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To feel scared being pregnant aged 36

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youcangetpregnantstandingup Fri 25-Mar-11 23:14:42

....Just found out to my surprise but joy that we are expecting baby no.4. However I am 36 and having spent the evening googling stuff about pregnancy over 35, I know, it was a mistake, I wanted reassurance more than anything, I feel scared, tearful and convinced that something is going to wrong. Please tell me some pregnancy age 35 plus success stories because I've gone from excited to feeling sick and panicked.

SueWhite Fri 25-Mar-11 23:17:08

oh no, you'll be fine

it's a higher risk, but still a tiny chance

missslc Fri 25-Mar-11 23:18:57

Okay so of the 7 mum friends I have made all had their babies over 35- one was 42, one was 47, another 40.

All lovely healthy babies- the risks are higher but don't scare yourself just take whatever tests are offered to give you more peace of mind.
Chances are the baby will be fine, healthy and perfect.

LargeGlassofRed Fri 25-Mar-11 23:19:16

Ah you'll be fine much more common now, I had my 4th at 36 turned out to be twins ! :-)

BelleDameSansMerci Fri 25-Mar-11 23:19:53


I had my first (and only) when I was nearly 42... I had no problems during the pregnancy or birth at all. Not even high blood pressure or morning sickness. Honestly, there are a lot of us on here who've had children at a slightly later than "ideal" age. My DD is 3.5 now and showing every sign of being completely normal (well, as normal as any child of mine could be).

Please, please try not to worry.

madhattershouse Fri 25-Mar-11 23:20:29

Twins are more common as you get older..or at least thats what the hospital said when I had mine grin

MsHighwater Fri 25-Mar-11 23:20:55

My one and only pregnancy was at age 37. I don't know if it helps you cos my circs very different from yours but everything went well. DD was conceived by IVF after about a year and a half of fertility treatment of one kind or another. I knew we didn't have all the time in the world cos of my age. Not having kids before that, I was more worried I might not conceive at all than that I was going to be pregnant post-35. It all went well. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful (no morning sickness; very minor SPD) tho dd was born by CS 2 weeks post due date.

I'd have thought that, given you've done it 3 times already, there's no pressing reason why you'd be more likely to have probs this time.

NestaFiesta Fri 25-Mar-11 23:21:58

I had my first at age 36 then a fabulous DC2 at 39! They are both in rude health and were massive when born. Best thing I ever did.

My only regret is that I didn't meet DH before I was 35 or I would have had loads more.

TheSydenhamSet Fri 25-Mar-11 23:22:55

my friend is 44 and expecting her 8th (!) baby. Perfectly healthy. My other friend had her son at 42 and my nan had my aunt at 46. a good friend of mine's dad was born when his mum was 51!!!!!! (totally naturally, back in the 30s).

southeastastra Fri 25-Mar-11 23:23:30

36 is young! enjoy it smile if i won the lottery i'd have another one

youcangetpregnantstandingup Fri 25-Mar-11 23:24:41

thanks everyone xx

ValiumSingleton Fri 25-Mar-11 23:27:45

I think you're worrying unnecessarily. What's the difference between 35 and 36?

letsgetloud Fri 25-Mar-11 23:29:02

I had my second a month after turning 35. Third at 37 and fourth and final 2 months before 40. No probs with any pregnancy or birth thank goodness.

Just try not to worry too much about tests etc. Good luck.

portaloo Fri 25-Mar-11 23:32:34

Had my gorgeous beautiful healthy DD at 36.

Very quick labour too.

I found the pregnancy more tiring, but DD was absolutely fine.

Enjoy. grin

Mellowfruitfulness Fri 25-Mar-11 23:34:57

I had a healthy baby, aged 36 (me, not the baby).

Try not to panic. Maybe you could concentrate on things you can control, for example your diet, getting enough exercise and sleep. If there is anything in particular you are worrying about, it might be worth having a word with your doctor, even if it's only to set your mind at rest.

You probably don't have much time to dwell on your worries - with three kids - and that's a good thing. Try to think about something else. Good luck. smile

moosemama Fri 25-Mar-11 23:36:08


I had my babies at 32, 34 and 38 (nearly 39). Dd, the youngest is now just turned two and a lovely healthy, happy little girl.

Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. smile

ousel Fri 25-Mar-11 23:37:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllThreeWays Fri 25-Mar-11 23:38:10

I am pregnant at 37, with #2, had #1 nearly 20 yrs ago, I too am terrified of the risk of complications, so am with you there.
So nice to hear all the positive stories.

OnEdge Fri 25-Mar-11 23:39:37

Had all 3 of mine between 36 and 39, no problems.

ambivalentandroid Fri 25-Mar-11 23:42:29

You're a blimmin youngster. I was older than OnEdge with all of mine. smile No probs.

BagofHolly Fri 25-Mar-11 23:53:06

You're still a nipper! I had my first at 38 and have just had two more (twins) a few weeks before my 40th birthday, and they're all fine! I'm knackered though and maybe if I was 20 years younger I'd feel a bit fitter! Best of luck!

nothingnatural Sat 26-Mar-11 00:03:02

I had my first at 37 and dd2 at 39 and they are both delicious. True the risks of abnormalites and other problems rise as you get older but the risk is still teeny compared with all the healthy babies born to us geriatric older mums. Talk to your gp and get the tests if you're very worried.

Congratulations and good luck, try to relax (as much as possible with 3 children) and enjoy becoming a larger family. grin

cestlavielife Sat 26-Mar-11 00:26:02

well it was the child i had at 32 who has the chromosome disorder - the ones i had at 35 and 37 dont! my sister had her ds at 40 - no issues. so go figure.

risks are just that - every pregnancy at any age carries a risk.
get tests done if you worried - you have as much chance as anyone of all being fine.

and if it isnt - you will deal with it when it happens, make whatever decisions you need to make. one step at a time.

you excited, stay that way

Tee2072 Sat 26-Mar-11 00:36:26

Had my son at 40. He's perfect! grin

Clary Sat 26-Mar-11 00:42:49

I had my 3 very healthy children at aged 35, 37 and 39.

By the time I got to no 3 I wasn't even classed as an older mother!

Yes, there are higher risks of abnormality, but actually the hardest thing for the over 35s is getting pregnant at all!

Congratulations - I am sure it will be fine grin

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