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To wonder what is classed as a "heavy period"?? TMI

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Skinit Thu 31-Mar-11 23:39:30

How am I meant to know? It's not like I can compare mooncups with anyone! (not that I use them but you know wha I mean)

I THINK mine are heavy...I bleed for about 5 dys and it's horrid. Been d since having kids...they were ok before. Now I can FEEL it flowing out of me...and the "flowing" goes on for what feels an unreasonable amount of time [bleugh]

I have to change pads about hourly....or more often.

I all this normal?

flyingspaghettimonster Thu 31-Mar-11 23:44:17

I'd class that as heavy. I had what I class as heavy periods after getting the Mirena coil added - ones where if I got up in the morning before I could make the three steps to the bathroom I looked like Carrie in a slaughterhouse :-( Are you worried? Mine stopped after 6 months, but only because I was pregnant. Since that baby arrived and my periods returned, they are still heavier than before, but only for 2 days like that... I think 5 days of bleeding that heavily sounds worrying...

Watersign76 Thu 31-Mar-11 23:45:27

I am not sure there is "normal" despite tampons and the like being called 'normal'! I guess the issue is if it has changed for you?

I have a heavy period one month, I can feel the 'flow' too and then a lighter one the next month, obviously all is not equal 'down there'. I have also been known to have 13 day periods...nice.

There was a mooncup comparison on embarrassing bodies recently, you can catch it on C4OD if you wanted to compare!

If worried go to the docs.


Skinit Thu 31-Mar-11 23:48:25

I dont know if I'm worried...just a bit sick of it....Ive had a de Carrie momens too!

I am now going to look for theC4OD mooncup thingy! Thank for that Watersign!

blueemerald Thu 31-Mar-11 23:51:52

I remember my doctor telling me the medical definition of a heavy period was about 80ml during one period. That wasn't very helpful so (look away if very squemish!!) he then explained that a regular sanitary towel is saturated at about 5ml and a super size was bout 10ml.

ShavingGodfreysPrivates Thu 31-Mar-11 23:52:46

If you use a mooncup you can measure your daily flow. I think anything over 80mls per week is heavy? can't remember now

They had this on Embarrassing Bodies the other night!

You can watch it on 4OD here

Skinit Thu 31-Mar-11 23:54:24

That's very useful blueemerald...I can work that out now!

Skinit Thu 31-Mar-11 23:54:53

Oooh link...thanks shavingGP!

Ryoko Thu 31-Mar-11 23:59:34

Well before DS came out (touchwood it doesn't go back to it) I had fucking awful periods that have almost got me sacked several times, as I couldn't go to work because I would go faint and pass out, I had to lay down for them, going to the toilet was a struggle with me often having to jump off the bog to lay on the floor for a bit, seriously painful aswell far more so then the contractions I had with DS that was a walk in the park, I think I've seen 4 different GPS about it at the time and I use about one pack of always ultra plus a month (12-14 pads) and they said that was a normal flow, I tend to bleed for about 3-7 days, with the 1-3 day cycles being the worst, I think changing pads once an hour is too often for a weeks flow but it depends I guess on what pads you are using, if they are really thick or not.

anonymosity Fri 01-Apr-11 05:43:11

Heavy for me is 24-48 hrs of a 6 day period during which I have to change my TWO extra extra super tampons + pad EVERY HOUR.

Doesn't happen everytime. Only if I've not done enough exercise in the days running up to it.

Horrible though, especially getting up so much in the night

redskyatnight Fri 01-Apr-11 09:47:17

Had similar conversation with friend (who is ob/gyn doctor). She reckoned that if you were changing the very thickest pads every hour (and so getting through a 12-14 pad packet in one day) that counted as a heavy flow. I used to have heavy periods pre-DC and went to bed with the highest absorbancy tampon+ highest absorbency towel and normally had to get up a couple of times in the night. Horrible.

lurkeyishere Fri 01-Apr-11 09:50:38

now see threads like this get me thinking when I see comments like I have to change my TWO extra extra super tampons + pad EVERY HOUR how do you get two massive tampons up there at the same time It baffles me

thatsnotmymonster Fri 01-Apr-11 09:57:12

I usually have very heavy periods. For about 3 days I have to change super plus tampons at least every hour and it's messy (blood running everywhere, yuck). Yup getting up in the morning is a nightmare despite wearing an overnight pad and tampon in bed I also have those 'Carrie' moments. It's horrendous. More like 80ml a day!!! (at least). Overall my period lasts for about 7-8 days.

