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to think there should be some cool (rather than passive, wet princesses & fairies) fancy dress outfits for girls?

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GraceK Fri 04-Mar-11 00:09:32

I'm not a traditional feminist - mostly think that life in 21st century in the UK is pretty good for both men & women. But DD1 (aged 4.5) has been invited to a fancy dress party in a few weeks. She has never been that interested in fancy dress - can't see the point of getting dressed more than once a day so she only has a flamenco dress & a all-in-one giraffe costume. She has grown out of the flamenco dress & I think the giraffe will be too hot for partying in (its at soft play centre), so I went on Ebay to find a cheap (as won't get used much) outfit and all I could find was bloody Disney princesses, fairies, cheerleaders & (oooh - how radical) nurses!

I am very disappointed - where are the girl pirates, cow girls, police women, red indians (or native Americans if you prefer), insect frocks, cats or even female super heroes? God, it's all so boring & wet & impractical for a soft play party. She's old enough to want to dress as a girl character so I can't just go for a boy's pirate outfit but they are all so wet / passive.

Any suggestions for reasonable groovy costumes?

cath476 Fri 04-Mar-11 00:13:37

Try here

elphabadefiesgravity Fri 04-Mar-11 00:25:17

Dd has a girl pirate oufit I got it from a local fancy dress shop.

She is really into Star Wars too and for ds's star wars themed party she dressed as Princess Leia. I didn;t buy the dress up outfit, just put her in white leggings, long sleeved white t shirt and made some bands for round the arms from leftover silver material and used a belt we already had.

Her absolute favourite dress up outfit though is her witches one. it is actually an adult witches dress from poundstretcher so its a bit lacy asnd no pink or purple which all the girls ones seem to have. We did the green face black opaque tights and she had a hat and broomstick and she was Elphaba.

elphabadefiesgravity Fri 04-Mar-11 00:26:43

I also have a dance costume catalogue with loads of costumes like you have just mentioned cow girl, red indians etc. Some people sell from there on ebay.

SeeJaneKick Fri 04-Mar-11 00:50:55

There are lods of girl pirates! What about a cowgirl? Her off toystory?

Or you can choose from a myriad of animals....queens...they're not girl...make your own....

AnneTwacky Fri 04-Mar-11 07:44:07

How about Jessie from Toy Story

or maybe this|cat:12920417|prd:12920417

heavenstobetsy Fri 04-Mar-11 08:06:50

I hear you!! I just bought a girls pirate costume in Sainsbury - just the same as the boys but has a skirt. I can live with that smile. Think it was about GBP 8

MackerelOfFact Fri 04-Mar-11 09:24:29

Just put her in a "boy's" costume! They're pretty unisex really, aren't they? Nothing to say that a builder/firefighter/police costume can't be worn by a girl.

GraceK Fri 04-Mar-11 10:17:08

I'm happy with a 'boys' costume Mackeral but she won't be - I've tried it. Something unisex like an animal is fine but otherwise it has to have a skirt!

Thanks for all your suggestions. I also had a rant to my mates & it turns out Woolworths have loads of costumes so having a look on there too.

monkeyslut Fri 04-Mar-11 10:47:01

Have a look on They have a few female superhero outfits on there plus a couple of non-'glittery unicorn vomit' costumes.

DD has a Supergirl costume smile

looblylu Fri 04-Mar-11 10:48:28


DD (4) had world book day yesterday and had to dress as her favourite book character.

There was no discussion needed, she knew she wanted to be mildred from the worst witch so we bought a grey shirt, black pinafore, black and grey tie, borrowed a witches hat and crocheted a red sash to go around her waist.

DD goes into school. her class is her, one girl dressed as fantastic mr fox, one girl in her school uniform because mummy forgot..and 13 generic princess/fairy/mermaid costumes

though in this case mostly i was less sad about the pinkification (which i have just decided is a word) and more sad that they werent actually book characters!

meditrina Fri 04-Mar-11 10:51:02

Cath476 has already posted the link I would recommend.

If she likes Star Wars, she's the perfect height for a Yoda costume, and at least Princess Leia has a kick-ass side whilst still being a female costume.

Does anywhere do Elastagirl?

TheCoalitionNeedsYou Fri 04-Mar-11 10:53:22

Pirates/Cats/Doctors/Nurses etc.

Princesses and Fairies don't have to be passive and wet though.

The one in my house does seem to spend quite a lot of time waiting for the prince to wake her up with a kiss.


doobeedoobeedoo Fri 04-Mar-11 10:58:54

Try - you can click on 'Vocational' and choose childrens costumes from professions such as architect, highcourt judge, barrister etc as well as 'Suffragette'!

BluddyMoFo Fri 04-Mar-11 11:00:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exexpat Fri 04-Mar-11 11:00:54

DD went to school as Hermione yesterday - definitely not wet or passive, and as DD pointed out, Hermione is the cleverest one, and brave too, just like her grin.

She has also been Princess Leia in the past, as well as a general-purpose Jedi in her brother's old costume, and a girl ninja - very easy, you just need black leggings and a top, then black hat/tights/material to wrap round their heads.

trice Fri 04-Mar-11 11:03:03

I loved my cowgirl outfit when I was a kid. I had spud guns in my holsters.

exexpat Fri 04-Mar-11 11:03:27

Oh, and she has also been to parties in a general-purpose safari outfit (beige/khaki shirt and shorts etc) clutching a toy snake and a crocodile - officially as crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi, but could easily be adapted to be any other adventurous traveller/wildlife person.

TheCoalitionNeedsYou Fri 04-Mar-11 11:06:36

doobeedoobeedoo - What on EARTH does an architect costume consists of? Black polo neck jumper and interesting spectacles?

CaptainNancy Fri 04-Mar-11 11:06:53

Dd has an astronaut suit (elc), a knights costume (sainsbury), a doctors outfit (jl), a mmedieval dress (ebay), and a vets outfit (elc).

They're not gendered.

TheCoalitionNeedsYou Fri 04-Mar-11 11:08:29

Haha- I've just looked it IS a black polo neck but with a nehru collar suit and no specs.

TheCoalitionNeedsYou Fri 04-Mar-11 11:10:34

That is an APPALLINGLY badly designed website though.

headfairy Fri 04-Mar-11 11:12:06

yanbu, I regularly go to our local ELC and take all the doctors outfits from the "boys" fancy dress hangers and put them on the girls fancy dress hangers

KeenBean Fri 04-Mar-11 11:14:05

what i Hate is the total 'pinkification' of everything for girls. Also for world book day all the girls tend to dress as princesses or fairies. my DD went as Plop the owl instead. You could always go for a witch costume. I don't mind a bit of 'evil' female stereotyping!

getabloodygrip Fri 04-Mar-11 11:17:03

My DD is going to a party tomorrow as a policewoman.

Recently she went as a pirate.

We have a doctor, a knight, a camel, all of which she has worn too for dressing up. She actively refuses to wear anything to do with mermaids/fairies or whatever.

She has, though, like keenbean's worn a witch outfit!

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