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to go to party alone

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megansmummy1 Sun 16-Jan-11 19:29:34

My brother is 30 in a few weeks and planning a big party, it will be no kids so we cant both go as have no childcare, i mentioned to DH this morning that i might go on my own if off work, its not really his scene in the first place and he certainly wouldn't go on his own, i thought it was perfectly reasonable but given the frosty silence followed by screaming match it apparently wasn't! I very rarely go out without him and he goes out socialising with his friends twice a week AIBU?

Sequins Sun 16-Jan-11 19:30:36

No of course YANBU. His reaction is shocking.

Sequins Sun 16-Jan-11 19:31:48

PS if babysitters are hard to come by either DH and I go on our own to meet up even with mutual friends as we like to hear the news from the one that went and otherwise we would miss out altogether.

gingernutlover Sun 16-Jan-11 19:32:03


why does he think you shouldnt go alone? Is it a swingers party or something? Or does he think he's the only one that should get to go out?

BeerTricksPotter Sun 16-Jan-11 19:33:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noodle69 Sun 16-Jan-11 19:33:32

If it was me I would just put the kids to bed, then tell him I was going out to put the bins out/do the recycling and then just go to the party and come back in the morning, but I am a bitch lol wink

BluddyMoFo Sun 16-Jan-11 19:35:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BluddyMoFo Sun 16-Jan-11 19:36:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seaweedhead Sun 16-Jan-11 19:36:36

YANBU. What's his problem? Is he the jealous type who thinks you'll be off flirting with other men if you leave his watchful gaze?

Besides its your brother and he'll only turn 30 once.

megansmummy1 Sun 16-Jan-11 19:40:33

lol, hope its not a swingers party, my parents will be there - yuk. apparently he thinks me saying i will go on own makes him feel disposable and that i don't want him there, he also said if it were other way round, he wouldn't go which i said was pathetic - thats when the shouting started!!

megansmummy1 Sun 16-Jan-11 19:45:10

He was of course invited but there is no chance of babysitter as we live about 50miles away so will prob be an overnighter at my parents who are closer, he is not normally a jealous type, starting to agree with beertricks!

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