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to think my Le Creuset frying pan should last forever?

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LadyWellian Tue 15-Feb-11 23:47:30

I've only had it 15 years and things are starting to stick. I can no longer cook fish or even contemplate an omelette.

I've been nice to it, never used any metal utensils or abrasive cleaners.

Am I going to have to get a new one? Does anyone know where I can get a Le Creuset mortgage?

magicmummy1 Tue 15-Feb-11 23:55:45

Did it come with a lifetime guarantee?

LadyWellian Tue 15-Feb-11 23:59:18

There's a question. I honestly don't know, but they are so bloody expensive I'd have expected a bit more. I've had my Le Creuset saucepans 17 years and they are all fine, though admittedly they probably get less intense heat and the inside coating is something different.

pigletmania Wed 16-Feb-11 00:02:24

For the price they are, I would expect them to last forever.

outnumbered2to1 Wed 16-Feb-11 00:04:44

my brother just got a complete set on line somewhere for half price....

I'll find out where from and let you know

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 16-Feb-11 00:05:10

You have to treat them every once in a while. Put some old cooking oil (a couple of inches) in there and put it on a low heat for a few hours. That should sort it.

LadyWellian Wed 16-Feb-11 00:26:59

Thanks outnumbered and Dione. Will the oil treatment lift the black bits which are now increasing every time I cook?

AuntiePickleBottom Wed 16-Feb-11 00:29:57 281.prd?browseToken=%2fq%2fle+creuset+frying+pan&p rdToken=/p/prod6209674-sku9910499

only 1.40 a week

LadyWellian Wed 16-Feb-11 00:44:20

Thanks Auntie. 26cm seems a bit small so will have to measure mine. It costs a lot less if you go for the £2.15 a week option. (£33 less overall)

Morloth Wed 16-Feb-11 03:41:25

Have you tried the le creuset pot and pan cleaner? Mine is 13 now and still going strong, I give it a scrub with this stuff every month or so and I oil it after washing/drying.

TheSkiingGardener Wed 16-Feb-11 03:45:43

Is it a standard one or a nonstick? The non stick ones don't have the lifetime guarantee as it is expected to only last 10-15 years. If it's a normal one then I would say a really good scrub, reseason it, and start again.

onceamai Wed 16-Feb-11 06:25:44

I drpped a lid on a stone floor and it broke in two at about 16!

deepheat Wed 16-Feb-11 07:51:45

Problem is with the non-stick coating. Surprisingly, the normal non-stick coatings applied to pans (certainly 15 years ago) actually degrade as a result of the heat they're exposed to. Anything above 180 degrees approx (either in hob or oven) and the surface will gradually get damaged. This is why you're always advised to make sure the pan is never hot without anything in it.

Anyway, not much you can do about it sad. The only LC guarantees I've seen have just covered the workmanship and the cast-iron bit of the pan.

Recommend you get a ceramic pan next time rund. I've just got one from Green Pan for approx £70 and its bloody marvellous. Can also handle heat up to 400 degrees.

BeenBeta Wed 16-Feb-11 08:06:01

I have a cast iron barbecue hot plate for doing steaks, vegetables, etc that I put straight on top of the gas burner.

I also bought a cast iron skillet/frying pan a few months ago. It was much cheaper than thw alternatives (about £12 for a 30 cm pan) and it has rapidly become my favourite piece of cooking equipment. Use metal tools and no need to worry about scratching it. Omlettes come out perfect as does everything else.

It takes a bit of time to cure, very heavy and shatter if dropped but I had read that cooking on iron is a different experience and it is. I dont put it in the dishwasher. Just scrub under hot water and then wipe dry and put a bit of olive oil on with kitchen paper to stop it going rusty.

I wouldn't go back to frying with a steel or non stick pan now.

NacMacFeegle Wed 16-Feb-11 08:38:54

I have Le Cruset from about 1982 all used every day and fine. It was my Mum's! Hideous yellow colour.

But second the suggestion of good scrub and them reseason.

StarlightPrincess Wed 16-Feb-11 08:40:36

They should for that price!!!

Marjoriew Wed 16-Feb-11 08:41:09

I bought my wok in a charity shop for £7

PickleSarnie Wed 16-Feb-11 09:33:19

My auntie had to give all hers away because she wasn't able to lift them any more (I struggle sometimes!) So the pans may last for ever but your ability to use them may not.

onceamai, I'm surprised at the lid breaking! I always thought that Le Creuset would be the winner in a pan/floor fight!

SylvanianFamily Wed 16-Feb-11 09:38:33

I think non-stick is generally a bit short term and unreliable. I'm impressed with 15yrs tbh. Well cured cast iron pan is definitely the way to go for 'forever' cookware.

Bogeyface Wed 16-Feb-11 09:53:57

Mine hasnt been non stick for ages now and it is only 8 years old! I have been kind to mine too.

Will try the oil thing suggested above because the coating isnt actually coming off.

florenceuk Wed 16-Feb-11 10:02:03

Have you tried boiling vinegar in it - will help to lift any black bits (if it is non-stick).

thatsadadnotamum Tue 29-Nov-16 12:21:28

Wire brush all the teflon off and you should have a great cast iron pan - trying it tonight :-)

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