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to think having a 2.5 year old play rugby is too young?

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wishingforcrystalball Sun 16-Jan-11 15:42:22

My 6 year old son plays rugby. He plays in the under 6s as its on school years (so yr 1 and younger). When he started it was for over 4 year olds (i.e. Rec and Yr 1).

Then there were parents who wanted their 4 year olds who hadn't started school yet wanted to play so they started.

Then there were parents who wanted their 3 year old not yet 4 year old to play so they started.

Today we had 2.5 year olds, because although they are not 3, they want to play.

AIBU to think:
a) the parents shouldn't ask
b) the coach should refuse them?

My reasons for this is
a) they don't listen and don't follow instruction
b) they run any which way around the pitch
c) the boys who are older (5/6 year olds) are having to dodge them whilst playing a game, which a) slows them down and b) could result in injury

wishingforcrystalball Sun 16-Jan-11 16:05:18

So AIBU - I'm ready for it grin

BaroqueAroundTheClock Sun 16-Jan-11 16:08:15

dunno - DS2 was about that age when DS1 gave Rugby a try - DS1 spent his entire sessions running the wrong way.......while DS2 knew exactly what to do and desperately wanted to join in - we'd play at home and he got it right and DS1 was hopeless (needless to say DS1 didn't last long with Rugby..........)

EricNorthmansMistress Sun 16-Jan-11 16:12:53

Am PMSL at the thought of my DS playing rugby...he can barely throw a ball and is more likely to fall over it than kick it....YANBU OP, can't be much fun for the 6yos trying to actually play a game with 2.5yos toddling around the pitch!

charliesmommy Sun 16-Jan-11 16:13:26

I would say its not wrong for them to try and play, but realistically, toddlers cant play rugby!

Its natural for little ones to want to have a go.. but for most of them, the minute they get whacked in the face with the ball, or fall over, they will run crying to their mum.. and understandably so.

Rugby is a game for bigger boys. In my view.

LadyBiscuit Sun 16-Jan-11 16:16:36

I don't think it's fair on the older boys and it's downright dangerous to have toddlers on a rugby pitch with 5 and 6 YOs

YANBU at all

Shakirasma Sun 16-Jan-11 16:17:21

I can't see how they can play rugby as such at that age, but a weekly session of ball skills, throwing and kicking etc, and a good run around as a first intorduction to the sport seems like a nice idea.

ChippingIn Sun 16-Jan-11 16:20:08

YANBU it's not safe having 2 year olds running around in the middle of 6 year olds in that way - in an environment where they are trying to learn to play a game and shouldn't have to be looking out for obstacles that they might hurt!

Why can't they set up another 'game' for the under 4's next to the game for the slightly older ones?

FromGirders Sun 16-Jan-11 16:20:11

Small children should not play rugby until they can 100% reliably tell the difference between the opposition, and my rather tiny daughter at toddlers hmm.

Shakirasma Sun 16-Jan-11 16:21:20

I do think the toddlers should have their own session though

wishingforcrystalball Sun 16-Jan-11 16:21:32

Thanks for the responses, just wanted to check I wasn't being U before approaching the coaches, and suggesting something along the lines of ChippingIn

waitwhat Sun 16-Jan-11 16:22:01

my 8 year old started playing at 2 and a bit but they were separate from the older ones so no one got stomped.. I say they played, they ran round holding a ball for an hourgrin

RachelHRD Sun 16-Jan-11 16:22:49

My DS (3) does Rugbytots which is indoor and gives them the basic skills in a fun atmosphere. I wouldn't want him playing 'proper' rugby with older boys as I think it would a) be beyond him and his concentration levels and b) be greater risk of him getting hurt.


MorticiaAddams Sun 16-Jan-11 16:28:31

YANBU. You can't expect 6 year olds to play rugby with 2.5 year olds and I don't know what the coach is thinking.

Our rugby club takes them from 4 (tag rugby).

musicmadness Sun 16-Jan-11 16:47:30

I don't see anything wrong with the younger ones having their own session learning the skills (that is quite a good idea actually) but they shouldn't be playing with 6 year olds. The size difference is far to much at that age and I can't see how that can be safe.

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