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I keep reading about the "dinner party circuit"Whats it all about?

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GabbyLoggon Fri 18-Mar-11 14:22:30

Please dont say its just a dinner which is also a party.

I want the inside story...successes and disasters ...Is it a CLASS phrase?

Someone said it was a phrase created by young professionals....

Not Sloane Rangers? (does anyone on Mumsnet remember them.) It was all the rage . They said YA for yes. Then they seemed to fade away.

We all do eventually.

mmsmum Fri 18-Mar-11 14:28:00

There's a circuit? lol They've been watching Come Dine With Me

GabbyLoggon Fri 18-Mar-11 14:33:34

mmsmum....we had a story which took off about Come Dine With Me...Apparently someone was on TV who
had some sord of "record" (And I dont mean Tom Jones
"Its Not Unusual)

On cooking I go back to Fanny Craddock. A legendary old bird who kept her hubby in order.

mmsmum Fri 18-Mar-11 14:39:21

I like Come Dine With Me because they have some right characters on sometimes. I don't cook though, never learned how, I had a dinner party people over recently and got a cooked chicken from the supermarket lol

timmyshine Fri 18-Mar-11 14:49:51

Nothing wrong with cooked chicken,mm. I think the dinner party thing was a creation of womens magazines. I have been to a few. Some work and some dont. Its a bit like weddings. The booze effects people differently.

Jajas Fri 18-Mar-11 14:54:44

Sounds hilarious like something from Terry and June <old gimmer alert>.

I go to dinner at people's houses and have them back to mine but I prefer to call it 'going around to someone's house to eat' rather than a dinner party which sounds so pretentious and '70's.

I can't get my head around having to meet with a group of people that you hardly know or worse still don't know at all? I only invite really good friends - absolute maximum of ten people but we all know each other very well and have a great time rather than struggling along trying to make conversation with the stranger on the left confused.

togarama Fri 18-Mar-11 15:02:41

"I go to dinner at people's houses and have them back to mine but I prefer to call it 'going around to someone's house to eat' rather than a dinner party which sounds so pretentious and '70's."


Chil1234 Fri 18-Mar-11 15:10:19

Dinner party circuit still happens. It's more about networking, matchmaking and social climbing than the casual 'Spag Bol and Plonk' kind of do most of us end up at. Some very bored women society hostesses go to great lengths with their guest lists.

radiohelen Fri 18-Mar-11 15:21:33

If you have to ask what it is then you aren't successful connected up your own arse "important" enough to be invited.
Me, I much prefer the spag bol and wine affairs. I'd rather have my eyeballs bleached than go to something like that... unless there happened to be a publisher there ;)

Jajas Fri 18-Mar-11 15:37:43

togarama why do you refer to my post as 'this'?

I can assure you it is absolutely not about networking, matchmaking and social climbing but about a group of mates meeting up without children to have a good time together in the evening. We're too old to go to bars or clubs anymore! Still manage to stay up till 3am though sometimes, just takes all week to get over it grin!

The idea of being on any kind of circuit is quite frankly hilarious!

GabbyLoggon Fri 18-Mar-11 15:39:49

jagas You seem to be super sensible. Got it all
in proportion.

radiohelen. Please dont have your eyeballs bleached.

SOCIAL CLIMBING was mentioned. That should be an event at the Olympics. (Must contact Seb Coe.)

Joking apart. I want one of those precious dinner
party people to come on and tell us about it...

Even invite me and I will write about it in a jokey no-names way.
Is dress optional? well, I suspect I would have to wear something.

lesley33 Fri 18-Mar-11 17:11:49

I have a few friends who do this. The difference between a dinner party and having friends round for tea, is that at a dinner party you deliberately invite people who don't know each other and hope they all get on.

This is not about networking or social climbing. Its about introducing some of your friends to other friends and hoping they all have a great night.

