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They're doing what now?

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Bassett22 Sat 29-Jan-11 08:39:59

Disclaimer: I'm new here, so not sure if this is the right topic area - seems to be the most popular one though

As a partner/husband of several years, and father of six months, I overheard a colleague the other day talking about something called "sex".

Can anyone explain to me what this so-called "sex" is about? From what I caught of the conversation it sounds quite intriguing, but when I posed the idea to my wife, she suggested it's probably not something I'd be interested in.

Is it a sport, or more of a pastime? I already enjoy watching cricket, so perhaps I don't need another hobby. Still, any enlightenment would be gratefully received.


gapbear Sat 29-Jan-11 08:41:52

No, no, you wouldn't be at all interested in the sex. If you do it, your willy will fall off.

Stick with cricket. Your wife will thank you for it.

PuppyMonkey Sat 29-Jan-11 08:43:19

Isn't it a bit like rounders? Not sure.

maxybrown Sat 29-Jan-11 08:45:12

I asked my Husband and he said he'd never heard of it - sounds like you might be better to look at other hobbies.

WincyEtNightie Sat 29-Jan-11 08:46:16

I think you would get more replies if you reposted this in World Cup 2010 Topic. HTH

FoundWanting Sat 29-Jan-11 08:50:00

Ooh. I've heard of this. I think it was quite popular about 12 years ago. I was pregnant at the time with PFB and remember thinking that it wasn't for me.

It's one of those extreme sports, isn't it? Like bungee-jumping off bridges?

Pancakeflipper Sat 29-Jan-11 08:51:15

listen to your wife - she knows what you'd be good and what you'd be crap at.

JockTamsonsBairns Sat 29-Jan-11 08:51:25

You know what they say - you never hear about anything good when you eavesdrop. If I were you, I'd just let it lie, and vow never to allow the subject to pass your lips again.

This "colleague" sounds like a right one to me. In fact, if there's any further talk of this sex business, I'd be reporting him to the relevant authorities. His head should roll for this angry.

Hope this helps. And welcome to Mumsnet.

senua Sat 29-Jan-11 09:04:38

"I think you would get more replies if you reposted this in World Cup 2010 Topic."

No, he wants MN to start a World Cup 2011 section. OP, after thinking that the team were so strong and hard in the Ashes do you now think that they have been a bit, erm, limp in the ODIs? grin

Bassett22 Sat 29-Jan-11 09:14:18

Thanks all, good to know there's a generally consistent opinion on this topic. Must just be one of those fads that'll pass, like Spacehoppers.

@senau: WC11 topic might be a bit pointless - Andy Gray tells me that women can't understand cricket anyway...

senua Sat 29-Jan-11 09:27:03

hmm Be careful what you say, you're still a newbie here!grin

Actually, they might do a Rugby WC11. Some women on here get very excited by the sight of muscular men grunting "heave" whilst playing with their odd-shaped balls.

Bumperrlicious Sat 29-Jan-11 09:43:21

Like many sports men of England think they invented it therefore think they deserve to be the best at it, but are always surprised when they invariably beaten at it by Spain or Italy.

Bumperrlicious Sat 29-Jan-11 09:44:21

Or Roger Federer. Yum.

brightlightsandpromise Sat 29-Jan-11 09:45:06

Yeah, i can imgaine the OP is a bit of a rugby afficionado - honey, stick to playing balls. Sex is over rated anyway unless you know what you are doing!

mommmmyof2 Sat 29-Jan-11 09:46:42


brightlightsandpromise Sat 29-Jan-11 09:46:42

oh and you are a bit late, this should be a friday night thread

Anniegetyourgun Sat 29-Jan-11 09:49:43

My God, what has happened to society? On an internet forum, open to the whole world, people can quite casually discuss sex as if it was no big deal. No wonder this country is in a state.

Sex is evil and wicked and if you care about your colleagues at all, you will warn them that if they indulge in this filthy practice they will go to Hell.

Now please, stop mentioning it.

<scrubs eyeballs with bleach>

Psammead Sat 29-Jan-11 09:52:10

It is strictly a one-player, non-contact sport, or so DH constantly whines.

ConcreteElephant Sat 29-Jan-11 10:24:06

Perhaps your wife noticed you play more of a tail-ender T20 innings than a Strauss/Cook test opening partnership?

Just a thought...

Bassett22 Mon 07-Mar-11 09:39:35

Tried to explain the excitement and unpredictability of the World Cup at the moment, but nothing doing. Maybe the cricket analogy can only go so far.

RedGreenBlue Wed 29-Jun-11 14:14:40

sorry, namechanged since joining and can't work out how to change back

Much like the cricket, we managed to fit one game in a month ago but all subsequent fixtures have been rained off. Might need to re-oil my bat if it's much longer to the next meeting.

This is meant to be a summer sport, isn't it?

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 29-Jun-11 14:17:40

As always in this digital age, there's a website that could explain everything to you Basset in words of one sound.

Just google Dragon Butter, that'll take you straight to it.


And welcome.


worraliberty Wed 29-Jun-11 14:18:37

I've learnt from MN that "sex" is something men tend to do one handed whilst balancing their Laptops on their knees grin

Quenelle Wed 29-Jun-11 14:18:56

And just FYI, an Orgasm is like a sneeze, but rarer nicer.

RedGreenBlue Wed 29-Jun-11 14:20:08

Nice try CTR but I've been here long enough to have seen that one. The oldest jokes are the oldest.

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