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Nudity and Modesty

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0karen Fri 28-Jan-11 21:30:05

Wasn't sure where to put this as it is no really AIBU question

A thread in teens got me curious how comfortable are you about nudity and at what age did you find modesty.

When I was growing up I rarely saw mum nude and never dad but it never bothered me being seen nude, by my parents or anyone else. Everyone just walked into my bedroom, when I was in the bath and sunbathed nude in the garden.

I am often nude around my house now and so are my DDs although when someone calls round I cover up unless I know them well.

I do not get people who go abroad, strip off on the beach but are modest when in the UK

clevercloggs Fri 28-Jan-11 21:31:50

i go nude even though my kids are grown up, not in front of them mind but dash to and from the bathroom with nothing on

i never lock the bathroom door,

never found it a prob so far

RevoltingPeasant Fri 28-Jan-11 22:04:53

Very and never.

<swanks around naked>

dementedma Fri 28-Jan-11 22:13:12

never nude in front of the kids.

FudgeGirl Fri 28-Jan-11 22:17:07

I am often nude around my house now and so are my DDs although when someone calls round I cover up unless I know them well.

Just out of interest, what constitutes knowing someone well shock

bubblewrapped Fri 28-Jan-11 22:19:08

I was wondering that too..

I would feel very uncomfortable no matter how well I know someone if they sat there naked when I called round.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 28-Jan-11 22:19:42

Wander round nude when the dcs are away at university as does DH. Not in front of the children though. And the bedroom door has a lock.

expatinscotland Fri 28-Jan-11 22:21:30

It's freezing here of the time. Too cold to be nude. I don't often see the point, either.

A lot of people here seem to treat it like some kind of badge of honour and if you don't parade around nude you're repressed or wrong.

FudgeGirl Fri 28-Jan-11 22:23:52

A lot of people here seem to treat it like some kind of badge of honour and if you don't parade around nude you're repressed or wrong


lowercase Fri 28-Jan-11 22:24:00

i was born nude blush

expatinscotland Fri 28-Jan-11 22:29:50

I don't get why wearing clothes = modesty.

Or why anyone gives a shit what other people do in their home.

oldraver Fri 28-Jan-11 22:34:02

Around the house I'm open about nudity, even my older son doesnt blink an eyelid and will still come into my rooom (he is more modest about his own nudity and I respect that). Not really keen on nudity outside of the house ie on the beach unless its needed say I'm at a meaasuer or physio

Imnotaslimjim Fri 28-Jan-11 22:38:43

Nudity is not a big thing to me, my dad is a naturist and is normally found nude if you call round. Those that know him know they need to knock before entering (door permanently unlocked) and give a holler just in case he didn't hear. If they are strangers they would be knocking and waiting anyway as strangers don't let themselves into your house! I am often naked at home and have no big issue with it, and let DC's see me naked all the time as does DH but once we're downstairs we get dressed

expatinscotland Fri 28-Jan-11 22:40:11

You must all live in very warm houses.

Beamur Fri 28-Jan-11 22:41:22

I don't like being naked. Never have, even as a small child.
I've never gone topless, but I'm relaxed in my own home at DD and DP seeing me getting dressed and such like.
I suppose I dress quite modestly.

TapselteerieO Fri 28-Jan-11 22:41:48

My parents were always wandering around nude, beaches and at home. I am very self conscious nude (various reasons and some of them I would not discuss here), if you want to think me prudish or whatever it doesn't upset me, but I would not strip off on a beach abroad either.

As my children get older I am less comfortable being naked in front of them, I tend to put something on if they come into bed with me now. They are not bothered about nudity afaik.

monkeyflippers Fri 28-Jan-11 22:41:50

OP - so you are walking around naked and someone knocks on the door and if you know them well you don't cover up? How well?

minko Fri 28-Jan-11 22:44:31

I'm all for a bit of nudity. Even go to naturist camps on holiday. But it has to be hot for me to get my kit off. I don't understand nudity for the sake of it... Also agree with Expat, it's too flippin' cold in our house!

0karen Fri 28-Jan-11 23:45:09

How well?

People with whom the subject has been breached and they are OK with nudity.

It is usually people that have known me for a while. It is kind of common knowledge at work for example, so people who react oh how disgusting, perverted, it not something I would do, if they come round I quickly slip something on. On the other hand if they react by telling you that it doesn't bother them, tell me they are often naked or something like that then it usually they are fine. Often people reactions are not clear so I play safe.

As for the cold, I think I must have got accustomed to it as I feel it a lot less then other people seem to

When planning holidays I do not look for nudist places if there is one fine if not fine too

Live along a track road with a row of houses on one side of the road, the house is behind a hedge that is very tall. Have a couple of cameras so can see who is at tthe door

lololizzy Fri 28-Jan-11 23:47:41

my mum walked around nude a lot. My dad, no. but i often walk around nude at home..well only when it's me and DP and the heating's on!

cornsilk Fri 28-Jan-11 23:48:10

Do you not leaves pubes about the place if you hang about nude all the time?

bubblewrapped Fri 28-Jan-11 23:49:38

Would you not find it a bit fucking weird, sitting there with it all hanging out, while having a conversation with someone who has come to visit.

They may say that it doesnt bother them, but secretly think you are either some sort of exhibitionist, or mentally unstable.

Its hardly difficult to throw an item of clothing on to cover yourself up.

sharon2609 Sat 29-Jan-11 00:06:53

I am happy for my DD 12 to see me nude in my bedroom. Even just so she knows that it's normal for women to have pubic hair. I have a sad feeling that she's taken to shaving hers off, although I haven't seen her nude for a couple of years now.

dementedma Sat 29-Jan-11 18:01:23

Shaving her pubic hair off at 12? Really??

sharon2609 Sat 29-Jan-11 22:15:34

Thats the least of my worries

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