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to be sick of getting thrush after my period?

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Aworryingtrend Tue 29-Mar-11 11:13:56

Its every time angry. Does anyone else get this? I'm using over the counter remedies (cream/oral tablet) but don't feel comfortable using them this foten really. I went to see the dr about it 6 months ago who just said to keep using them though hmm.

Should I be worried?

PeterAndreForPM Tue 29-Mar-11 11:17:45

So you get thrush on a monthly basis ?

See your GP again

Ask to be checked for diabetes

HattiFattner Tue 29-Mar-11 11:18:06

I had the same - I switched to a mooncup, and I havent suffered as much since. ALso use washable pads rather than san towels, this had helped.

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 29-Mar-11 11:19:49

Are you sure it is thrush? It could be a reaction to pads/tampons.

I only mention this because, all of a sudden, I'm having real problems with pads irritating me. I don't know if they've started coating them with something new.

PAFfy's advice is good (as usual).

steamedtreaclesponge Tue 29-Mar-11 11:20:51

It's unusual to get thrush after a period - my GP says that having your period will normally clear it up.

Do you use tampons? They have been linked to an increased risk of thrush (although I'm not sure whether it's been proven), also using sanitary towels for a long period of time can cause problems (because they keep the area hot and stop air getting to it).

steamedtreaclesponge Tue 29-Mar-11 11:21:54

And yep, can second hattifattner on the mooncup thing, they're great...

Aworryingtrend Tue 29-Mar-11 11:32:02

Thanks all. I use sanitary towels, not tampons or a Mooncup. I know i'm not toeing the MN party line but the idea just makes me feel a bit ick which I know is totally irrational and I know they work really well for others.

Think it might be worth a trip to the docs again. <Tries not to panic about having diabetes>

bruffin Tue 29-Mar-11 11:33:24

I get it after my period, but it always cures itself after 2 days. I use a mooncup and it doesn't make any difference

valiumredhead Tue 29-Mar-11 11:55:34

Try using washable sanitary towels if you can't face using a mooncup - I had exactly the same as you and as soon as I switched to a mooncup, it stopped.

MrsMustardSeed Tue 29-Mar-11 12:09:09

Are you on the pill? I would get thrush the exact smae time every month (halfway through my cycle) when on Dianette. After taking a break and switching to Marvelon, the problem went away. I feel your pain, it's not nice.

ElsieMc Tue 29-Mar-11 12:15:23

Get it checked out as it could be gardnerella, a bacterial infection, which is often mistaken for thrush - itching, irritation etc. I treated it myself with canesten and wondered why it did not completely clear up. If it is this, you will need antibiotics.

MajorBumsore Tue 29-Mar-11 13:11:00

I am the same and it's definitely thrush. I personally think that it's to do with having to use pads for over a week as periods are very light but go on and on. It's a real pain in the fanny! Think I am predisposed to it though, have suffered with thrush on and off for years and loos like dd1 will have same problems.

MajorBumsore Tue 29-Mar-11 13:11:40

looks not loos, damned sticky keyboard

pingu2209 Tue 29-Mar-11 13:13:05

Are you quite over weight? Reason I ask is that high carbs/high sugar diet can cause thrush far more often than normal weight. I say this as I am 9 stone over weight and have noticed a difference in frequency of thrush outbreaks. The changes in your hormones at / around your period cause the thrush to flare up.

nickschick Tue 29-Mar-11 13:16:02

Have you tried using a tamon towards the end when your flow is lighter? if you did you could use natural yoghurt on the tampon and that might help relief the thrush?.

everythingchangeseverything Tue 29-Mar-11 13:17:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

msshapelybottom Tue 29-Mar-11 13:18:53

I have had this problem for about 8 months, finally managed to clear it up with this stuff:

there is also

it helps with the ph of the vagina which can cause problems with thrush & BV. Might be worth a go? I haven't had thrush again since I used this.

Might still be worth a trip to the GP if the problem persists though, I had swabs taken when the thrush started so I know that's what I've been dealing with!

msshapelybottom Tue 29-Mar-11 13:19:41

ps. I use a mooncup too, makes no difference!

ilovemyhens Tue 29-Mar-11 13:52:47

Get some Caprylic Acid and stop all sugar in your diet.

emy72 Tue 29-Mar-11 13:58:22

I have had this problem for ages, then all of a sudden it seems to have cleared up, for no apparent reason. I have started taking a vitamin supplement, which has probiotics in it, maybe that has helped, who knows. I feel your pain though as I went to the doctor several times with it. They did also suggest being allergic to the pads (I don't use tampons or mooncup) so it could be an element of it. Maybe worth trying a probiotic supplement like I did?

Aworryingtrend Tue 29-Mar-11 14:00:48

Thanks all, lots to think about there. I'm following a low-carb/low sugar diet at the moment so I would be surprised if its that- although that said as Everything suggests- I do have a couple of days of carb cravings for the first couple of days.

I can't be 100% sure it is thrush so i will get that confirmed by a Gp first, thanks

smileybynature Sat 11-Mar-17 18:12:24

Don't know if this has been mentioned, but raw organic coconut oil ( the kind that you can get from Holland and Barrats but even supermarkets do it now) works wonders when applied onto the parts of your body that are affected and if you also take 2 teaspoons orally every day. Also completely safe and no side effects for pregnancy/ breastfeeding mums and babies. Cleared up my thrush in 2 days. Also works to kill all yucky fungus/ yeasts/ bacteria in general.( even works on those stubborn toe nail fungus infections). Make sure the coconut oil you're buying is labelled raw or cold pressed so retains its benefits and hasn't been over processed.

Semaphorically Sat 11-Mar-17 18:16:24

What pads do you use? The scented plasticky ones give me thrush. If I use ones like natracare then I don't get thrush.

Akire Sat 11-Mar-17 18:19:01

I always get 3-4 days after my period when I get thrushy. Its like Balance is up creek, sometimes it goes but I must take 4 x year meds and then it's fixed in 48h.

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