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to be shocked by the number of calories in my Graze box?

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BusyMissIzzy Wed 09-Mar-11 12:22:47

It's supposed to be a day's worth of snacks as far as I'm aware. I've just counted up the calories and it comes to about 2000! It's only four wee tubs of dried fruit and nuts. If I ate that on top of my meals I'd have had about 3500 cals. I know healthy/nutritious doesn't necessarily mean low calorie, but I think it's a lot, for snacks. AIBU?

Aworryingtrend Wed 09-Mar-11 12:24:21

Isn't it meant to be 2 or 3 days worth of snacks, rather than just one day? that's how I read it when I got a free box signed up. I definitely couldn't eat all 4 boxes in one day!

slowshow Wed 09-Mar-11 12:28:06

I don't think it's supposed to be one day's worth of snacks - I could never get through mine in one day!

slowshow Wed 09-Mar-11 12:29:00

I don't think it's supposed to be one day's worth of snacks - I could never get through mine in one day!

BusyMissIzzy Wed 09-Mar-11 12:29:30

I could definitely eat them all in one day blushgrin That's not quite so bad though, spread out over a few days. Still a lot of calories for 4 little boxes of 'healthy' stuff though.

PfftTheMagicDragon Wed 09-Mar-11 12:31:28

The website certainly indicates that they are a box for a day. Looking at it, there isn't anything that specifically says it should be for one day or more, but the blurb sounds like it's one box for one day.

The "energy" box is described as "mostly low GI foods to keep blood sugar levels stable for energy all day long"

However, this page suggests that you re supposed to use it instead of your other food at work, so you shouldn't be eating lunch as well.

BusyMissIzzy Wed 09-Mar-11 12:33:52

Last week I had my box instead of lunch, as it was a good mix of stuff (cheesy bread, chilli crackers, and fruit and nut mixes). This week it's all fruit and nuts, so I'm having it as snacks. But at 500 cals per box I'm going to ration them, one a day!

Clytaemnestra Wed 09-Mar-11 13:15:39

I used to have a grazebox, which was meant to be a lunch replacement, but used to be gone by 2PM then I'd get lunch as well.

They're only good if you have good self discipline!

notsomumsie Wed 09-Mar-11 18:27:29

Its raisins in a stupid box. They are extortionately expensive and anyone who buys it is an idiot, I don't care if you occasionally get some goji berries. My SIL, who is on extensive effing benefits has a subscription, which also irks me. Go and buy a value bag of raisins for 89p and save you and them the bother.

Can you tell I'm in a very bad mood?

withagoat Wed 09-Mar-11 18:28:44

dont snack
you dont NEED to snack
eat meals you frakes

megonthemoon Wed 09-Mar-11 18:33:00

Are you sure you're not looking at the per 100g?

Mine this week per punnet are 235cals, 118 cals, 90 cals and 220 cals. Most weeks they are between 100 and 200 cals. All perfectly reasonable as a snack. But obviously the per 100g can be massive (mine this weeks add up to about 1800cals)

I'm a bit confused. I thought it was snacks to last you a few days, not as a substitute for meals. I usually have one a day as a healthier alternative to my usual breastfeeding snacks...

fedupofnamechanging Wed 09-Mar-11 18:37:52

You'd all be happier with a mars bar grin

lubeybooby Wed 09-Mar-11 18:42:58

My graze boxes work out at about 600 cals for all the punnets, you must have calculated wrong somewhere (thats including when it has flapjack and brazil nuts with choc in it)

gapbear Wed 09-Mar-11 18:43:27

I love my Graze box. I have one a day - I've always assumed that most people only have one snack per day.

This week:
Orange raisins, milk choc and hazelnuts - 215 kcal
Wasabi peanut crackers (my favourite snack ever) - 144 kcal
Figs, apple, cranberries - 98.8 kcal
almonds, peanuts, dark choc covered sunflower seeds - 287 kcal

I agree that you must be looking at the 100g stats...

lubeybooby Wed 09-Mar-11 18:43:49

should say thats all of them added together. What megonthemoon said basically....

gapbear Wed 09-Mar-11 18:44:04

One punnet a day - not one whole Graze box a day!!

nikki1978 Wed 09-Mar-11 18:45:51

Nuts have a LOT of calories.

onlion Wed 09-Mar-11 18:49:07

They are pretty high values for snacks. you should aim to keep them under 100 kcal each surely

withagoat Wed 09-Mar-11 18:49:49

have an bloody apple you ponces

megonthemoon Wed 09-Mar-11 18:57:01

onlion - I've been told around 150cals by a nutritionist. Usually 2 of my graze are above and 2 below and it broadly evens out to that.

withagoat - have an apple? isn't that a snack? i thought you said we didn't need snacks...

hardhatdonned Wed 09-Mar-11 18:57:03

Go to your local health food store and buy the same products in bulk for 1/4 of the price for 8x as much.

hardhatdonned Wed 09-Mar-11 18:57:37

Oh and not everyone is a "sit and eat a meal" type person, i'm certainly not, i eat little and often and cannot manage on 3 sit down meals.

CloudsOfWitness Wed 09-Mar-11 18:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

withagoat Wed 09-Mar-11 19:00:17

its at least healthy and avoids this pointless consumerism

you need to have snakcs POSTED to you?
you wankers

peopel starving in the world etcetc

megonthemoon Wed 09-Mar-11 19:26:35

We'll assume withagoat that you don't have any treats in your life then shall we? No frivolities. No pointless leg waxes, or chocolate bars, or new pairs of shoes when the old ones aren't falling to pieces. Because nobody is allowed a little pleasure of their choosing just because other people are worse off?

<still not cancelling graze box subscription either: i love copacabana too much>

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