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To wonder why female mastibation is still such a taboo subject?

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HenriettaPeck Sun 16-Jan-11 17:22:25

I even name changed to post this!

My female friends and I talk about anything and everything, similarly on here there seems to be few topics that are not discussed and yet the topic of woman mastibating never appears to be discussed.

I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of woman do indulge in a little diy from time to time, and tbh I wouldn't believe anybody who told me they never had.

So why is it still such a taboo subject ?

FabbyChic Sun 16-Jan-11 17:23:52

I do not believe it is taboo, it is however private.

I've not seen many threads talking about guys wanking either.

Maybe people like to keep it to themselves?

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 16-Jan-11 17:26:12

I talk to my close friends about it...when the subject comes up, you understand, not on a regular basis! I'm not embarrassed about it in general.

Takeresponsibility Sun 16-Jan-11 17:26:53

Isn't that the whole point of it?

tyler80 Sun 16-Jan-11 17:27:50

I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say it's taboo, just not something that's often discussed. I don't think it's a bad thing.

I do think there's still a gender difference. Some of my male friends will make reference to 'cracking one off' or similar.

If you wanted it to be gender equal though, i'd prefer the men stopped discussing it rather than the women started.

ReshapeWhileDamp Sun 16-Jan-11 17:28:51

I dunno, I had a bit of a chat with my MW about this the other day. DH was in the room, though we did tell him to pin his ears shut! I've talked about it to a few female friends over the years - depends entirely on the friend, really. I mean, I'm unlikely to strike up a female masturbation chat over coffee with the Yummies at DS's preschool art club! grin

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 16-Jan-11 17:28:53

Isn't that the whole point of it?

what does that mean? confused

DuplicitousBitch Sun 16-Jan-11 17:28:59

i can't imagine talking about it, nor do i bang on about having sex with dh. sex and the city isn't a documentary.

DuplicitousBitch Sun 16-Jan-11 17:29:53

we should all try it at the school gate tomorrow 'how are you?' 'great i had a fantastic wank yesterday thinking about your husband'

HenriettaPeck Sun 16-Jan-11 17:30:27

I've read loads of threads on here over the years about how it's normal for men to mastibate even when in a healthy relationship but I have never once seen any reference to woman doing it.

TotorosOcarina Sun 16-Jan-11 17:32:37

I don't think it is taboo is it?

I mean life isn't really like 'sex in the city' for most women, i certainly don't sit around with a group of women talking about my sex life.

Masturbation is private, i don't talk about sex, oral sex or anything i get upto in the bedroom, doesn't mean I don't do it or I'm ashamed of it!

TrillianAstra Sun 16-Jan-11 17:34:44

I doubt men chat about masturbating much either.

Male masturabation is probably talked about more - but only as a joke. Female masturbation isn't as funny, I guess. If you took away the jokes I expect you'd find that they are equally little talked about.

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 16-Jan-11 17:35:41

we talk about it over here a fair bit

Maybe we don't have threads about it because it's not an issue for women? DH knows I DIY from time to time and has no issue with it...

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Sun 16-Jan-11 17:35:54

see the thing with masturbation is that you are the driver and you know your own body so very few people need advice on knowing how to please themselves. it isn't like sex with a partner where you mightn't be sure what they like or how to do it 'right'. so i guess that is why it isn't discussed as much, it doesn't need to be.

and i don't think it is taboo. i don't see wanking threads here either.

Takeresponsibility Sun 16-Jan-11 17:36:34

EricNorthmansMistress .

Fabby Chic said "Maybe people like to keep it to themselves?"

So I replied "Isn't that the whole point of it?"

However I am terrible at typing and you slipped in between us shock

beedeeeye Sun 16-Jan-11 17:36:36

I took the shower head off this morning and directed the warm fast flow over my lurve button. grin

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 16-Jan-11 17:37:32

Ahaaa I get it grin

Yep, it ceases to be masturbation once you get someone else in on it I think!

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Sun 16-Jan-11 17:39:17

henrietta have you really never seen one reference to female masturbation here over the years??

i have seen quite a few, often in a jokey way or in a serious advice giving way.

Malificence Sun 16-Jan-11 17:40:02

Op, you've obviously missed a lot of Friday night threads then.
Loads of "which vibrator is best" etc. wink

I agree that masturbation is so personal and individual that talking about specifics would be fairly useless, what gets one woman off wouldn't work for the next.

Chil1234 Sun 16-Jan-11 17:41:19

To quote Professor Quirrel.... t-t-t-TROLL!!!

Malificence Sun 16-Jan-11 17:43:50

mmm, mastibating does seem like a 13 year old boy is writing. biscuit

Chil1234 Sun 16-Jan-11 17:45:40

You think...... [hmm}? <strokes chin thoughtfully and switches off Rampant Rabbit emoticon>

MooMooFarm Sun 16-Jan-11 17:48:13

Henrietta what do you want to post about it then? Talk away and I'm all ears - my lips are sealed though grin

theevildead2 Sun 16-Jan-11 17:49:22

All my friends do.. but then we're a bit skanky like that. I am wondering about the Op's motives!

MyBrilliantCareer Sun 16-Jan-11 17:55:30

It's not.

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