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to want to punch this jobsworth security guards block off!!

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altinkum Mon 07-Mar-11 14:12:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FannyFifer Mon 07-Mar-11 14:16:42

Awww that's awful you poor thing.

I would write a complaint re security guard, however if he was manhandling you, depending on what that involved i would possibly report him to the police.

seriouslycantbebothered Mon 07-Mar-11 14:18:00

jees thats really bad . you poor thing someone will be along in a minute to advise you but | didnt want you to think you were on your own .

catsmother Mon 07-Mar-11 14:18:46

That sounds appalling and no, you're not being unreasonable to feel upset and angry. Okay .... the guard may have thought you'd not paid for a hoover they "sold", but there's ways and ways of doing your job and he sounds damned nasty. The manager's reaction was patronising and dismissive .... his employee had humiliated you, upset you, frightened you (? - at mention of police) and walked off without so much as an apology. That's pretty disgusting and I wouldn't be letting this lie personally.

BaadRobot Mon 07-Mar-11 14:20:19

Yep I'd be writing a complaint too. No need to manhandle you if you were co-operating by going back into the store. Don't complain to the individual store though, send it straight to their customer services email / head office. Calmly worded and factual...wait til you feel calmer!

Birdsgottafly Mon 07-Mar-11 14:20:40

Find out the name of the manager. Complain to head office, that was a patronising response from the manager.

Find out what security firm that the guard works for and complain to them as well. He should not have grapped hold of you and this goes against his SIA training. Both the manager and the guard will be pulled up.

They will at least give you shopping vouchers.

minibmw2010 Mon 07-Mar-11 14:20:48

Their behaviour was quite over the top, however the security guard probably does have a point in saying you shouldn't take goods (and I assume this is rather a substantial size box) from other places into another store (and then using their trolley to wheel it around)? However, if you say you don't have a car with a boot you could have left it in and then had no choice but to bring it in then no, YANBU.

Bringonthegoat Mon 07-Mar-11 14:22:46

shock angry

Was all ready to say YABU for wanting to assault someone but as he assaulted you first crack on!!

Do not let this one go - what a bunch of twunts.

Ormirian Mon 07-Mar-11 14:23:11

I'd be complaining. Stupid stupid man!

How dare he?

ashamedandconfused Mon 07-Mar-11 14:23:31

that is shocking, poor you

write a formal complaint to the head office and saying that you are sending a copy to the local manager too

that way head office will want to know WTH they are doing about it

that guy absolutely deserves the sack, at the very least a verbal warning on his record

you deserve a written apology and a goodwill gesture of bouquet/voucher and the manager should do this

you would be within your rights to get the police involved, and I expect there is CCTV - do you have any witness details?

altinkum Mon 07-Mar-11 14:26:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FannyFifer Mon 07-Mar-11 14:28:35

Take photos of your wrists. That's just awful.

Pixieonthemoor Mon 07-Mar-11 14:29:22

Poor poor you - how utterly mortifying. I would def complain, sending a formal letter to the head office and copying the manager of the local store. I wouldnt want anyone to lose their job in the current economic climate but the security guard must be made to see that this simply isnt on. You were co-operating fully and he should not have touched you. Disgusting behaviour. And I would threaten to get the local papers in on it too, if they do not apologise to your satisfaction.

controlpantsandgladrags Mon 07-Mar-11 14:30:30

Absolutely complain and demand a written apology. Was your DS with you whilst this was going on?

kittybuttoon Mon 07-Mar-11 14:30:31


I was 'stopped' in Marks a while back, and asked to show my receipt, in a perfectly pleasant way. I obliged, and it was all very good natured.

I would have insisted that the police be called if anyone had laid a finger on me. I suggest you report the matter to the police, and insist that the officer views the CCTV tape of the incident.

ENormaSnob Mon 07-Mar-11 14:30:36

I know someone who successfully sued for similar treatment.

Personally I would put a serious complaint in to head office and I would seek legal advice.

mayorquimby Mon 07-Mar-11 14:30:50

Sue them.
These type of cases are normally pretty straight-forward.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 07-Mar-11 14:31:23

When I usedto work in Littlewoods years and years ago I was warned by head of security that we had to be 100% sure of a shoplifter. So see them take something and then know that they hadn't dumped it in the shop. We were warned if he got it wrong then we could be sued for defamation of character.

I'm sure being a security guard is a shit job but it sounds like this one got it wrong big time. Its bad enough to be accused infront of others never mind the being pulled back into the job.

Doesn't sound like hte store manager is taking it seriously so yes complain to head office and police if you want to.

KittaKatta Mon 07-Mar-11 14:32:16

I'm glad you've reported this, this guy clearly has an over important view of his job his 'rights' and himself. 'said not on my watch ' FFS who does he think he is?

ENormaSnob Mon 07-Mar-11 14:32:29

Actually I would be inclined to inform the police too.

curlymama Mon 07-Mar-11 14:33:06

Definately take pictures of your wrists right now, even if you decide not to use them later on.

Horrible man should be sacked, take pity on him that the only way he gets to feel slightly superior is by treating a female customer like crap. What a twat!?

JemAndTheHolograms Mon 07-Mar-11 14:37:04

Jeez, hope you're ok now? Definitely inform the police, and take pictures of your wrists before the redness dies down. Seek legal advice as well as you could probably sue the arse off them for this, it will all be on camera. Poor you. I'll bet he wouldn't have been so keen to manhandle you if you'd been a 6 foot strapping bloke would he! Fucking twat! angry

Hope your feeling better soon.

altinkum Mon 07-Mar-11 14:38:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bloodymary Mon 07-Mar-11 14:40:08

Take photos of your wrists.
Speak to the police.
And then complain VERY, VERY LOUDLY.

Some of these security guys are so pissed with power they think they can get away with anything.

Even the police cannot do that to you, never mind some twat on minimal wage!

ScramVonChubby Mon 07-Mar-11 14:43:01

Another one saying take pics of wrists.

And absolutely follow it up: I might not sue (I think it tends to bite you back eventually in rpices / insurance costs etc) but I would certainly take police action.

Hope you're OK altinkum.

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