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YNK Sun 13-Mar-11 00:34:14

I told a colleague on fb (I know....) I was shocked that she referred to a chinese takaway as a chinky.
She has taken the huff and defriended me. I'm ok with that but she said she is not racist. The post I objected to was 'liked' by a shared manager and I am worried that I have stuck my head above the parapet a bit too much.
We all work in a front line public service and have mandatory Equality and Diversity training and have been warned about using fb in a way that brings the service into disrepute.
Should I have kept it zipped for the sake of peace? Was I too hasty in making any comment?

FabbyChic Sun 13-Mar-11 00:35:43

You were hasty everybody calls the Chinese the chinky. I do think somet things are taken too far. This being one of them, along with not being able to say black biro, or black board, or black manhole cover.

It's pathetic.

TheVisitor Sun 13-Mar-11 00:36:31

You didn't use FB in a way that brings the service into disrepute, they did.

TheVisitor Sun 13-Mar-11 00:37:37

Fabbychic, I most certainly do not refer to the chinese takeaway as the chinky!!!! That is a racist term, whether you like it or not.

YNK Sun 13-Mar-11 00:43:49

I thought that sort of thinking went out with the ark, and thank goodness too, but this was a young woman in her 20's in a professional position with vulnerable members of the public.
Her response did make me wonder if I'm a bit stuffy, though.

IDontThinkSoDoYOU Sun 13-Mar-11 00:45:09

I would say black biro, or black board, or black manhole cover (to differentiate between the blue biro or the white board or the copper cover - there'd be no need to mention the colour otherwise)but I wouldn't say chinky.

BitOfFun Sun 13-Mar-11 00:45:31

You haven't done anything wrong, except possibly having people who are a bit dim as facebook friends.

Rohanda Sun 13-Mar-11 00:52:29

"Chinky"? A bit like the "Paki shop"?

no, it's awful and perhaps it's your colleagues who have mis-used the facility, and you will also have a specific social networking site policy as well (probably recent) and you are clear.
Work relations will be another matter.

Mamaz0n Sun 13-Mar-11 00:53:14

the term Chinky is offensive and no different to paki or nigger.

she is ignorant to use it and you were nbu to point that out.

gerontius Sun 13-Mar-11 00:54:18

But no-one says that you can't say "black biro" though do they? Except in the Daily Mail.....

TheVisitor Sun 13-Mar-11 00:54:48

YNK, I think your colleague needs to go on a course with regard to equality and race relations.

TheVisitor Sun 13-Mar-11 00:56:27

Oh, and I will say black biro, as it is a pen with black ink, and blackboard, as it is a board that is black. Black manhole cover, fabby, methinks you've got racist mixed up with sexist. It's a service hole. grin

LibraPoppyGirl Sun 13-Mar-11 00:56:31

I wouldn't call it that Fabby, I haven't heard that name used for years. I call it the 'chinese'.

YNK Sun 13-Mar-11 01:02:34

Hmmm, Rohanda, yes I think I might be in for some backstabbing in work, even though I said I mentioned it so as not to get her in trouble.

nemofucker Sun 13-Mar-11 01:03:34

It depends if 'chinky' is the slang for the shop, or the people.

A cantonese takeaway where I used to live was the 'chinky' to many locals and staffed, entirely, by white people. The food was fucking vile, apart from the chips.

Terms that are applied to people like 'chink' drive me nuts and are lazy imo. Like saying 'paki' to someone from Barnsley, who, actually, have a mum or dad that were born in India. India you racist twonk, India!

<and breeeeathe...>

nemofucker Sun 13-Mar-11 01:04:42

Not that terms like 'paki' used as insults are okay if racially accurate, y'understand...
<you bunch of limey vipers> grin

manicbmc Sun 13-Mar-11 01:06:20

Some people are just ignorant. I have a lovely friend who used the term 'Paki' - she really is not racist just a bit older than I am and had no idea it was a term used in a derogatory way. She was horrified when I told her (in a gentle way).

We are still friends btw grin

magicmummy1 Sun 13-Mar-11 01:07:08

I think it's an offensive term, definitely.

Penelope1980 Sun 13-Mar-11 01:08:06

I would never say chinky, and would judge anyone who did as a racist, or at the least, an ignoramus.

YNK Sun 13-Mar-11 01:26:33

Thanks I feel a bit better now!

ilovesooty Sun 13-Mar-11 01:48:25

everybody calls the Chinese the chinky

I don't, and I don't know anyone who does. It's a racist term as far as I'm concerned.

MadamDeathstare Sun 13-Mar-11 02:19:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

phooey Sun 13-Mar-11 02:39:48

Perhaps it depends where you're from - in rural Scotland, everyone calls Chinese takeaway food 'getting a chinky' but would never refer to a Chinese person as a chinky, that would feel obviously racist.

I live somewhere considerably more diverse now and would not use the term, but my mum and sis still do, it absolutely and definitely doesn't mean they are racists or even ignoramuses.

I mean, look, I and most people I know would say 'getting a Chinese' not 'getting Chinese food' which probably isn't very nice either - it ain't racist though.

phooey Sun 13-Mar-11 02:43:15

OP I personally wouldn't have commented if your friend had said something like 'yay getting a chinky tonight' but if she wrote something generalising about Chinese people, that would more likely be cause for offence. Pick your battles, I'd say. You could've mentioned at work that you think it's a dodgy term and make her think about it that way, rather than embarrassing her on her status. You may feel morally correct and justified, but it was misjudged IMO.

theredhen Sun 13-Mar-11 03:26:09

It's not a term that I would use but I don't think she is being a racist. I think it's an acceptable term to use for a chinese takeaway but not for a person of chinese decent.

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