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Bike-buggy-smuggy-mummies: they think they're invincible!

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Vagabond Thu 17-Mar-11 21:39:18

You know those little carriages on the back/front of bikes with little children cocooned inside? What are these mums thinking of? It looks like they've got a litter of kittens inside sometimes!

The way they ride their kids around town in these bicycle people carriers seems so dangerous to me. I pass at least a dozen of them a day and I'm astounded by the sense of entitlement these mums feel above the overwhelming enormity of actual traffic. They seem invincible when, actually, they are putting themselves and their kids in enormous danger.

I drive so carefully around them but it irritates me to see the smug look on their faces. I'm equally sure that they hate my smug face driving my car. It's soooo Oxford and it irritates the hell out of me!

Yes, it's green. I get that. It still gets on my nerves.

hester Thu 17-Mar-11 21:43:05

Wow, a dozen a day? Must be an Oxford thing!

suwoo Thu 17-Mar-11 21:45:13

There's none of them where I live. Its more of an Uggs, pyjama bottoms and gold hoop earrings kind of place. Sadly.

thefurryone Thu 17-Mar-11 21:45:18

I often feel a bit smug when I'm on my bike as it's a much nicer way of travelling than car, so I'm just going to assume you're jealous, that they are getting fresh air and exercise!

WinterOfOurDiscountTents Thu 17-Mar-11 21:46:34

Maybe they're thinking....bite me. Or is that just me?

BaronessBomburst Thu 17-Mar-11 21:46:54

Just make sure you NEVER visit The Netherlands then! grin

2plus2more Thu 17-Mar-11 21:47:02

OOOOOOOOHHHH - you've got me riled just writing about them! We have a few in our area - needless to say they are also the mums who speak very loudly ALL the time, are on the parent council and think they rule the school, talk to your child by name as if they know them even though you've never spoken before... etc... etc... They are unbelievably smug! I can think of 2 in particular who cycle along the path by the park, (which is always heaving with kids walking to and from school), ringing their bloomin' bells and calling out "excuse me - cyclist coming through!" They make me VERY VERY VERY cross.

4FoxAche Thu 17-Mar-11 21:47:17

Suwoo and I must live in the same place. grin

Never actually seen one in action.

Vagabond Thu 17-Mar-11 21:47:38

Oxford is a strange place. I hear Cambridge is worse.

I went to a Zumba class yesterday and the exercise leader was trying to get the class members to yelp and holler. Nobody did. (Well, I peeped a small holler!). Someone piped up: This must be an Oxford Zumba class! - ie., silent and deadly!

LDNmummy Thu 17-Mar-11 21:49:00

Absolutely agree OP, especially here in London. My DP is an avid cyclist, he initially thought he would do the same till I sat him down and explained my concerns. He has definitely changed his tune now when he thinks of the reality of the fact that it would be our LO on the back of his bicycle on London roads.

FlouryBap Thu 17-Mar-11 21:52:52

God i hate you smug people in your cars who disapprove and slow down to give big LOOKS to cycling mums. Even worse when you roll down the window and tell me what a terrible mother I am.

If i didn't leave my kids to nursery on the bike they would have a much longer day. There is no parking at my work and the buses are terrible. I was v nervous about the trailer at first, but actually find it very safe because people give you such a wide berth.

suwoo Thu 17-Mar-11 21:56:04

4foxache, Are you Norff or Sarth? I am up Norff.

doutzen Thu 17-Mar-11 21:58:56

I had to google to see what you meant.
Each to their own, I suppose. Could you put a pushchair in the back too?

Vagabond Thu 17-Mar-11 22:03:33

FlouryBap -do people actually roll down their windows and shout at you? astonished! That must be quite shocking.

I respect cyclists - I have to - I bloody live in North Oxford. I just find their sense of entitlement too much. For example: a red light is a red light - not just for cars, but for cyclists too. They seem to want their smug cake and to eat it too.

PS: No matter what you say, those tag along things are bloody dangerous. It won't be long before there is a calamity on the roads and it'll be like Madeleine McCann when parents thought it was ok to let their kids sleep in apartments while they had drinks at the bar.

Just saying. It's going to happen and I dread the day.

4FoxAche Thu 17-Mar-11 22:04:22

Ah bollox, I'm Sarth! Lol.

RitaMorgan Thu 17-Mar-11 22:05:10

Wow, their sense of entitlement to use the roads! As if cyclists have an equal right to be there! What total fucking bitches.

WinterOfOurDiscountTents Thu 17-Mar-11 22:06:28

you lose, MM is like Godwins law for these things.

And you are nuts.

RitaMorgan Thu 17-Mar-11 22:07:09

Do you know how many children die in cars?

Ban children in cars!

Honeybee79 Thu 17-Mar-11 22:07:53

They're all over the place in my part of south east london. I don't really see the problem though to be honest as long as the cyclist is competent. DH is about to start putting DS on the back of his bike.

I save my bile for cyclists on pavements, especially ones coming whizzing round blind corners at me when I have DS in a sling and can't jump out the way. Tossers. angry.

ChristinedePizan Thu 17-Mar-11 22:07:58

I expect we're smug because our children much prefer travelling by bike. And our thighs are better wink

Vagabond Thu 17-Mar-11 22:08:21

The fact is, RitaMorgan, cyclists don't respect the road rules. They do whatever the hell they like, ignore pedestrian crossings and pedestrian red lights like they own the roads. If cyclists were regulated (which they should be - absolutely) then we could share the roads equally. As it is, cyclists think that they are beyond reach and do whatever the hell they like on roads.

No need to be so rude. However, I will say this: Smug Off!

RitaMorgan Thu 17-Mar-11 22:09:20

Yes all cyclists ignore road rules - of course no car drivers ever do hmm

ChristinedePizan Thu 17-Mar-11 22:09:39

That's not a fact. I pay attention to all ped crossings, stop at red lights, only walk my bike across the road, never cycle on the pavement etc etc. I'm one of those really boring cyclists who also drive a car you see

WinterOfOurDiscountTents Thu 17-Mar-11 22:10:46

Cyclists are regulated,there are laws about use of the roads. And you know as well as I do that not all cyclists are the same.

EricNorthmansMistress Thu 17-Mar-11 22:11:23

YANBU, those trailer things are insane. For a cycle lane or a canal towpath or something - maybe quite nice, but for an actual road with cars? shock Little tiny people dragged along a foot above the ground in a flimsy tent on wheels, on a fucking road with cars on it! Insane.

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