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To loathe Baby on Board

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BellaMagnificat Wed 02-Mar-11 19:45:13

Even though, yeh,yeh, I understand it's all apparently about, if you're in an horrific accident, the rescue team can search for the baby ( if the sticker was still visible and the car seat was not...)

Actually it's a bit of smugness like 'we are pregnant' that makes me froth at the mouth and want to vom.

I have dogs in transit.

So there.

BellaMagnificat Wed 02-Mar-11 19:46:08

Oh, and a once a year for her MOT check, a cat, have just been reminded.

BellaMagnificat Wed 02-Mar-11 19:47:05

Also, where are they from? Have never seen them for sale anywhere. Perhaps they are given away free with nappies and Cow&Gate powder?

NotANaturalGeordie Wed 02-Mar-11 19:47:33

If these notices are there in case of an accident, why doesn't anyone take them out when the baby is NOT in the car? That's what bugs me. smile

TooManyButtons Wed 02-Mar-11 19:49:52


"Well I was going to drive into the back of you, but now I see you have an infant in the car I won't bother"

AMumInScotland Wed 02-Mar-11 19:50:05

They're not used by the emergency services, that's just an urban myth. They are just "we are happy to tell you we've got a baby" signs, no more than that. I always read them as "Danger - sleep-deprived driver" signs grin

Firawla Wed 02-Mar-11 19:50:06

yes they tend to be given free i think, unless people wanna go for those pink "princess on board" or cheeky monkey on board kinda thing..

5DollarShake Wed 02-Mar-11 19:51:08


I mean, 'car decor'. Just why would you? confused

catwhiskers10 Wed 02-Mar-11 19:54:41

YANBU they are a pet hate of mine. It's like they need advertise the fact that they have a baby.
However... The first day we took my DD out in the car (apart from driving home from hospital) a total arsehole tried to bully us into another lane on the road and nearly drove into the side of our car and I wondered if maybe people had these signs to stop other cars doing stuff like that? Goes without saying though that you should be driving safely all the time, not just if a baby is on board.

Fourleaf Wed 02-Mar-11 19:56:24

YANBU, I have always wondered what the point of them was. They are very popular it seems... we have a baby but have never felt the need to stick one up.

LadyOfTheManor Wed 02-Mar-11 19:57:18

YANBU I hate them with a passion;

"Oh oh a baby on board, better slow down". As if. They piss me off.

And no, I've never seen them for sale, they're probably given away with free samples of Nestle milk powder.

ellangirl Wed 02-Mar-11 19:57:38

Lol at toomanybuttons! A gay friend of mine has 'princess on board'- always makes me laugh.

toeragsnotriches Wed 02-Mar-11 19:58:44

OK so flame me but I used to hate them too until I had a car refusnik DS2 who screamed everywhere we went. I just sort of hoped people would give me a wide berth because I was driving so craply. Also, found it useful on occasion in car parks when people couldn't figure why I was taking so long with my huge bum in the air fiddling around with something on the back seat. ( I was busy kneeing/elbowing DS2 into the car seat.)

But it's OUT now things have settled down. So it's OK drive into the back of me now! grin

toeragsnotriches Wed 02-Mar-11 19:59:53

Have also seen 'Grandchild on Board' and 'Expecting mum on board'. Ugh.

Dozer Wed 02-Mar-11 20:00:37

Yanbu. Totally agree, and the accident thing is bollocks too, as emergency services would surely see car seats.

DaydreamDollyisshrinking Wed 02-Mar-11 20:01:56

YANBU. Hate them. An ante natal friend has a massive day glo yellow one in her massive gas guzzling 4x4 and I am embarassed to park near her when we meet blush

JamaicaGeisha Wed 02-Mar-11 20:02:33

People are proud of their kids and show it in different (often superfluous and annoying) ways. You might not like that way. Get over it!

NotSoPukeyMummy Wed 02-Mar-11 20:37:34

MIL told me there was an accident (or maybe more than one accident) in the 60's or 70's where a baby wasn't spotted after an accident, it was all over the news, and that is how they came about (in the days before car seats).

MIL wouldn't lie to me, surely? shock

5DollarShake Wed 02-Mar-11 20:39:22

Oh, we're over it. We're just judging freely and wantonly while we're at it. grin.

NotSoPukeyMummy Wed 02-Mar-11 20:40:31

OK, Wikipedia says it's an urban myth created to help sell the things.

Am still shock at MIL telling me something untrue!

<plots a way to let her know this and make her feel bad...>

BTW, I bought one for our car when DD was born because of what MIL said, then took the thing down - farking thing was blocking my view out of the back window.

BusyMissIzzy Wed 02-Mar-11 20:42:01

You'd hate me then grin, I have a pink heart-shaped one with a little cuddly bird hanging from it. It's purely decorative, I have no illusions of it being informative to emergency services or whatever. I saw it in Babies 'R' Us (was there with ILs not long after DD was born) liked it, and bought it. Of course YANBU to dislike them, but I never understand the vitriol they seem to get on here. Horses for courses, surely? <shrug>

AMumInScotland Wed 02-Mar-11 20:42:22

NotSo - nope sorry it's an urban myth!

Edinburghlass Wed 02-Mar-11 20:48:57

Purely bragging about your own fertility - can't stand them

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 02-Mar-11 20:51:47

YANBU - they are a pet hate of mine too. I drive no differently now I have a DD, and I treat drivers with a baby on board sign no differently to any other driver, so to me they are pointless tack.
I like to think I am a good driver and don't suffer road rage (much grin) and I don't think arseholes bad drivers will look at a car with a baby on board sign and think ah there is a baby in that car I had better stop driving like a complete tosser.

toomanycakes Wed 02-Mar-11 20:52:55

YANBU, I cannot bear the things!

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