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Silly house rules

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tabbyH Sun 20-Mar-11 20:37:15

My husband has just emptied our kitchen bin. Apparently this means that I'm not allowed to put anything in it! Not sure what the time frame is until the bin is allowed to be used again... Does anyone else have any peculiar rules?

onepieceoflollipop Sun 20-Mar-11 20:38:17

Is there a reason for it? Occasionally I empty ours and then wipe it out with hot water and bleach, and i like to leave it to dry naturally/air for an hour or so.

ask him why?

ddubsgirl Sun 20-Mar-11 20:38:49

not us but my friend hatd anyone using her front room,she lived in a 2 bed flat and we would have to sit in her kitchen,wasnt too bad but when 8mths preganant and sitting on cold hard floor,not very comfy,couldnt move the next day.

justpaddling Sun 20-Mar-11 20:42:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tabbyH Sun 20-Mar-11 20:46:13

No he hadn't cleaned it. Just a new bag.

Love the toilet story!

onepieceoflollipop Sun 20-Mar-11 20:48:06

I do get a bit hmm if dh changes the bin bag at a silly time. (e.g. we might have had fish for dinner, and before one of us scrapes the plates he puts a clean bag in!)

however I try to keep my mouth shut as it's only a bin bag. grin

ifancyashandy Sun 20-Mar-11 20:54:29

My mum used to say 'don't walk on the floors' after she'd cleaned them!!

But Muuuuuum, how am I meant to get about the house?!?!?

Her other one was 'don't get the towels wet'!!!

Tis no wonder I'm a fuck up anal freak little tidy! grin

Carrotsandcelery Sun 20-Mar-11 20:58:56

My ddad is the same about the toilet cleaning. They have 3 in their house and it has got to the stage that you are only allowed to use one of them and not on a Monday morning or early afternoon. grin
I am the same about clean floors too. Everyone hates it when I clean...

strandedpolarbear Sun 20-Mar-11 21:01:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bringonthegoat Sun 20-Mar-11 21:02:58

No of my house rules are sill as I do things the 'right' way wink

arfur Sun 20-Mar-11 21:03:07

My next door neighbour does this - emptys bins on tuesday and by eight am weds morning bin is out front ready for bin men who come on Thurs so is full 48 hours of only being allowed to use one carrier bag instead of bins around house. Makes me and DH laugh EVERY week at poor next door's dh - it drives him crackers!!

tethersend Sun 20-Mar-11 21:09:00

My friend's dad would allow the telly or the lights to be on, but not both, as it wasted electricity.

Skinit Sun 20-Mar-11 21:13:53

I'm GOGGLING at this! I am so lax I don't have any rules! Apart from shoes off when you come in.

Which is normal and right and the only way to live as we all know.


tabbyH Sun 20-Mar-11 21:20:24

I'm getting told off for being a slack wife while laughing at these. DH is a much better wife than I am! His mother thinks so too... Never fails to put in little digs. I love her really. Now she does have strange bin habits. I have no idea what rubbish goes where at hers - but certainly not in the bin!

ziva Sun 20-Mar-11 21:29:16

lol my mam has towels on the rail in the bathroom.but we are not allowed use them.they are for display or visitors.

ENormaSnob Sun 20-Mar-11 21:37:30

I do the toilet thing blush

robotlollypopman Sun 20-Mar-11 21:38:06

Why did you move to silly house?

Tisallafaff Sun 20-Mar-11 21:43:00

My DP tells me off for putting things in the bin. It just gets full. Well fancy that. hmm

My dad used to have a rule that tissues should be used for at least two nose blows before being discarded.

Ginabraz Sun 20-Mar-11 21:45:12

No wet towels on the bed and squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.

ChippingInMistressSteamMop Sun 20-Mar-11 21:47:31

Too many to list here - you'd hate living with me grin

4FoxAche Sun 20-Mar-11 21:52:02

Ginabraz. That's not silly, that's just common sense.

ivykaty44 Sun 20-Mar-11 21:53:04

Yes my mum used to have umbrellas for best - they where to use when it wasn't raining or likely to rain smile

muminthecity Sun 20-Mar-11 21:56:46

My heart sank a little the other day when I found myself having to announce our new house rule - no farting at the dinner table. My 5 year old DD was most upset by this, apparently it is a major inconvenience to have to leave the room to fart during dinner hmm

theyoungvisiter Sun 20-Mar-11 21:59:52

Does anyone remember that weird thread about people who flushed all their food scrapings down the toilet? And there were people posting on that going "I thought this was normal"

So maybe that's tabbyh's MIL's secret grin

No house rules at mine. Apart from I Am Always Right. Even when I'm not. wink

Slambang Sun 20-Mar-11 22:02:07

My mum insists that all downstairs curtains must be opened before she goes to bed to be ready for the morning. Does anyone else do that?

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