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do you put your children in kids clubs while on hols?

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goodbyemrschips Mon 21-Mar-11 08:15:55

As in the title ''do you put your kids in kids clubs while on hols, if yes why and if no why?

Northernlurker Mon 21-Mar-11 08:19:27

No because we never go anywhere that has them but if they did I wouldn't. Dh and I work very hard in non holiday time and we use childcare. Holidays are times to spend with our dcs not have somebody else do that as well. I do know somebody who uses holiday clubs throughout their holidays - or leaves the kids at home - and I think it's shocklingly poor behaviour tbh.

waitwhat Mon 21-Mar-11 08:19:29

Yes because he really enjoys them.

QuintessentialShadows Mon 21-Mar-11 08:20:54

Ideally no.
We spend far too much time apart, with school and work, and the daily grind. When on holiday we like to do things together as a family. We have never put them in clubs. They have had windsurfing lessons while we have been on the beach chilling, looking at them, but not clubs. But they have never been in kids clubs.

I reckon if we were to come to a place and the club looked fantastic, and it seemed the kids were having a great time, and we had exhausted all other appealing options locally, and they wanted to, then maybe for a an afternoon, if possible.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 21-Mar-11 08:21:14

A couple of times. She has really loved playing pirates, going on treasure hunts etc. DD is an only child and adores the company of other children.

WannabeNigella Mon 21-Mar-11 08:22:33

No, I don't. My husband, in particular, feels he doesn't see enough of them anyway with working full time so our holidays are a chance to spend full time quality time with them.

We were never put in kids clubs when we were young either. Holidays were a chance for us all to be together as a family.

Yes, I miss the relaxing, reading a book on a Sunbed, snoozing etc, but I did that for years before they came along and will do it for years more when they're a bit more grown up. For now, it's all about us being together.

curlymama Mon 21-Mar-11 08:23:16

We did last year. The sessions only last 2-3 hours, and there was a different activity scheduled for each session. So the dc chose which activities they wanted to do, like rafting or fencing or high rope climbing or archery. We didn't force them into doing things just for the sake of it, and on some days there was nothing they wanted to do so they didn't go.

It was great because it gave us one on one time with each child if one was at an activity and one wasn't, they are differnent ages so different clubs, and ocassionaly dh and I got a couple of hours to ourselves.

weegiemum Mon 21-Mar-11 08:24:19

Have never done so but we do tend to travel independently and stay self catering so it has never been an option for us.

We like spending time with them when we are on holiday!

chopchopbusybusy Mon 21-Mar-11 08:25:42

I have been on one holiday which had a holiday club, DDs were 7 and 4. We used them. DDs enjoyed them. It was about 2 hours a day and not every day. Most of the time on that holiday our DDs spent in the swimming pool. They had to be watched constantly. It was nice to have a break from sitting hawk like by the side of the pool.

fiveisanawfullybignumber Mon 21-Mar-11 08:27:00

No, holidays are a time to spend with each other.
In fact most of our holidays are aimed at what the kids enjoy doing (and we do as well of course.) Disney, Center Parcs, camping etc.
I can't quite comprehend why people who work all year round then put their kids into childcare again on holiday.sad

BeenBeta Mon 21-Mar-11 08:27:36

Yes we do. We always have. They go pretty much every day and they like it.

The reason is that we work at home and we have two very active boys (9 and 11 yr old) and there is no way we can work and keep them entertained. We dont want them raking around the streets either.

The clubs they go to are very intensive and well organised sports and activity clubs.

yousankmybattleship Mon 21-Mar-11 08:27:47

No. We feel very strongly that holidays are family time. I'm sure the children would love the holiday clubs but I think family time is more important.
Mine are still small so they love collecting pebbles on the beach, pretending to be bears in the woods or going to a farm - I know we will have to be more creative as they get older. I love holidays and doing things we would never do normally like having fish and chips on the beach or having enormous ice creams or big bags of sweets that they wouldn't be allowed normally. I would LOVE to have some time just me and my Husband but there'll be time for that whent he children are older.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 21-Mar-11 08:29:17

We did with DS, just for two mornings but it was more creche than a kids club because he was not quite a year old!
We didn't (and still don't) use any childcare at home so it was nice for me to have a few hours to just be me and not on mum duty.

