrsmackie Fri 08-Apr-11 21:43:01

Diane is far worse though - her outfits are shocking!

BetsyBoop Fri 08-Apr-11 21:59:29

YANBU I LOVE Eno, but her outfits are totally wild! DH & I always have a bitch discussion about "what IS she wearing today?"

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 22:02:38

The news has started. Here's hoping she's on tonight.

salvadory Fri 08-Apr-11 22:16:14

Ha I love this thread!
I thought that me and my DH were the only ones with a bit of an Eno thing, my DH is worse than me tbh.
He once remembers Gordon complimenting Eno on one of her outfits and saying that before she was a weather girl she had a career as a fashion designer shock, now every time we watch we stare open mouthed at her ensembles and imagine just how bad her designs could've been!

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 22:28:27

The tension is mounting. Will Eno be on tonight?

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 22:33:55

Shes on

ReindeerBollocks Fri 08-Apr-11 22:34:37

I think Diane is worse personally, some of the dresses she wears makes me weep (not to mention the heels which make it look worse).

I kind of like Eno though, not that she gets fashion points either but she comes across as friendly.

Housewife2010 Fri 08-Apr-11 22:34:38

How disappointing. She looked fine!

thebestisyettocome Fri 08-Apr-11 22:35:58

I also think Diane is worse. DP who knows nothing about fashion even commented on awful Diane looked on the telly when she presenting from Aintree.

OpheliaBumps Fri 08-Apr-11 22:37:10

Haha! Dh and I commented on thursday's frock!

Tonight's was ok though.

I love Diane, she's got a figure just like my best friend from school - 20 odd years on I'm still jealous of that figure!

kathawin Tue 14-Jan-14 09:47:39

I think it is terrible that some mothers unite on this website to do nothing but bitch about a fellow woman's taste in clothes.
Eno's outfit choices are delightfully bright and show off her fab figure.

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