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To think McDonald's breakfast end too early

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Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 00:48:04

I only get McD's breakfast about once a year.

No 1: Cos I am at work or kids at school in the week.

No 2: I refuse to be "on the move" before 10am on a weekend.

I want a double McSausage with cheese every day.


I want them to scrap the normal menu and stop making me feel bad for getting dressed too late on a weekend.

They also need more drive-thrus - I feel bad shoving my kids out of the car and then circling.

It is affecting my parenting.

worraliberty Sun 06-Mar-11 00:50:25

Michael Douglas had the right idea in the film 'Falling Down' grin

belledechocchipcookie Sun 06-Mar-11 00:50:45

You can make it yourself with some cardboard smile

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 00:53:27

Michael Douglas wasn't in McD though - Adam Sandler in Big Daddy was funnier.

AllGoodNamesGone Sun 06-Mar-11 01:01:48

I agree grin Not that I go to Muck-donalds often you understand!

I am sure people would buy the muffins and bagels all day long.

It's to do with having to switch the grills over isn't it. I say get another grill and serve breakfasts all day!

Once I joined the drive through queue to get a breakfast. Saw the person in front of me get handed theirs ... and was told they were not serving breakfasts anymore. I was polite as it wasn't the fault of the 12 year old lassie at the window but I was not a happy camper!

Emmanana Sun 06-Mar-11 01:05:41

Sausage McMuff is the ONLY thing I would ever eat from there. Wish they did them all day too!

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 01:06:09

AllGood - exactly - you only want one twice a year - but when you need one - you are too ill to get there.

The official reason - apparently - is that they use the same cooking space - therefore have to switch over at 10.


12 would be fine.

I must admit have ranted at "wee lassie" - but only a little.

supersalstrawberry Sun 06-Mar-11 01:09:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 01:10:20

Once I had such a bad H/over that I had a double Sausage McShite with Cheese meal (which includes McHash Brown and McMilkshake). I ate it, and then ordered it again.

It wasn't my fault, there wasn't a drive-thru.

Once when getting the kids' tea I ordered a "driving cheeseburger" (c/b to eat whilst driving) I confessed to DS1 who said - "you are actually very cool".

AllGoodNamesGone Sun 06-Mar-11 01:10:36

I did roll my eyes a bit!

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 01:11:54

Yes - supersal - it MUST be fatcoke.

Best is fat cherry coke.

Diet cherry coke is evil.

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 01:15:28

Allgood - roling your eyes won't help. You should have jousted with the bloke in front for his breakfast.

Once you have a McShite menu in mind it ought to be fulfilled.

How bad did you feel seeing him drive away with "your" breakfast?

You felt bad, it ruined your day.

BertieBotts Sun 06-Mar-11 01:26:02

Once bf got there and they were just on the changeover so they were doing both menus at the same time. He came back with the goods and I have actually never seen him so happy, before or since.

Whatever17 Sun 06-Mar-11 01:43:56

Bertie - I don't believe you. Tell me he came back with stuff from both menus.

Is he well'ard?

queenofboak Sun 06-Mar-11 06:05:28

My local Mcd's does breakfast till 11.

Not so good for my waistline grin

samay Sun 06-Mar-11 06:36:37

Message withdrawn

BertieBotts Sun 06-Mar-11 09:43:47

He did!

On 'ardness though... not so much. He just persuades people with his twinkly eyes. He can climb trees though. And wardrobes.

coastgirl Sun 06-Mar-11 09:46:28

It's 10.30 usually - I know as I am a veteran of the 10.25 dash! We have managed to get there twice now when they were turning the boards over; the advantage was that they sold us every hash brown left for 30p each, which is a real boon to the skint and hungover.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 06-Mar-11 09:49:41

A sausage and egg mcmuffin is lovely. Yum.

YANBU OP, they should do them until 12 at least. As breakfast is cheaper than the 'main' menu though, I suspect this is the reason that they change over so early.
What annoys me is when you get there at 10.23am and the sods have already changed the fryer or whatever bullshit it is they give you. Grrr.

Bogeyface Sun 06-Mar-11 09:59:44

Well thank you.

Thank you so very much indeed.

My appetite has disappeared since being pg, as has my taste for everything I used to like. Except....yep you guessed it...McD's dbl soss muffins!

And can I get one? No I effing cant because my car is shagged and the nearest Maccies is 3 miles away. So thats a whole day of being disappointed and hungry.

thanks, thanks a fecking bunch



coastgirl Sun 06-Mar-11 10:03:14

I sympathise with being PG and needing a McD's!

I walk past a McDirty's on the way to the hospital so I book my midwife appointments for first thing and get a breakfast on the way back. I tell neither midwife nor DH about this, just let them imagine I have been eating muesli, fruit etc grin

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 06-Mar-11 10:19:53

do people eat a bigmac fries ect at 10:30 shock

MillsAndDoom Sun 06-Mar-11 10:22:36

Nothing like a bacon muffin and a hash brown on a weekend morning - but they need to do it til lunchtime for lazyarses with hangovers like me

DuelingFanjo Sun 06-Mar-11 10:28:21


squeakytoy Sun 06-Mar-11 10:35:56

Recipe for your own sausage mcmuffins:

Minced pork, pinch of salt, white pepper and dried sage.

Shape into patties, and shallow fry or griddle..

toast a breakfast muffin, butter it...


I made these the other week and they are really good, and taste better than maccy d's ones.

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