We would again I am sure, but again only for the odd morning or whatever. The point of being on holiday is to do nice things together, surely?

kreecher - I think with only children it is a bit different. I know my cousins often used to go to a Mark Warner or similar because their DD is an only and they wanted her to be able to mix with other kids rather than just spending two weeks on her own with her Mum and Dad.

Crawling Mon 21-Mar-11 08:29:31

No we go to childfriendly holidays where the activities are centered round children. Because that is what we like, put it this way I dont drink and a beach holiday is my idea of hell, I like physical activities.

Trifle Mon 21-Mar-11 08:32:25

Some of you are obviously assuming that people who are SAHM's are using kids clubs when the majority of people use them because they have to work, including me.

I use them probably for 2 out of the 6 week holidays. The boys do predominately football or golf and love the structure, chance to socalise with their friends, meet others, learn a new skill etc.

There is a limit to how many pebbles can be collected and how interesting that activity can be for 6 weeks.

Mine are always extremely happy to go to a kids club, they welcome the change of scenery and get a lot out of it. There are still plenty of days left to go to parks, swimming, have play dates etc. Kids clubs are invaluable for both me and my children.

exexpat Mon 21-Mar-11 08:35:16

We used to spend a few days a year at a resort with an excellent kids' club (lots of indoor and outdoor play for the little ones, offsite trips to water parks etc for the older ones) so we used to put them in for two or three hours most days so that DH and I could get a bit of time just the two of us (a rare opportunity) and possibly even get a game or two of tennis or a meal together.

I would be a bit hmm at people using holiday childcare all day every day, but I think a few hours here and there gives everyone a chance to do their own thing. Now I tend to go on holiday with family with other children - the children form their own kids' club a lot of the time, and the adults can take it in turn supervising (when necessary) which kind of has a similar effect.

meditrina Mon 21-Mar-11 08:35:34

Only once, for 2 x 2 hour sessions for the youngest, whilst elder 2 were doing a sports activity. The luxury of escaping for that brief time! It was the first "time off" on holiday since DS1 was born (8 years previously).

ssd Mon 21-Mar-11 08:35:53

mine hate clubs, going to a club forced on them during the holidays would be like a punishment to them. the only thing they have ever gone to is football, and they've exhausted that.
mind you I'd like them to go to clubs grin

mine love freedom to do as you please during holidays, all that forced "fun" feels too much like school to them and usually looks pretty dire to me

WannabeNigella Mon 21-Mar-11 08:38:03

Trifle - I think OP is on about holidays away from the home abd kids clubs in hotels etc not kids clubs during school holidays.

sshnapps Mon 21-Mar-11 08:38:14

yes, in a beach resort dd goes from 11am till 2pm,then lunch,swim ,beach .dd2 has a nap from 12 till 2.30 with a sitter , dh and i lounge around the adult pool.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 21-Mar-11 08:38:52

Trifle - I think the thread is talking about actually on a family holiday, rather than just during school hols? I know that's what I mean anyway.

exoticfruits Mon 21-Mar-11 08:39:01

I think that we are talking at cross purposes here-I presumed that OP was talking about them when you are away on holiday-am I right?

They are too different things.
I have never used them on holiday-it is a precious family time for us to spend time together.

I have used them at home in the holidays because they have been good opportunities for them to follow and interest and meet friends their own age and it gives everyone a breather-they don't have to go to the supermarket etc or spend every moment with a sibling.

QuintessentialShadows Mon 21-Mar-11 08:40:12

Trifle, I think posters are talking about different things.

There are kids clubs when the KIDS are on holiday from school, and there are kids clubs while away on holiday with the family.

Some posters talk about the holiday clubs the kids attend before the family holiday, and some about the kids clubs on site abroad.

We actually do use the schools holiday scheme for two weeks in summer, the kids love it. But then the are off for a month, and we go on family holiday, where we dont use the clubs.

exoticfruits Mon 21-Mar-11 08:40:16

We all seem to have cross posted with the same point!

meditrina Mon 21-Mar-11 08:40:28

I've just seen Trifle's post.

I answered the question on the basis that it was kids' clubs at resort during a holiday away.

If you meant kids' clubs during the school holidays, then yes I've used them lots.

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