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To have asked for my money back?

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Dolcegusto Sun 16-Jan-11 23:12:39

Took dds (2 & 4) to soft play today, one I'd never been to before, paid £4 for them to play but left after 10 mins as there were teenagers and parents in there sprinting around and knocking smaller kids over.

There was also a dad in the ball pit set aside for babies with about six older kids (probably about 8-10 yo) having a ball fight that looked pretty violent, definitely could not have put 2 yo dd in there.

Finally left when I heard dd2 crying, so I went in to get her to find get crying in a corner, had to carry her out as she was so scared.

Dd1 didn't seem to mind it too much, but when I put dd2 to bed tonight, she told me 'soft play scary mummy'.

I dint think iabu but am interested in what others would have done.

FabbyChic Sun 16-Jan-11 23:13:36

I think under those circumstances I would have asked for my money back.

MadamDeathstare Sun 16-Jan-11 23:22:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charliesmommy Sun 16-Jan-11 23:26:22

I would have been furious and asked for my money back. Are there no staff on duty to keep an eye on things?

The one I take grandaughter too has got two seperate areas, one for under 5's.. one for older kids. And it is monitored closely.

Dolcegusto Sun 16-Jan-11 23:30:49

I think they problem was that there were 3 birthday parties going on so it was really busy.

I spoke to the manager who said that the parents could go in if there dcs were in there, no problem with that at all but you'd think they'd have a bit of consideration for smaller dcs. In fact I saw one mother slide down some foam steps upside down on her back and knock over 3 dcs who were trying to climb up the steps.

Was surprised dd2 was so freaked out by it, she's normally the first to jump into a group of bigger kids but for her to be scared and it to still be on her mind at bedtime says a lot really.

cat64 Sun 16-Jan-11 23:44:52

Message withdrawn

Dolcegusto Sun 16-Jan-11 23:49:58

I agree cat, but I went for lunch as a treat for the dcs as I've been working lots lately. I told the manager it wouldn't put me off coming back, I'd just do it on a week day when it was quieter.

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