I've always had heavy periods and long cycles but I think they are def worse since having the dc (youngest almost 3yrs now).

lesley33 Fri 01-Apr-11 10:52:19

I have periods for 7 days and for a few days its really heavy e.g. tampax and towel having to be changed every 1-2 hours.

However, when you ask if its normal, your period doesn't sound heavy enough for there to be alarm bells. Most GP's would suggest something to reduce the heaviness if it is causing you problems.

Only real problems are anaemia - I have problems with this and am currently taking iron prescribed by GP. Also if you are overweight, your periods will tend to be heavier.

Pseudocreme Fri 01-Apr-11 11:04:41

lurkey, presumably if you can fit a penis in your vagina, you can fit two tampons. I've never used a super tampon but google says they're about 4.5 inches long. That's about 5 inches smaller than dh's penis. Not sure about how wide they are though.

I only ever had very heavy periods post dd and after having a copper coil and then only for a couple of cycles. There are things a GP can do if they're really heavy but I have had friends who have struggled to be taken seriously. I hope this isn't a common problem.

ShinyMoonInAPurpleSky Fri 01-Apr-11 11:09:11

My periods have always lasted 7 days, with only the last 2 days being light enough to wear the normal pads, every other day I have to use the night time ones and change them every 3 or 4 hours so it's not as heavy as yours from the sound of it (but still a complete PITA).

However what I'm confused about is that before I had my ds I never had period pains, not a twinge! Now I spend 3 days out of the 7 with the very same "contraction" pains I had when I was in labour (not the really bad contractions or the really easy ones at the beginning, these a the middle of the road contractions lol)

I was always told that if you have period pains, after you have had a baby they will get less painful - not the other way round!

valiumredhead Fri 01-Apr-11 11:41:51

That sounds very heavy to me - mind you anything over 3 days sounds heavy to me.

The embarrasing bodies show was REALLY interesting I thought - especially comparing the fluid lost each period - such a dramatic difference between women.

When I started using a mooncup I was surprised at how little fluid there actually was tbh - I had always thought there was gallons when I used tampons and towels.

anonymosity Fri 01-Apr-11 23:49:40

The extra extra super are WIDE not long. They go in one after the other.

MaisyMooCow Sat 02-Apr-11 00:00:53

Going slightly off subject....On the first day of my period I feel completely weird, totally out of it. No concentration, forgetful, clumsy, knackered etc etc. I really don't trust myself to drive and if I was an Air Traffic Controller there would be carnage in the skies!

I find it a real struggle if I'm working that day and sometimes have felt so bad that I've had to call in sick. I really hate doing this and when I complete my self cert form I never put down the real reason as I know my employers would think it unacceptable to take time off for this reason. I know some women out there have it even worse but we know we just have to get on with it.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if men had periods, I reckon the workplace would be a very different place!

llareggub Sat 02-Apr-11 00:00:57

I spoke to my dr about this and he gave me a a script for medication to reduce the flow. It has been a REVELATION I tell you. For the first time ever I can be the tampon woman and skip merrily along the beach or go rollerskating wearing White.

They are called tranaxamic acid or something like that. I think it works by making the blood clot. Anyway, it has improved my periods considerably and I am so grateful to my (male, usually unsympathetic) doctor.

Skinit Sat 02-Apr-11 00:25:01

Me too Maisy! But for a couple of days before and after... cant work well either.

I lost count of the things I dropped today...I also walked into the patio doors with a cup of coffee which hit the glass!

lesley33 Sat 02-Apr-11 02:17:49

The tranaxamic acid (or something like that) can now be bought over the counter. Is supposed to cut the blood produced by half.l

TechnoKitten Sat 02-Apr-11 07:29:58

Skinit the flow you're describing I would class as very heavy.

There are a few things that can be done about it (if you want something done about it, that is) - I would suggest a chat to your GP to start with, who may refer you to a gynaecologist.

Options range from medical management (tranexamic acid as mentioned already), to the pill (because it's not a real period, just a withdrawal bleed), to an IUS (the Mirena), to surgery (endometrial ablation). It may also be a symptom of something like fibroids which can need surgery later on.

Also, with that amount of blood loss I'd check you're not anaemic.

porcamiseria Sat 02-Apr-11 08:43:01

its the nights for me, have to wear 1 tampon, and 2 pants and 2 towels and still have been known to leak!!!! fibroids eh

Vajazzler Sat 02-Apr-11 08:52:38

I had heavy periods. Using my mooncup i was measuring my blood loss at a minimum of 150mls per month! My gp referred me to a gynacologist who agreed this was very heavy so recommended i have an endometrial ablation. I had it done in feb this year and now my periods are so light! I lose about 25 mls per month.
Might be worth asking your gp for a referral?

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