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To think that taking daffodils from a road border for your mum on mothers day is really scummy?

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InspirationalBreadbin Sun 03-Apr-11 10:40:43

Once again while out on Mother's day morning I've seen a car parked up at a roadside border with the people next to it cutting down the daffodils. Which in my opinion is stealing. One year I saw people outside the local hospice doing this!
These aren't wild flowers. Someone has paid to plant those bulbs to make the road look nice.
If you want cheap flowers for your mum for mother's day then plant your own bulbs the year before!
Surely people don't think this is acceptable behaviour?

NoobyHoHoHo Sun 03-Apr-11 10:43:02

YANBU. It is stealing, plain and simple. They are there for everyone to enjoy. I HATE this. I hope you had a good shout at them!

upyourdiva Sun 03-Apr-11 10:51:04

I can't say I have ever really thought about it.

I used to pick flowers for my mum all the time wwhen I was younger but I guess if it's an adult doing it then that is different.


BeakerTheMuppetMuppet Sun 03-Apr-11 11:01:26

but what if they then give them to someone who can't get out to see them anymore?

like a 'these were growing outside your old house, and i thought you'd like to see them too' sort of thing?

GiddyPickle Sun 03-Apr-11 11:04:28

Beaker - if they were being cut on private property for the person who owned the property then that's not stealing but if you are saying cutting flowers on a curbside so that a housebound person can see them is O.K then I don't agree with you at all. Flowers in parks and on roadsides are there for everyone to enjoy and to cut them is stealing. I don't see how that can be a grey area at all. If they want to see the public flowers but are too housebound then either buy them a bunch from a shop for 99p or take a photo!

nomoreheels Sun 03-Apr-11 11:08:06

Happens a lot round my way, I live on a park and have been seething at people I have seen in the past few days with huge bouquets of culled daffs. We call it the north Manchester mother's day special. You can get daffs for £1 at the local shops...

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 03-Apr-11 11:08:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InspirationalBreadbin Sun 03-Apr-11 11:11:32

Beaker, this was from a roadside border approaching a village, not outside someone's house. Very very unlikely that it was the scenario you describe.

herbietea Sun 03-Apr-11 11:11:34

Message withdrawn

BeakerTheMuppetMuppet Sun 03-Apr-11 11:12:51

I didn't say I agreed with it, just trying to look at it from a different angle.

onagar Sun 03-Apr-11 11:22:00

If they are going there to get the flowers that is wrong. However we've had threads before about people wandering through a park and picking a flower and being interviewed by the police for it. That is just daft.

EvenLessNarkyPuffin Sun 03-Apr-11 11:27:45

Theft and vandalism.

CherryPie3 Sun 03-Apr-11 11:28:56

I think it's cute when I see kids doing it for their mums, brings a tear to my eye

But adults doing it? hmm


ShowOfHands Sun 03-Apr-11 11:29:30

The first Sunday in April is known as Daffodil Day. It's traditional to pick daffodils growing wild and give them as a gift. The Victorians made a big thing of it and took the flowers to local hospitals.

I think it's a long shot that these people are honouring this tradition but today I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

CherryPie3 Sun 03-Apr-11 11:31:28

Aww ShowOfHands thats a different way of looking at it... Agree it's probably a long shot but how sweet


Onetoomanycornettos Sun 03-Apr-11 11:31:51

Well, the easy way to assess whether it is stealing is to think whether you have to normally pay for these things, to which the answer is yes, everyone else has forked out a few quid at a garden centre or a flower shop, and so should you!

stylenotfashion Sun 03-Apr-11 11:32:28

thieving buggers

<no benefit of doubt here>

Sirzy Sun 03-Apr-11 11:35:02

It's not even as if they are expensive to buy. Theft pure and simple.

There was a case not long back where the police intervened when a mother allowed her children to do this.

GiddyPickle Sun 03-Apr-11 11:35:02

It's not sweet - it's stealing. I would get a tear in my eye as well if my kids picked daffodils from a public place for me - from the shame of knowing I hadn't brought them up to know right from wrong and that they were thieving little sods dears.

It's not a grey area at all. If they went into a shop and picked a box of chocolates to give me without paying then that is stealing. Taking something that doesn't belong to you is stealing. And it's worse not better with daffodils because by stealing them you deprive other people of the joy of seeing them just so you can selfishly hoard them at home for a week until they die.

hogsback Sun 03-Apr-11 11:37:33

Doesn't matter whether they are planted or wild sown it's still theft. Picking wildflowers without permission of the land owner is an offence. We often get townies self-righteous idiots wandering through our woods. They get a German Shepherd escort back to the nearest footpath. If they were picking the violets or campion they wouldn't make it that far and I'd leave them out for the badgers

JuicyLips Sun 03-Apr-11 11:37:53

Its simply stealing isnt it. I havent seen anyone do this but I would be extremely cross if I witnessed someone doing this.

ShowOfHands Sun 03-Apr-11 11:38:17

It is stealing and I wouldn't do it. Just pointing out that today it's traditional to pick wild daffodils. Not ones planted for the joy of others, but the ones that grow wild. We get lots of wild daffodils round here. Great swathes of the things at the roadsides and in laybys.

The case where the police intervened was because a mother wasn't supervising her children in a park and they rippied up 70 or 80 daffodils by the root and threw them around.

ShowOfHands Sun 03-Apr-11 11:41:24

I think it's a bit different round here. Our local council is having a walk through the local woods and by the rivers and inviting people to pick the daffodils to take home with them.

I appreciate that's different as they've been invited. I walk by the river and pick wild flowers, everybody does. I've seen the mayor and his wife doing it.

InspirationalBreadbin Sun 03-Apr-11 11:41:43

Show of hands - but these weren't wild flowers. They were clearly planted there. If they were wild flowers and there was loads of them I would say fair enough. But they werent. They also didn't look like the type of people to know about Victorian traditions iykwim. grin

thumbwitch Sun 03-Apr-11 11:43:53

It's stealing council property. The council pays to have them put in - and some tight bastard steals them for his mum? Seriously, how badly off do you have to be not to afford a couple of quid for flowers from Tesco - and if you really are that badly off then your mum would understand why you couldn't get her flowers.

If my DS ever stole flowers to give to me I'd be mortified.

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