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really want to keep ds aged 5 home from school

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AuntiePickleBottom Mon 17-Jan-11 01:40:48

i just want him home with me, i miss him so much since he started school and i am already waiting for 1/2 term

ButterPieify Mon 17-Jan-11 01:44:19

Could you HE? Obviously only if it suits him too, but then you could both go out to things together. It will be my first port of call if either of mine don't settle.

AuntiePickleBottom Mon 17-Jan-11 01:59:12

could not offord to HE, i miss him so much just want to goof off and pend time alone with him whilr dd is at child care

ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Mon 17-Jan-11 02:27:19

While DD is in Childcare??

Do you want to talk about that?

Deciduousblonde Mon 17-Jan-11 02:32:10


Misfitless Mon 17-Jan-11 02:45:50

PickleBottom - this is all about you and is a bit odd TBH.

You haven't even mentioned him other than to say you miss him.

Can we focus on DS for a minute? How has he settled in school? Is he happy? Does he appear to enjoy his days? Has he made friends?

And what's with the apparant preference for DS over DD?

I do understand your feelings - my DS was 4years and 1 week old and I missed him dreadfully and felt that we should have had another year together before he started full time school. And IME there is something more vunerable about boys.

But...what's wrong with you lot?
Butter - Have I missed the point - surely HE should only be considered if it's in DC's best interests and not because mummy dearest misses her little one and wants him home whilst DD is in child care?

HE is taken far too lightly IMO.

YANBU to miss him.
YABVVVVU to seriously consider keeping him off school for anything other than illness, or extreme bullying or a funeral IMHO.

How on earth are you going to cope when he grows up and moves out?

libelulle Mon 17-Jan-11 05:08:16

Wow that came over as sanctimonious misfitless and chippingin. I'm guessing op has a younger dd who is with her most of the time; she's not expressing a preference for one child over the other but just wanting some one-on-one time with her son! I love baby ds to bits but I'm longing for him to be old enough to be left for a while so I can spend quality time alone with my older (and yes, at the moment, frankly more entertaining, ie walking and talking) dd.

Op of course yanbu; I'm guessing your son is doing absolutely fine in school and that you aren't genuinely thinking of withdrawing him - just that you miss him so! Don't know how I'll cope either when the time comes. Can you get dh to look after dd for a bit one Saturday so you can get some good goofing off time together with ds?

Misfitless Mon 17-Jan-11 06:19:15

Really? Sorry for sactimonious ..ness!

But YABU OP, to think of keeping DS off school becasue you miss him. I took your question to be a genuine one and that you are genuinely considering keping him off school because you miss, him for a day/afternoon?

This is disrupting his education for your own gain, really. I'm sure he'd love it, of course, but whether you'd both have a great time isn't really a good enough reason to do it IMHO.

I know how you feel - like I said I missed DS terribly for the whole of the first year and still do sometimes.

Anyway just wanted to apologise for sanctimonious tone.

Lib has some good helpful supportive advice unlike me which I would second!

Bucharest Mon 17-Jan-11 06:55:54

Is he enjoying school?

That is the only question you need to answer.

If he is, then you know you are being U. (and more than a little odd)

Chil1234 Mon 17-Jan-11 07:13:14

YANBU to miss your son but you are being unreasonable to consider keeping him home from school. If you're bored, make friends and find ways to keep yourself occupied. If you think you may be depressed, see your GP.

Lulumaam Mon 17-Jan-11 07:21:39

YABU if it is to satisfy your needs

from what other posters say you have a DD too?

you have time in teh morning with him before school and several hours after school with him before bed to spend time with him too

and all weekend

if you're not occupied in the day with DD , then I second the suggestion to find some other things to fill your day

HSMM Mon 17-Jan-11 07:29:45

My DD is 11 yrs old now and I still miss her when she goes to school. I am in a position where I could HE and would be prepared to, but she wants to go to school, so she does.

I would just be glad that he is happy at school and look forward to half term.

onceamai Mon 17-Jan-11 07:44:26

I think it's lovely that you miss him and want to spend some time with him. Think he has to go to school though - today and every other day unless he's unwell. Get dd to nursery, have a coffee, phone a friend, and do something for you so that you are happy and relaxed when they both get home.

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