RoyalBlingThing Fri 18-Mar-11 17:18:33

God no the dinner party circuit is truly old hat
as is the dreaded kitchen supper with obligitary snort of "ooo lets be naughty snort of coke in the loo"

Tends to be catered now if properly social climbing/networking. and due to the recession its crap champagne as well.

Mandy2003 Fri 18-Mar-11 17:39:42

Dinner party circuit sounds a bit like dinner party treadmill to me!

charitygirl Fri 18-Mar-11 17:46:08

Jajas - when you put 'this' under a post, it is an interweb shorthand for 'I agree with this'. So she wasn't being rude!

BendyBob Fri 18-Mar-11 17:55:19

'Dinner party circuit sounds a bit like dinner party treadmill to me' How very very true.

There is a hardcore of it where we are. An occasional invitation, but because I rarely reciprocate, it never really takes off for us <phew>

I've never worked out how to say 'no thanks' either without causing grave offense.

'Dinner party' morphs into 'bbq' during the summer months.

SardineQueen Fri 18-Mar-11 17:56:42

Margot from teh good life = dinner party circuit?

Having not very enjoyable dinner parties with the "right" people in order to impress and social climb and get a promotion for "hubby"? All a bit 70s? Sure it still goes on though.

cat64 Fri 18-Mar-11 18:06:01

Message withdrawn

onceamai Fri 18-Mar-11 18:24:16

As a former Sloane who gave and went to lots of dinner parties in the early 80's I think I can safely say that the dinner party circuit now translates to the same people, now middle aged, who have second homes in Cornwall - usually near Padstow, St Mawes, Fowey, etc.. who meet up again in the school holidays, esp. first three weeks of July, before the state school families descend. wink.

Anyone remember Julie's in Notting Hill, the Admiral Codrington and No. 19 Mossop Street?

diabolo Fri 18-Mar-11 19:39:19

Loads of mums and dads at DS's school have each other round for dinner every weekend. Every weekend! shock

I'd rather bleach my eyeballs!

My weekends are much too short and precious to share with loads of pretentious bores (which sadly about 90% are) - for example last Burns Night - Mr Pompous-Smyth said to me " I had to buy a new dinner jacket to wear tonight, my last one made me look like the "help""

The "help" FGS.

Anyone would think he was Prince Charles.

So, I dont "do" the dinner party circuit, prefering to spend my spare time eating delicious food with DH, while enjoying the odd bottle or two of wine.


Jajas Fri 18-Mar-11 22:26:11

The help - brilliant grin!

Thank you charitygirl for explaining what 'this' means blush oooops sorry for being so dim and touchy togarama blush and sorry again.

Kallista Sat 19-Mar-11 00:08:24

My parents + my friends parents never had dinner parties - just didnt have the space or money. One of the girls i knew who went to uni straight from school started mixing in higher social circles and ditched us all as she had decided that at 21 she was
'too old' for clubbing + wanted to go to dinner parties instead.
Now ten years on we'll all invite each other for pizza and drinks, or a BBQ, but more often it's a restaurant followed by a bar / club.
The thought of cooking a proper meal for 'guests' would be v scary for me, and far too formal.

Jajas Sat 19-Mar-11 08:37:09

Everyone brings something to us, so whilst I will do a big main course all sorts of puddings etc turn up so that all the cooking doesn't fall on one person.

I do have a friend that I secretly snigger at because she has a tablecloth, proper posh cutlery, matching 'wedding' crockery, cut glass wine glasses and god forbid a hostess trolley shock grin!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sat 19-Mar-11 08:46:54

diabolo grin
I like the kind of impromptu thing where you are with a few people you realy like, and then they just come back to you place, and you make the kind of meal you would have had anyway except lots more wine. Would run ten miles from anything resembling a 'dinner party circuit'.

BoffinMum Sat 19-Mar-11 08:54:09

Dinner party circuit is always the snotty entertaining posse one is not a part of at any given time.

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