To think hairless pudenda look gross?

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EricNorthmansMistress Sat 29-Jan-11 23:57:07

watching not a regular watcher of porn so I'm not innured to the sight of hair free pubic zones on women - so I donut get why would you want your whole labia exposed like that? It looks completely gross on an adult woman. Cameltoesville. Ick.

GreenEyesandHam Sun 30-Jan-11 00:00:35


But then you haven't seen my pubic hair au naturelle, so.....

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:01:26

I don't know what a pedenda is

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 30-Jan-11 00:01:57


EricNorthmansMistress Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:16

I have no objection to trimming/tidying/shaping. It's the complete baldness of the front bit I find icky. Fanjo lips should be disguised somewhat I think, for aesthetic reasons!

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:29


I think they look a bit like a sad old man


in our house it's called 'the gruffalo'

FabbyChic Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:47

I think just having a wee stripe is enough or a little square, I personally find hair down below unhygienic.

TitusOates Sun 30-Jan-11 00:03:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreenEyesandHam Sun 30-Jan-11 00:04:18

Actually, I think pudenda look gross,full stop.

I mean... euuuurgggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Is a sprinkling of hair such a redeeming feature?

Thank Christ I don't have to look at it is all I can say

nooka Sun 30-Jan-11 00:06:35

pudenda is a good word isn't it? grin I prefer au naturel

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:07:19

Lol green!!

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 30-Jan-11 00:07:51

Pudenda is a great word grin I learnt it in GCSE english (Philip Larkin) and it resonated...

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:08:01

Gruffalo is much better

ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Sun 30-Jan-11 00:08:37

Yours might, the one on Sexetera might... who knows... mine is lovely wink

Chocolocolate Sun 30-Jan-11 00:11:44

I tried hairless once, it was awful - something sick and pre-pubescent about it.

Never again!


FudgeGirl Sun 30-Jan-11 00:14:39

I hate mine furry. Mine hasn't changed at all since I was small, it's exactly the same, which is probably weird.

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 30-Jan-11 00:15:42

I shaved all mine off once too out of curiosity. Couldn't bear to look at it, there was a mirror opposite the loo in my office and I got a peek as i was pulling up my knicks <shudder> glad i did it as now I know how ming it looks!

(but I'm sure chipping's is indeed lovely)

cantspel Sun 30-Jan-11 00:17:28

I dont care what other womens muffs look like as i dont want or need to to look at them

lockets Sun 30-Jan-11 00:19:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:28:53

Horrible Horrible things can happen to you if you let it overgrow though

I know of a girl (*cough* err me) who let it get a bit wild- the ex had a toungue bar and it got tangled


let that be a warning to you all.

BelfastBloke Sun 30-Jan-11 00:32:47


velouria Sun 30-Jan-11 00:37:39

I agree, I worked as an HCA and cleaned my fair share of genitals, both ill and post birth. Honestly nothing more off putting than whipping the sheets back and seeing a bare one.

They look much better with a beard, bare ones are just so fanny like, staring at you in their fanny like ways. I'm sure pubic hair is there for a reason, don't know what it is, but I bet it's a good one grin

velouria Sun 30-Jan-11 00:42:10

I don't even agree with the "trimmed and hairless underneath" thing either tbh. Then again I'm not that hairy really, I understand that for some women pubic hair doesn't read the job description and strays to other areas.

I let my fanny be, hairy and proud.

<did I just post that hmm>

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sun 30-Jan-11 00:44:08

Yep, you did- I have recently grown mine and I look like a thatched cottage

cantspel Sun 30-Jan-11 00:44:37

stop worrying about it as it falls out anyway the older you get.

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