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to be really frightened?

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Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 17:01:31

I have just had a horrible threatening phone call.

We have an old car we need to scrap. Today, i looked online, found what LOOKED like a reputable scrap merchant from the web site, and arranged for them to pick it up for a price of £70 before 5 today. They rang me three times during the day and said they were running late etc. Finally rang me at about half four to say they would not make it, but would come tomorrow. i explained that tomorrow would not be convenient as i would be at work. He said "leave the keys in the car and I will put the money and destruction document throught he letter box". No way, I thought. Then arranged another scrap merchant to come and get who could come tonight - website an 0800 number and nationwide etc etc.

Phone back original company on the mobile number I had from when they phoned me and explained had arranged something else. He proceeded to give me an absolute mouthful of foul mouthed abuse, threatened to (sorry) "dump piles of shit all over your property" and remove any vehicle they find at the property as soon as they can get to it. Call finished with "I know where you live remember". Sob.

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 17:02:05

Sorry typos.

Katey1010 Thu 10-Mar-11 17:03:23

Call the Police, now!

Milngavie Thu 10-Mar-11 17:03:42


Have you reported to the Police also Trading Standards and local council.

Lulumama Thu 10-Mar-11 17:03:47

YANBU and need to report this to the police.

Curiousmama Thu 10-Mar-11 17:05:11

shock Agree report to police. Did you ring from your mobile? Your service provider should be able to provide evidence of the call.

OiVaVoi Thu 10-Mar-11 17:05:18

that's outrageous!!!! angry call the police asap!

ExitPursuedByALamb Thu 10-Mar-11 17:05:31

Definitely report him to the police.

HecateTheCrone Thu 10-Mar-11 17:07:25

Yes. Call the police.

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 17:07:48

I have phoned the police on non emergency number. They took details and are going to call back. The lady I spoke to said that an officer would call back and since I have their (scrap people) mobile number would phone them on that after I have talked to them ([police officer). I now feel worried that if the police phone them they are even MORE likely to come and "get me". I feel sick.

HecateTheCrone Thu 10-Mar-11 17:08:03

oh - not the 999 emergency number. just the local station to report.

HecateTheCrone Thu 10-Mar-11 17:10:26


Don't worry. They would be very stupid indeed to do anything. Hopefully the police will put the frighteners on them.

Nasty, bullying, arrogant man.

Because it's his arrogance that caused this - 'you will wait for my convenience'. hmm

CrazyHorse Thu 10-Mar-11 17:16:36

shock Definitely report to the police. The police know where they work, remember.

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 17:24:54

I was just telling a friend about it by email - she says she knows people involved with "companies" like this, and said that she would log it but not take it further - She said "if they get trouble they cause it" ?

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 17:53:37

Get the police to log it, I mean.

valiumredhead Thu 10-Mar-11 17:55:52

Call the police. Now

valiumredhead Thu 10-Mar-11 17:56:42

I mean your local station not 999.

Tortington Thu 10-Mar-11 17:56:57

hind sight is a wonderful thing, and i think you have done the best you can this time.

however keep in mind that they don't know anything about you either, so you could tell em that you know where they live too, and they would be unwise to threaten you as your dad is the chief of police, or your uncle belongs to the farrow street gang in london - just made that up - grin

FabbyChic Thu 10-Mar-11 18:05:59

Scrap people have to pay you to take your car I believe it is £100.00, you don't pay them.

All scrap dealers of cars are supposed to do this.

My friend wanted her car gone and found out about it.

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 18:06:50

Thanks everyone - hopefully they are just threatening me in the hope that I will call back and let them take the car (this is what the police lady I spoke to ((on the end of the initial phone call - the officer hasn't called back yet)) suggested is likely).

It has really shaken me up - I have never experienced anything like this before, and I am home alone and a bit worried about the new scrap people arriving in case they are mental as well! (Nothing to suggest this so far).

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 18:07:29

Sorry Fabby chic, I wasn't clear - they were going to pay ME £70, originally.

megapixels Thu 10-Mar-11 18:13:51

You're right to speak to the police. That is shocking, the kind of people you see on Rogue Traders on Watchdog. Maybe you could tell them? They'll set up a trap for these guys.

Curiousmama Thu 10-Mar-11 18:19:51

Good idea, tell rogue traders. Hope you're ok?

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 18:22:02

Well - I certainly don't want to aggravate them! Hopefully it was all just bluff and they will never contact me again. I have spoken to both next doors, as I don't want to be on my own when new scrap people come - and they said "It is travellers, definitely, and these are there tactics - don't worry, they won't waste the petrol coming out here".
I do not know if they are travellers, have certainly never had any dealings with anyone like this, 9the scrap people, not general travellers!) and would never have thought this before, in fact it sounded very racist to me, but there is a lot of anti traveller feeling round here, so maybe that explains that bit.

Catnao Thu 10-Mar-11 18:22:30


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