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to love this fabulous link, following on from the pubic hair debates the other day...

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CarmenSanDiego Mon 17-Jan-11 09:30:28

Amanda Palmer 'Map of Tasmania'

This cheered me up immensely after the debates the other week suggesting that pubic hair is deeply unfashionable. Amanda Palmer's flying a rather fabulous flag the other way.

"That's so whack, it hurts with the stubble, walking round, look like an eight year old..."

ZillionChocolate Mon 17-Jan-11 09:37:51

I thought the song was rubbish but I'd quite like some lego pants.

CarmenSanDiego Mon 17-Jan-11 09:38:41

I find the song a grower... Possibly a bad choice of words though, given the content grin

upahill Mon 17-Jan-11 09:44:56

It made me laugh and I have a feeling this song is now going to be on replay in my head all day!!!

tomhardyismydh Mon 17-Jan-11 10:03:08

grin grin grin

Jux Mon 17-Jan-11 10:22:03


(though I notice they shave their legs)

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